Thanks to Our Customers & Talented Employees, NP Digital Wins Agency of the Year

I’m proud to announce that MediaPost, a well-respected media, advertising, and news publication, recognized NP Digital as the Search/Performance Agency of the Year.

This announcement is a testament to the hard work of our growing pool of talented employees as well as our major enterprise and SMB clients.

As a previous finalist in 2021, winning this year’s award is especially meaningful due to all of the extra hard work and dedication our team put in. The achievement recognizes NP Digital for its substantial growth, continues expansion globally, services diversification, and impact on the industry.

What was the biggest change between this year and last? We were. Here’s how we did it.


Why We Won: Our Employees

Our employees are the best in the business. Not just because they have so many years of agency experience, but because they embody the true values of NP Digital.

Our growing team is dedicated to implementing innovative, adaptive, and data-driven digital marketing plans that help brands connect with their audience.

We’re also committed to giving back to the community by offering team members paid time off to volunteer and matching donations to nonprofits.

We’ve increased our global workforce by 106 percent in the last year, expanded our presence in EMEA and Australia, and grew revenue by 169 percent. Paid media was a notable growth area, with a 372 percent increase in managed paid media budgets.

explosive growth for NP digital

As a minority-founded and minority-run business, we’re committed to an inclusive workplace. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because a diverse workforce helps us help our clients succeed.


Why We Won: Our Clients

Our clients are the driving force behind NP Digital. Their success is our success.

This is why we deliver new success stories every month.

There are approximately 20 to 30 success stories delivered every month for the different digital marketing services we offer, in the different countries we operate. Every month, we use our internal championship process to choose the top success stories to highlight.

Not all success stories go to our website right away, as they go through an editing and approval process with clients, others prefer not to disclose due to strict compliance rules, but if you visit the case study part of our sites, you’ll see new case studies every month.

Want to be a part of a team that stands apart? We’re hiring world-class digital marketers around the globe. View open opportunities on our NP Digital career page and NP Accel career page.


Our SMB Clients

Our team is committed to helping businesses of all sizes grow. That includes small and medium-sized businesses that might not have a huge budget.

Why? Because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to have a fantastic idea and lack the marketing chops to succeed.

That’s why we’re committed to using our experience to help SMB clients reach their full potential. Some of our best stories include:


Boho Pink

This mother-and-daughter-run clothing and fashion site was struggling to reach its audience base. By implementing SEO best practices, we increased their organic traffic by more than 114 percent in six months.

Since being with NPA I have learned a tremendous amount about SEO and how to run my business more efficiently. Our sales have increased and we have been able to expand the company full time.

– Sophia, Boho Pink

Read Boho Pink’s full case study.



Waterdrop is committed to providing people around the world with access to safe water through a range of water purifying products. When they came to NP Accel, they struggled to get organic traffic, relying mainly on Amazon for sales.

Our team got to work optimizing their content and improving user experience. The results? A 2000 percent increase in organic traffic.

Sales online have grown, website traffic is WAY up, and we have been able to invest more in our charitable foundations. Our team is busy implementing and following NP’s instructions.

– Hannah Lu, Marketing at Waterdrop

Read Waterdrop’s full case study.


The Shelf

The Shelf is a fast-growing influencer marketing agency that helps brands create authentic connections with their customers. They were struggling to increase qualified demo sign-ups through Google Ads.

In six months, we helped take The Shelf from 35 leads a month to 73 leads a month — a 108 percent increase!

NPAccel has helped us not only increase the number of qualified leads we’re getting every month but also build up our sales funnel. We are very pleased with the results we’ve gotten from our paid campaigns since partnering with NPAccel.

– Anthony Nestel, Director of Digital Strategy at The Shelf

Read The Shelf’s full case study.

Want to be our next success story? Contact us to learn how we can help your SMB grow.


Our Enterprise Clients

Enterprise companies have unique needs and big challenges. They may or may not have an in-house marketing team. They often target multiple personas and market several different products at the same time. We get it.

In the past few years, we’ve helped some of the largest companies in the world reach their full potential with data-backed strategies and cutting-edge technology. Their success is one of the reasons we’re where we are today.

Here are a few of the amazing enterprise companies that have helped us reach new heights in the search industry:


Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a powerful platform that helps teams create and collaborate on designs for websites, apps, games, and more. They lacked brand awareness for their new offering despite the Adobe name and had multiple Adobe domains competing for the same keywords.

By partnering with their team, we secured a #1 spot on Google for primary key terms, exceeded traffic expectations in Q1 by more than 27 percent (without paid ads), and drove a new audience to Adobe to learn about XD.

“With NP Digital’s support, we saw an immediate impact within the 1st quarter that resulted in impressive keyword rankings, website visitors, and product downloads for Adobe XD Ideas.”

– Becky Ruden, Adobe XD Principal Content Marketing Manager.



We worked with Contentful, a leading content platform that helps businesses create and manage digital experiences, to build a successful campaign that was awarded the 2021 Drum Award for Search in PPC – Best B2B Campaign.

Our paid and search teams collaborated to achieve a 600 percent ROAS during a rapidly changing search landscape caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hit our cost per acquisition goal. We hit 100 percent of the goal and you guys actually carried us!

Caroline Beschel, Contentful



SoFi is a personal finance company offering a range of finance products including student loan refinancing, mortgages, and, now, a cryptocurrency investing product.

They needed help reaching a new market, so we built a strategy targeting four keyword themes, built a content marketing roadmap, and implemented technical SEO best practices. In less than a year, SoFi saw a 509 percent increase in natural search sessions from first-page ranking visibility.

You guys are the smartest team I’ve worked with on this topic, and you’re so fun!

AJ Smith, SoFi

Want to learn how we can help your enterprise company grow? Let’s talk.


The Future of NP Digital

We’re incredibly proud to be recognized as the Search/Performance Agency of the Year by MediaPost, but we’re not slowing down. In 2022, we plan to open agencies in more countries as our brand new offices in Australia and the UK continue to grow while keeping the momentum of our US, Brazil, and India offices boom.

We’re also planning to launch a new initiative, Neil Patel University, in 2022. We’re planning to launch segmented market research to help industries improve their results in digital using SEO BIG DATA — as we have dozens of information about over 16 billion keywords on Ubersuggest.

Our team is leaning into machine learning and will be partnering with Google to prepare for a 3rd party cookieless world.

And much more…

Stay tuned for more details!

A huge shout out to MediaPost for the award, and a big “thank you ” to our team and the clients who continue to support us. This award is just the start of big things for the NP Digital team.

Want to talk about how we can help your business grow? Let’s talk.


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