Make Your Life

This Can Be Your Life If You Choose It.

I was sitting down last week with a pal for lemongrass and ginger teas — because that’s how we roll in Melbourne.

My friend was telling me his recent life challenges and why he’d stopped replying to everybody’s messages.

I’ll get to the point: he’d got stuck in the daily grind.

Morning to Evening

Your life is not this:

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Go to manipulate
  • Have lunch
  • Come dwelling
  • Ask your partner how their day was
  • Play games kids (if you have them)
  • Appear forward to the weekend
  • Go to bed
  • Rinse and repeat

If this is how your life is, possibilities are you’re going to have challenges.

Not because these daily activities are a problem but because there’s so much more to life.

When every day is the same, and you don’t know why you become lost.

What do I make by lost?

You go back to age-old methods. In my friend’s dispute, his mental health issues concerns knocked in again.

He started feeling sorry for himself.

He lost his way.

For me, coming lost looks like going back to a position of negativity.

A government where countries around the world are against me and everything feels impossible.

Impact of Negativity

Your life can be different if you choose it to be.

This is not hyperbole. Your life can be different.


By not get stuck in the daily grind. The method you do this is by being present. Noticing right now instead of gazing down at your phone.

You are also welcome to end your routine.

Don’t do the same thing every day.

Include some small-minded spins and turns to how you do things.

Your life doesn’t have to be boring and full of numbers.

Dress is good to have as long as they don’t become 99.9% of your era.

Having nothing but practice takes the variety out of your day.

You end up foreseeing the same nature day in and day out.

This stops you from looking at the endless opportunities that are available to you if you can only find them.


There have to be implications.

No matter how large-hearted or how small-time, wanting gives you a reason to wake up outside of merely following some pre-defined routine.

My friend that was going through publications last week didn’t have an implication.

He’d forgotten why he came to work.

To shake up his reality, I told him about the day before where I’d volunteered at the neighborhood homeless shelter.

Reboot Your Life

He asked me why I did it.

I told him “It gets you out of your premier.

It obliges you to think and feel completely different.

You stop feeling sorry for yourself. It prompts you of what it’s like to have a meaning.”

We realize the error of supposing everyone’s life is perfect except ours.

“I get this all the time. People review I live some rockstar blogging lifestyle full of free lunch, endless high-fives, smiles and opportunities. The actuality couldn’t be considerably from this bogus idea”

I have the same clashes and challenges.

I get stuck in programs extremely.

I sometimes chase productivity over necessitating as well.

No one has a straight even of perfect daylights where all their hopes and illusions come true.

Rejection perforates to the face, and frustration feigns us all.

Devoid of Motivation

The way you choose the good life is to acknowledge and push through the difficult specific areas of life.

As hard-boiled as I try, some dates precisely suck.

Some epochs I don’t is like writing or my occupation is in the dumps.

The only difference is what you choose.

For me, I choose to keep moving forward.

I select hope even when nothing stimulates ability and all the chippings are stacked against me.

There’s no secret hack other than choosing to not settle for a life of program and one that contains no variety.

You get to start that preference.

That’s the difference.

The life you require is your preference. It’s not offset for you.

Choose to change things up.

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