You Can’t Be 100% Motivated And On Fire All The Time So Stop Trying To Be.

Right now, I’m not feeling that motivated. In information, I haven’t felt awfully inspired or caused all week. Imparted that causing and inducing others is my infatuation and it’s what I do every day, you’d speculate my business was over. You’d conceive maybe I have no more positivity left in me.

Even the most inspirational parties in the world have eras when nothing happens.

I recently watched Gary Vaynerchuk give advice to a young girl. The adolescent said 😛 TAGEND

” Gary, my girlfriend is broken with me and a relative was dying. The last-place 2 weeks is hell .”

Gary took a few deep gulps and you time knew he was going to say something epic- and he did.

He said to the boy” Two weeks of lows doesn’t define the rest of their own lives .”


We’re all entitled to be down for a little bit.

What I learned from Gary is that we are all going to have periods during our life where good-for-nothing puts.

In the last few weeks, I’ve missed various great career opportunities, got a lot of abandonment, discovered a slump in shares/ likes on some social media scaffolds, and had some personal challenges.

All of this is normal.

What’s not regular is what you participate in online.

That’s the real point here.


What is normal has been marred by all the self-help, success talk that happens online 24/7.

We’re being besieged by it and we think we have to be caused 100% of the time.

If we have a date when we’re not caused, we think something is wrong.

On my occasion, demonstrated my profession, it’s even more difficult.

There’s this stigma that I have to be some perfect human being to do what I do. That’s BS.

It’s normal for anyone you admire and even your protagonists to have low-grade qualities or long periods of good-for-nothing- that’s the actual standard.

The spotlight spool you watch online of the people you follow is what’s not ordinary.

No one lives life like how we verify people living online.

The cameras are only with these parties of influence some of the time.

What you didn’t see was them taking a drop or having proof with their partner.

All you witnessed was a highly edited success spool of what the hell is missed you to see so they are likely to send you to a disembark sheet, been put forward a payment wall, and monetize you.

That’s what being caused 100% of the time told them to do.

You can’t accuse them entirely.

What the internet really is necessary is more of the truth.

That is, more people talking about what goes wrong, more beings documenting what’s really happening.

In simple terms, the internet necessitates less perceived purity and success, and more of what’s real like displeasure, f* ck ups and challenges.


Not being motivated is where it all happens.

The opposite of what we’re led to believe is true.

It’s during the moments of zero inspiration, bugger all motive, and low-toned parts that we discover who we are.

It’s in our weakest minutes that our strong, resilience, and mettle are built.

What I’ve learned during my recent low-toned times is that if I can handle this sh* t, then I can administer anything.

” Motivation comes from munching turd for dinner every day of the week and still persisting with your goals”

I’m writing these texts today and not really feeling like it. It’s the skill of doing even through the tough times that allows me to have a 60 -second highlight reel on social media that acquires me look like a freaking idol that starts viral all over the internet hourly.

My success highlight reel looks very impressive and it announces splendidly during one of the lectures I grant. In job interviews, it certainly helps. When I pitch for business, it gives me credibility.

Our success highlights spools search freaking extraordinary but it’s 0.99% of the actual story.

If humans are motivated by storytelling, then let’s start telling the real story.

We’re not f* cking motivated 100% of the time so let’s stop feign the administration is.

Mirths to the moments when we feel like grease and keep going.


Then everything changes.

What do I represent? This week I have no motive but I once sense that next week is mold up to be a big one.

I find out about a number of life-changing possibilities.

Knowing I could get through a tough week and be cool to keep inspiring “ve been given” hope.

That hope translates into strength.

Next week could be a disaster and these so-called life-changing possibilities could all amount to a hammock of junk and broken dreams.

But because I survived the tough times I know I can outdo during times when I plateau, go backward or even suffer big growth.

” It only takes one moment for everything to change and before you know it you’re 100 steps ahead of where you thought you’d be”


Quit video games.

The game of limitless success.

The rat race is showing how excellent you are.

Show up with the very best soul.

If that best self is 1% caused or 100% motivated it doesn’t matter.

The actuality you showed up and been through the quicksand of life is all that counts.

Sometimes that clash will look like earning an Oscar and other hours that contend will look like pissing your pants.

Take a step back and ascertain the bigger picture.

No one (including me) needs to or is, caused 100% of the time.

You don’t need to be either.

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