Basic On Page SEO Tutorial: Rank Your Blog High on Google

Learn how to properly optimize your Blog post to rank high on Google using basic on page SEO

Watch this tutorial to learn how to properly optimize your blog post content and how to follow best practices when it come to optimizing your Blog posts to rank high on Google.

In this basic on-page SEO tutorial, you will also get a key understanding of your users and how the search engine’s primary functions.

Once the spiders have done their job, the search engine begins the task you are most familiar with – delivering search results. I’m sure you search for information online all the time,

But let’s be real…

We all know that even though search engines like Google and Bing may show thousands of pages of search results, you probably never venture past the first page. This is because you assume whatever pages are ranked high for your search phrase, are more relevant to what you are looking for than pages that are ranked lower.

See, here is how the ongoing and difficult job of search engines looks like:

They have to scour all of the information on the constantly changing Web, and then list search results in order of most relevant to least relevant for the particular keyword, key term, or key phrase you entered.

Change just 1 or 2 words in the phrase you are searching for, and you can drastically change the search results. This is why keywords and phrases are so important in helping your content rank high, so you receive more relevant web traffic than if you have lower-ranked pages.

Understanding the Search Engines

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