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What is the Secret to Successful Blogging?

“What’s the secret to successful blogging?”

“How do I build a profitable blog?”

I get asked these questions a lot. And my mission with ProBlogger is to address them.

Let me start by answer the first question. There is no secret to successful blogging and no magic formula for a successful blog.

But there are some common things many successful bloggers share—decisions, behaviors, disciplines, and habits—that take them closer to a profitable blog.

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It’s the accumulation of the basic little things you do every day that makes you a successful blogger.

Small but consistent actions such as creating and publishing new content, responding to comments, and interacting with your audience are more important than almost anything else in building a sustainable blogging business.

Habit-forming was the big thing I noticed that really escalated the growth of a blog.

Setting up routines, getting into the flow of all the different blogging activities, and being disciplined about taking action is the not-so-secret to building a successful blog and making money from it.

So how do you do this?

What do you do first?

What if you’ve tried and failed?

31 Days to Build a Better Blog was created to answer these questions, and provide the solution of what to do.

When I first came up with the idea for a 31-day blog post series back in 2006, I’d noticed that the things that really improved a blog, and the things I observed other full-time bloggers doing, we’re taking small consistent actions over time.

From a blog post series to an eBook and now a course, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog has certainly evolved. And in doing so it has helped tens of thousands of bloggers.

While a lot of people come looking for the secrets of making money blogging at ProBlogger, what I learned in the early days of ProBlogger was that what seemed to help bloggers the most was challenging them to take action rather than just gain knowledge.

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What’s in the Course?

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is designed to make you think, but more importantly DO. The course is divided into 31 easy-to-follow tasks you can work through in your own time. Each step in the course contains:

  1. Teaching – You’ll be given in-depth video instruction on both the WHY and HOW of the task of the day.
  2. A Task – You’ll also be given something to DO in that step so you make actual progress using worksheets, printouts, and step-by-step guides.
  3. Further resources and reading – Finally, you’ll be equipped with the tools to help you dive deeper into any task.

We’ve designed this three-pronged approach so you come away from the challenge having not only learned how to build a better blog but also achieved something with the knowledge. By the end of the 31 days, I want you to have taken 31 actions.

In fact, by the end of the 31-step course, you’ll have:

  • Set objectives and goals for your blog
  • Identified and really understood your audience
  • Learned techniques for coming up with new post ideas
  • Promoted your blog in a variety of ways and found new readers
  • Deepened reader engagement with current readers
  • Developed an editorial calendar for your blog
  • Discovered ways to be more connected to your niche/topic
  • Designed a plan for the next month of your blogging
  • Explored opportunities for monetizing your blog
  • Clarified your next steps on the path to a blogging business


Can This Course Help Me?

If you’ve just started your blog and figured out all those first steps of getting your first few posts published you’re probably thinking, “Now what?”

This course will give you direction in building successful foundations for a profitable blogging business.

Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and have lost your way or your ‘blogging mojo’.

Consider this course a ‘lifesaver’ for your blog, with a month of actionable prompts to kickstart your blog again and get it on the right path to becoming a profitable business.


Special Offer For You to Take the Course

As a ProBlogger reader, we’d like to extend an invitation for you to take the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Course at a discounted ‘launch offer’ rate.

Instead of the usual price of $99 you can buy it now until 30th June 2018 for $49, which is less than half the price.


Buy Course Now

Your course registration includes:

  • A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Instant Access to Online Course Materials
  • Videos, Audio, Slides, and Writable Worksheets
  • A Structured Facebook Group for Progress and Accountability


I’d love to hear your stories, case studies, and more after doing the course.

Make sure you submit your testimonial so we can contact you about your better blog story and share it with the ProBlogger community.unsplash-logoGreg Rakozy

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