Simple Tips And Tricks For Managing Your Time

Are you inundated with too much on a daily basis?

Do you always wish there were more hours per day?

Do you admire other people who seem to have enough time to do what they need to?

You may benefit from some time management skills.

These tips will help you get started.


If you desire better time management, use a calendar.

There are several versions of calendars; however, many prefer paper calendars. Others like to access their calendars electronically.

Whichever one you like better, using calendars can help you remember much more easily.


Single Tasking

If you are having trouble managing an entire schedule, concentrate on isolated tasks.

Multi-tasking is very difficult for most people.

Your work quality will suffer when you are overwhelmed.

Learn to work efficiently and carefully on one task at a time.

When the project is complete, move to the next.


Think about the way you use your time now.

It’s important to use time wisely.

For instance, set aside specific times of the day for reading emails.

Avoid looking at them unless you have made time for them.


Learn to Deny

Saying yes is not always necessary.

Saying “no” is hard for some people which ends up causing stress.

Overcome Negativity

Learn to Delegate

Consider your schedule.

Are there items you can delegate?

Turn to your loved ones for help.


Begin your day by planning your day.

Grab a writing utensil and paper to jot down what you plan to do that day and the amount of time you plan to take to finish each item.

Have this agenda for the day can help you better use your time.


Learn to Avoid Distractions

If you are in the middle of a task, do not allow yourself to be distracted by a new email or a text.

It’s too easy to lose your place and not be able to find your way back.

After you are finished with your task, then you can return text messages and phone calls.

Effective Conversation

Someone Else

Consider your schedule.

Look to see if there are any items that you can delete from your schedule.

Can you free up any time in your schedule?

You should learn to delegate.

Once you allow something to be delegated to someone else, don’t think about it and leave someone else to finish the task.


Be realistic about what you can really accomplish effectively.

Doing so is virtually impossible.

Only a fifth of your activities actually produce the bulk of your results.

Although working hard is always a fine idea, don’t push yourself to achieve impossible goals.

Get Going with Goals

Learn to List

List everything you must accomplish for the day and prioritize your tasks.

Work on the next task after you finish one.

If you are not able to personally remember each task on your list in your head, copy it and take it with you.


Consider taking a course in time management.

These can provide useful information on how to better deal with time.

Many businesses offer these classes to their employees since they feel it would make them better at what they do.

Look into the community college in your area if your employer doesn’t have them.

Class Room

Learn to Keep Diary

Write in a diary to jot down your tasks.

Write down everything you do each day for about a week, and include the amount of time it took you to complete each thing.

When you’re done with these things you can look over what you’ve written to see if you can improve on how you spend your time.


Learn to Prioritize

One good way to make a list is to put those things that are more important on top.

You can easily organize the day this way.

Think about the most critical things you need to accomplish in a day.

List the important things first, then the rest of your tasks.

Work through the list in order of importance, and don’t work on lesser priority items until you’ve reached them on the list.

A freer schedule comes with better time management.

Check out the tips above and see how they can improve your life.

Your life will get better when you manage your time wisely.

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