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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore This Dark Method of Motivation

When you get home from wield, what’s the first thing you just wanted to do?

Is it to start employing?

Is it is currently working on a new side-hustle?

Or is it mastering a brand new musical instrument?

I’d actually gamble money that you do NOT want to do a single one of those things.

In information, it’s very likely you just wanted to do the opposite instead- and that’s to slip into your home clothes, hop into a cozy chair, and dive into a stimulating picture on Netflix or browse social media.

That’s what a normal person is intended to do after a hard day’s work, after all.

Unfortunately, it’s obvious that neither of those things will improve their own lives in any thought.

self talk

Luckily, it’s possible to decline this lazy garb so you don’t get stuck in a drench of mediocrity for the rest of your life.

And all it takes is a bit of an “attitude adjustment” to make it happen.


Your motivation needs some “chutzpah” to get you going

Once a person finishes an enterprise, the natural inclination is to relax.

But the problem is that merely because the body wants to take it easy doesn’t mean the job is done- and that’s a feeling we can all relate to.

Unfortunately, this is a never-ending problem that requires the claim program to counter it.

Otherwise, each day you’ll do the same old thing.

And that’s to give in to the lazy and child-like response system the human body has.

And if you just let your organization dictate all your wars, well, it’s just going to seek out junk food all day long and encourage Netflix orgies.

It’s clear that this is a quick way to a sad and depressing living.

So let’s nip this issue in the bud.

” There is a lack of limited access to what you can reach, except the limits you place on your own concluding .”- Brian Tracy

Thinking of Goals

Motivation nowadays paucities any “edge” to it

Humans are cabled to sink into routine and consolation.

It’s the room for us to keep vigor if we are to be able to employ it towards useful things (like elude tigers ).

But we don’t live like our ancestors anymore, and it’s obvious we don’t need characters like this in modern installs.

Yet despite our shortage of need for this characteristic … it’s not going anywhere.

We forever remain with the tendency to seek the line of least resistance, of instant gratification, and of maximum solace.

Even if it means we have to sacrifice ALL our future success, happiness, and fulfillment because of it.

Dark Motivation

How to add sharpness to your favorite reason tactics

The only way out of our lazy smog is by infusing some energy into our motivation methods.

It’s got to be something that actually represents us stop and think about what we want to do at any given moment.

That way we don’t only default to laziness- instead, our mentality actually does some cost/help analysis about whether it’s actually a good theory to binge Netflix for a few hours after work.

I’ve taken some of the most popular motivation tactics out there and gave them some border so they act FAR more effectively at getting you to take action on your goals.

I recommend you give them a shot if your first wish when you get home from work is to kick back and relax the wink you enter the door.

Living in Dream

Dark Methods of Motivation

1. Exchange SMART purposes for SMARTS goals

While SMART goals are good for clarity and direction, they lack when it comes to motivation.

But if you contribute an extra “S” at the end, you’ve went “stakes” added to the mix.

All of a sudden, your new Smarts aim will drive you to take action as quickly as possible.

Here are a few ideas to get you going with this, you can use these as springboards to create your own variances pretty easily :

  • If you succeed at your goal, you get to eat at a neat restaurant. If you fail, then you’ve got to eat a whole raw grapefruit (I hate grapefruits so supplant this with whatever works for you).
  • If you attained your goal, you get to take a weekend trip somewhere nice. If you miscarry, you’ve got to volunteer as a roadside litter picker-upper.
  • If you replaced at your goal, you get to watch a movie you’ve been aroused for. If you fail, you’ve got to watch a boring documentary on a topic you have no interest in.

You get the idea. Just pick something on both sides of the motivation spectrum and you’ll be good to go with your SMARTS goals.

Get Going with Goals

2. Remember your “big why” and your “dark why” as well

People like to talk about the major reason that’s motivating them to take additional measures :

  • “For my family.”
  • “To leave a legacy.”
  • “To got something amazing.”

And that’s all well and good. But people have a “dark” side to them as well, and professing this back doesn’t exist is basically denying we are beings with negative passions as well.

And that’s a big mistake.

There’s a lot of superpower in negative emotions because they can create action.

Taking Action

This action can sometimes be undesirable, but it can also be directed towards goals you want to accomplish.

Jealousy can drive you to improve your physique.

Anger can push you to increase income from a side-hustle.

And even gluttony can drive you to exercise more (sometimes when I know I’m about to eat bad, I’ll exercise beforehand to “even it out”).

It’s all about noting productive stores for negative excitements.

So instead of denying an ordinary, human part of us instead, find a way to use it to create good in your life and make it even better.

” Put your center, judgment, ability, and soul, even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success .”- Swami Sivananda


3. Associate with those who are successful but don’t ignore those you do NOT want to be like

Think of a person in their own lives who you do NOT want to be like.

It could be an incompetent parent.

An undue or lazy boss.

Or an unethical commander of some kind.

So long as this person brings out a sense of shame and disgust, you’ve met a good mark.

Got your being?


  • Next time you find your parenting to be lacking …
  • or your after-duty practices to be lazy …
  • or your managerial mode to be disgraceful …

think of this person.

Child & Mother

Think of how upsetting their actions are and how you are “toeing the line” of being just like them.

Once you do this, you’ll instantaneously find your actions reforming so you don’t become like them.

This is actually a pretty powerful motivational technique because it creates both spirit AND activity in you.

And a compounding like this is sure to get you moving so you achieve your goals much more effectively.

Remember that when it comes to motivation, the goal is NOT to feel good or induced- it’s to take action on your goals.

That’s the ONLY goal.

And whether the resources of that motivation oblige you to feel positive or gives you anxiety…does it really matter?

Arises are the name of the game in life.

And with these “dark” tactics, I’d expect your own life to have more motivation and success because of it.


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