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About Amel Mehenaoui

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for Search Experience Optimization (SEO), Digital Analytics and Marketing Automation. I offer tailored SEO & Web Analytics consulting, private training sessions and online courses.

Amel Mehenaoui - Digital Marketing Consultant

My goal is to help marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners increase their visibility online and improve their digital marketing campaigns. Thus, helping them grow their business tenfold.

I also mentor in-house Marketing and SEO specialist to help them grow their expertise and advance their career. With about 13 years experience in Digital Marketing I worked with big brands like Lacoste, Keurig and ALDO Group.

I also taught at Concordia University and at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada, while offering tailored private training sessions to business owners, entrepreneurs, and in-house SEO and digital marketing specialists.

In this blog I offer advice on how to automate your marketing to achieve high profits by using effective tools and applying productivity tips to work smart and live a better life.

Recently, I signed up to be mentored by John Thornhill and his team. I’m planning to launch my first signature digital product this year and I made sure to get help from the best in the industry. I invite you to read John’s insightful Report called “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online”.

Check out this eye opening report here.