We Don’t Realize How Lucky We Have It.

I’ve been thinking recently about the crisis that is unfolding in my profession .~ ATAGEND I’m likely to be out of a chore soon and this very doctrine is causing me to take for granted what I previously have.

I live in a country where here I am perpetual opening, no fight, hardly any brutality, beautiful coasts, and genuinely healthy food.

Sometimes we need to take a long hard-bitten look at ourselves and realize what we have instead of being lost in plans of what we don’t have.

Let’s use my own situation to analyze what I have. I have 😛 TAGEND

– Some really good storytelling sciences- Great insight into social media- Excellent auctions skills- A autobiography of successful entrepreneurship- An income-generating slope business- Some progressing public speaking skills- Phenomenal health

Now should be considered your own place. When you think long and hard-handed, what do you have?


We are actually very lucky.

Yes, you’ve heard it before but I’m going to say it again.

The odds of you being born are massively not in your kindness.

Here’s the fact from your best friend Google 😛 TAGEND

” The likelihood of you existing at all comes out to 1 in ten 2,685, 000″

Just by being born, you are currently lucky. There’s no need to feel sorry for yourself because you’ve once won.

When you go through a rough time like I am with my vocation right now, the room you maintain your mindset is realizing how lucky you are.

All of us are already lucky and bear in mind that in the tough times, it pays us the power to stop ourselves from rendering it all up and throwing in the towel.

During moments of chaos, you must remember how lucky you already are.


Someone may not see your knack but that doesn’t mean you’re not lucky.

That’s what I am telling myself today. People in my career right now are not viewing my real aptitude but that doesn’t imply I don’t have any of that I’m not lucky to be alive.

Sometimes the reality is the opposite of what you think.

Sometimes the fact someone can’t see your endowment has more to do with their penchants.

Maybe that person who doesn’t believe in you is just very median and hasn’t developed any greatness of their own (yet).


Rejection often has nothing to do with you at all.

That’s why right now I’m not personally having a forbid of it. I feed you to say the following lines to yourself 😛 TAGEND

  • “I can be extraordinary irrespective of outside opinions.”
  • “I will not make abandonment dazzle me from my genuine talents.”
  • “Everything happens for a reason and this moment will appear luck later on.”

The idea of prosperity.

My idea of fluke is pretty extreme. I believe that the very best you do and the more you cure others, the luckier you get.

Becoming luck has little to do with luck at all.

You can render perceived prosperity by following this formula.

You can’t even start though unless you begin to see you’re luck first.

“That’s because scarcity dazzles you from the abundance that each of us has access to”


Put acts into attitude.

Things could be tough right now but they could be even worse. That terrible hypothesis should clap you up right now.

There are highs and lows in our profession and unless you are able to embrace both sides of this reality, you’ll get lost in a negative reality that forces you to think you have not yet been lucky.

I’m guilty of that more- especially today.

What we must remember is so cliche: we have air in our lungs and are alive. This means we are already luckier than most concepts that exist in the universe.

Focus on how you can get to where you want to go rather than being lost in what you’re absent. By doing this, you’ll realize how lucky you have it.

The job loss, divorce, sickness, startup disappointment- whatever- will serve you so much more when you realize how lucky you are with or without those challenges.

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