The Killer Morning Routine to Boost Motivation

The Killer Morning Routine to Boost Motivation

If you’re anything like me, waking up in the morning is a hard task. Over the course of a number of years, I’ve improved a routine that helps wake me up and deters me motivated.

Thinking in Bed before Sleeping

Before Bed

For me, one of the hardest parts of the day is actually waking up and biding awake.

There are a few ruses to this. Before you go to sleep, chew a spoon of nut butter (or sunflower butter if you’re allergic), this helps with blood sugar degrees and can help you feel more rested the next day.

Getting into bed from 9 pm-11 pm does have its benefits, as the body can have more non-REM sleep earlier in the evening, which is believed to be more restorative.


Waking up

One of the most important things I’ve learnt is going back to sleep after your alarm will exclusively draw you more tired, and research indicates even if you feel groggy when waking up, going back to sleep will do simply that.

The best mode to shed that feeling of grogginess is to eat an apple and drink a glass of water.

The apple has fructose, minerals, and sea which help kickstart you after 8 hours of no nutrients and the water helps rehydrate you.

One hack I’ve likewise exploited is having a bottle of red-hot sauce on the nightstand. When I wake up I take a small amount of hot sauce and that strike of the red-hot sauce gets my center exiting enough that I can’t fall asleep again.

Straight after this, you want to get exercising. The rationale is because you’re less likely to procrastinate and you’ll be feeling the endorphins that are a great motivation booster.



Any exercise that gets your heart rate up will assist. Ideally either a 15-time high-pitched ferocity interim learns or a short run, as this will get your breather and heart rate up.

Nonetheless, Yoga is great too as a sort of organizational musing and a good way to shake off the slumber.

How you wake up each day and your morning procedure( or scarcity thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life .”- Hal Elrod

successful morning routines


The Wim Hof Method

Post 15 time workout, the 5 hour Wim Hof breathing exercise and a cold shower truly help.

The cold water is a challenge but leaves you energised and has been shown to counter colds and flu and even nervousness. After this, you can sit down to work and feel ready to take on any challenge( as a cold shower is a pretty tough one .)

Analog Timer


Meditation and Journaling

A quick 5 or 10-hour reflection before the project can get your mind ready for any task. Post meditation, your intelligence exhales alpha motions which can reduce stress and anxiety.

You can use the time after to set your daily goals and remind yourself of your monthly aims. It’s also a good time to do speedy journaling, which is usually 2-3minutes of writing, which needles you focused.

I have used a three percentage journal.


Part one is gratitude, being grateful for things in your life is proven to move people happier and less emphasized. Even small things like your breakfast, the weather, or a comfy bed are a good start.

It rewires your intelligence to not focus on what you lack but what you have. It’s important to write these down and the action of writing assistants cement these in your brain.

Part two is red/ off-color. This assistance with penalizing. I write the things I did well( mulled, rehearsal) in blue-blooded and if I did something I’m not glad about (went to bed late) in red.

It facilitates hold yourself accountable and cook those behaviors.

Part three is recollecting your successes and visualizing future ones. It’s a speedy’ what do I want. Writing down your goals, again and again, buttress them and becomes it easier to work and center if you know why you are working.

It’s also a direction to check in with yourself if you still even want those things. Remembering success is just a way to remind yourself of the hard work you’ve done and what you’ve achieved. It facilitates reminded the committee you’re capable of more of these kinds of success.



For me, a smoothie with some berries, protein, oats, nuts and spinach assists determined me up for the working day. Tonnes of staple, protein and vitamins and it’s fast to make and consume.

Salad of Different Vegetables


Removing distractions and not-to-dos directory

A lot of successful people rely on “what not to do” listings as well as to-do listings. For me, the main things not to do are: multitasking, future casting, are concentrated on what I don’t want or dwelling on the past.

Writing a book journal

Having these “not to dos” in front of you helps to remind you to spurn those guesses or behaviors when they creep in. One of the most important spaces I can stay focused on is to check my phone only after mulling and then set it in my handbag or somewhere out of reach.

This course doesn’t distract me and I get out of the practice of checking notifications as they arise.

The whole process is about 45 minutes to an hour and defines you up for an epoch where your productivity and motivation will be noticeably improved from dates you don’t.


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