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What Top Performers Really Do For Motivation

“Ugh, I gotta get up, ” I told us to myself as another chapter started within three seconds of the last one ending…without my permission.

“Alright, I’m gonna run get some production done after this episode.”

Of route, the chapter dissolves on a cliffhanger that leaves me more motivated to find out what happens rather than go send emails.

“Alright, when I figure out what happens, I’m gonna turn the TV off.”

Geez, why am I still on the couch three hours later?


The Decision Train

There are going to be dates when you really don’t feel motivated to do anything.

Motivation sucks because we rely on it too much to get things done, which entails when we don’t feel motivated, we don’t get anything done.

Or, we need help to do it.

On dates when you feel like doing nothing, you can actually bypass your brain’s “need” for motive so you can get things done regardless of how you feel.

It all starts with an idea referenced as The Decision Train.

The Decision Train becomes like this 😛 TAGEND

Train on Tracks

Feelings –> Decision –> Action

People who have trouble getting things done because they lack the motivation, follow this train the way that you see it above.

They wait until they feel like get the project done, which leadings them to (eventually) decide to do it and, finally, taking any decision.

Top musicians instead, ricochet the feeling part of the civilize and go straight to deciding to get the task done.

By doing so, they take action faster and, as a result, get things done faster.

Now, this is more than a roundabout way of saying “just do it”.

“Smart beings learn from everything and everyone, average people from its own experience, stupid beings already have all the answers.”- Socrates

Think yourself

Another way of looking at this process is by using another variation of The Decision Train 😛 TAGEND


Inspiration –> Motivation –> Decision –> Action

Inspiration is described as, “The process of being mentally aroused to do or feel something.”

Motivation is described as, “The reason or reasonableness one has for acting or reacting in a particular way.”

So, in this decision train, the “Feelings” part is inspiration and motivation.

People will wait until they feel mentally quickened to get something done, which leads to motivation.



The motivating serves as a reminder of why they wanted to get the task done in the first place or, in other words, the motivation (s) they would gain from completing the task.

This extends them to, by the end of this long train, decide to take action and eventually take it.

By cutting out the feeling–the “need” for brainchild and motivation–you can decide to take action firstly.

After having now completed the duty, the sense of pride you feel from having followed through on the decision–the mental commitment–that you made to yourself builds motivation to complete another project.

To say this another way, taken any steps structures momentum that leads to the motivation to take more action.


Start Getting (Really) Motivated Today

That tell me anything, no one is born a top musician, which means that you may need inspiration and motivation (the Feelings part of the development) to serve as a nudge every now and then until you can fully adopt this approach to productivity.

Unique Personality

So, for starters, inspiration is your WHY. It’s your purpose–your mission.

By discovering and going clarity on the mission that you’re on, you can more easily inspire yourself (as well as others on the same mission) to action.

As far as motivating, these are referenced as the Four Areas That Drive People:

  1. Advancement,
  2. Individual,
  3. Madness,
  4. and Purpose.

Let’s know one-by-one:


People motivated by Advancement are motivated by reaching brand-new summits (going that next advertising, reaching destinations as a crew, and so on).



Think of Personal Development

People motivated by Individual, consider and implement their personal goals as their most effective source of reason (achieving a certain lifestyle, gaining recognition, reaching full being security).


People driven by Madness are driven by factors like opposition, challenger, proving others wrong, and other unconventional elements.

Be Affirmative


Social Listening

Lastly, people driven by Purpose are motivated by making an impact, helping others, being a part of creating change, and other operators of that quality.

You can leverage both of the elements of inspiration and motivation to become more productive, more focused, and a stair closer to becoming a top musician.

When I was struggling to stay motivated, I started by recognizing my WHY and all of the incentives I would gain from the achievement of my goals.

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it.”- Elon Musk

elon musk quotes

When I would come across any assignment that I didn’t actually feel like doing,

I would ask myself if they would help me achieve my mission–my purpose–or not.

I would ask myself if going that enterprise done would assist me to get the motivating motivations I was working toward.

If the answer was no, I would cut it out of my to-do list.

If the answer was yes, I would constitute the decision to go do it and begin work before I could talk myself out of it.

Make that same decision to go and achieve the goals you’ve to organize for yourself and you’ll be scratching off your goals in no time.


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