The Counterintuitive Motivation Hack That You Are Missing

Humans are always looking forward to that spark to get us moving when we’re stuck. We know what we need to do but we are fighting ourselves to actually do it. Plus, it’s an easy out not to follow through on our commitments to ourselves,” I’m just not motivated .”


We may check Instagram for some workout videos, Youtube for motivational pronunciations, or read an article much like this to get us traveling.

It may work rarely, but in the majority of cases, you’ll simply be staring at your screen instead and pushing it off for another day.

The problem with relying on motivation to get moving is this feeling is fleeting and incompatible.

It’s great when we feel aligned with our goals, and we can harness it, but if we don’t have it, it’s not very useful to wait until that feeling returns as it can be quite a while.


Solving Motivation Problem

There are two parts to solving this motive problem :

1. Addressing what is getting in accordance with the rules

When we’re feeling lethargic or unmotivated, there’s usually something else happening in our lives that influences the practice we think about achieving our goals.

It may be that we’re feeling emphasized, overwhelmed, or uneasy, and we’re spending a lot of time trying to put out fervors and allowing other tasks to take priority.

Motivation techniques

The practice of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork is essential to be in a better mindset to deal with these challenges more effectively.

This mindset allows us to save our vigor and are still in a calculated, tranquilize cognitive state.

A lack of motivation is likely to be disguised as a deeper-rooted psychological pain such as shame, guilt, temper, or displeasure.

When we are feeling emotionally heavy and headaches, it makes every area of our life more difficult.

Let’s examine these feelings that we have about ourselves and the world and their tales.

We will be able to identify what’s true or merely manufacturing.

The more truth and clarity “were having”, the lighter and clearer we feel, and this is the energy of reason and drive.

Being too focused on the outcome takes away from our intention to give to the process.

We tend to get too far ahead of ourselves and attach ourselves to the result, and when we don’t see the feedback we want, our motive declines.

A more useful approach is to follow the day-by-day strategies required to obtain the end goal.

This approach allows us to give more proximity and awareness to what we can influence daily, establishing it more manageable and more straightforward.

Success is not a linear journey; there are ups and downs, but we will get there faster and easier if we stick to the process.

” I hate every minute of training. But I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as an endorse .”- Muhammad Ali

To recap, here is what impacts our motivating :

  • Problems and challenges show up in our lives that are taking away our time, vitality, and drive.
  • A heavy emotional state and the fib we tell ourselves about it, which continues us deposited.
  • Focused too much on the outcome instead of the process required to achieve it.

The second area to solving this motivational question is not needing motivation at all but reining a much more powerful strategy instead.


2. Creating force

The more action we take, the more impetus “were having”, the more momentum we have, the more motivated we are.

It does require us to overcome the initial fight of extending ourselves and breaking out of our solace zone. Still, the more frequently we do it, the easier this process becomes.

Fear of Snakes

The positive feedback loop-the-loops power is that positive action leads to positive results, which leads to positive feelings( motivating ).

The snowball accomplishes constructs and picks up rapidity, and once it starts, it’s hard to slow down.

What can transgress the momentum and gave us back is currently considering the wrong things.

The human psyche is the cable for negativity, so we tend to focus, and vitality on something that we recognize isn’t going well.

We can lose sight of the small prevails and victories along the way.

Momentum shows itself by journaling and self-reflective-based employment.

This process forms stronger associations with the amendments and gradations we are taking, even if it hasn’t shown itself in a tangible arise hitherto.

Systematically generating momentum takes us back to separating ourselves from the outcome, and instead focusing on the process.

” Motivated people always find the best way. Unmotivated parties will ever find a way not to .”- Ed Latimore

Striving for perfection or the” all or nothing” attitude is one of the most ineffective ways to create momentum.

What often happens is that once we “mess up,” we tell ourselves we will start over next week or another arbitrary date.

This hertz of being consistently inconsistent continues again and again.

We need to understand that we will screw up from time to time, things will happen beyond our see, and we have to pick up where we left off.

ever-lasting motivation

This perspective will ultimately build achieving our goals faster, easier, and more delightful.

We can create more reason and momentum in “people’s lives” through these practical strategies.

Still, it’s also important to understand that the continued practice of commitment to our goals and hunger required us to take instance over how we may currently feel at the moment.


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