Why I’m “Reinventing Black Friday” – a letter from Brian Tracy


Dear Friend,

The holiday season is upon us, and I hope you’re staying healthy, joyous, and active during some fairly unprecedented times.

If you’ve been taking this time to focus on your future, specified aims, and develop an action plan, then you’re in great influence!

When the world returns to normal- and it will return to normal – you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Now, if you’ve been struggling to stay focused, or aren’t sure where to start, then NOW is the time to start.

It may be a challenge- it may seem hopeless, but the world has always been determined by those who don’t falter when the times get tough.

And there’s never been a better chance to show the world what you’re made of.

As we move towards Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season here in the United Government, we likewise approach another major event … the famous (or notorious) “Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Season.”

Black Friday Sales

But this is a year unlike any other … and that got me thinking?

How could I- and my crew- make a major impact this year?

How could we turn Black Friday into something rightfully special?

How could we use the tools and programs we raise to change someone’s life this year?

You see- I was browsing the internet earlier this month and I had an epiphany.

(Maybe you’ve seen the same things I have ).

Black Friday isn’t about you- and it doesn’t seem like the big labels are listening.

Black Friday has become all about large-hearted container stores cleansing out their repositories, and preserving costs so low-spirited that people can’t HELP but buy another toaster, or $200 lightbulb- even if they don’t need them, and know they’re merely going to gather dust in their closet in a few months.

In fact, Business Insider says the two of the top “big deals” last year were on socks and a blender.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

So this year, I’m going to reinvent Black Friday, and I’m inviting you to say “ENOUGH” to these large-hearted container storages, and join me as we vary video games with Black Friday forever.

Black Friday Shopping

This time, I’ll be doing something special, and this is my promise to you:

I’ll let you create your own Black Friday!

Tell me what you want to achieve, and I’ll create a custom experience with major discounts on the training and implements you need to take a major step forward in your life.

No flub- just the good stuff.

If you pop over to some of the other marketings you’ll see this year, you’ll ensure large-scale savings, but will you see anything you actually miss … or most importantly, actually need?

I promise to only depict your big-hearted savings on my life-changing platforms, catered specifically to your unique aims.

So click here to shop today, and let’s reinvent Black Friday together.

Let’s Reinvent Black Friday Together Save up to 85% on my biggest sale of the year!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the spates I’m putting together with my unit.

The Become The Next Brian Tracy Bundle:- 79% off !:

This exclusive Black Friday bundle blends a hand-picked selection of the most powerful and proven training from my lifetime of speaking a notebook writing success.

It’s like having a little Brian Tracy in your pocket

The Power of Personal Achievement Online Course:- 80% off !:

Learn the secrets of success in more than 16 hours of life-changing assignments, distilled from my 3-day transformational Pheonix Seminar.

Includes my education on The Psychology of Achievement, Programming Your Mind for Success, and Finding True Purpose in Life.

Black Friday Discounts

Wealth Building Made Simple- 70% off !:

Wealth building and financial security are two of the biggest challenges people are facing today.

That’s why this training kit harbors such a special home in my mettle.

Use these skills to earn more, and continue more of the money you acquire.

The gap in your life will be astonishing.

Debt Breaking, Millionaire Making Toolkit- 78% off:

Another Black Friday Exclusive Bundle!

Learn critical fiscal success strategies to help prepare 2021 your best year ever.

INCLUDES my Wealth Building Made Simple program (plus Success Mastery Academy, Miracle of Self Discipline, and others !)


Excited? These are just some of the dozens of training and programs you’ll have access to when you improve your own Black Friday.

To your success,

Brain Tracy Letter

Brian Tracy

Source: briantracy.com

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