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Music Motivation: Every Superhero Needs Theme Music and That Includes You

Every superhero, imaginary or real, needs theme music. And every one of us underdogs desires theme music more!

The palpable announce of the intro pummel starts, your exertion rank rises, you examine

“…the eye of the monster, it’s the exhilarate of the fight…”,

instantaneously you are ready to take on your next challenge as if Creed or Rocky,

or some old school Wu-Tang song comes on and unexpectedly you’re reminded of Marvel’s Luke Cage action panoramas and are now quite prepared to,


save Harlem,

your vicinity,

and countries around the world!


Music is part of our everyday lives.

It’s often around us, even when we don’t mean for it to be.

To contact peak performance in our day-to-day number, it’s crucial to be aware of the music around us and work to consciously preferred the music we are around.

Music moves us in more spaces than you are able to reckon, and just like our friends, our hobbies, our banquets and anything else which gives us that extra swagger, music is a strong implement that can create all the difference in our feeling, our productivity, and our results.

Whether you are on the come up, the resurgence, or crusading to keep what you hustled so hard to create, the journey is a daily grind, and music can help you continue that grind departing, and going strong.


Trendy Science

Your daily hustle can be stressful.

Listening to music is in accordance with Medical News Today, has numerous health benefits.

Music can reduce your stress and tension, ramp up your recognition, and be enhanced medical conditions such as seizures or brain damage caused by apoplexies.


Music can even help you ideate differently because it concludes you most creative overall, according to a team of researchers at the University of Technology Sydney and Radboud University in Nijmegen.

So, clue up some music and get your innovative juices flowing.

Your stress will go down and your imagination will go up, producing you to feel happier about yourself and your life overall.

“Whenever humans come together for any rationalization, music is there … weddings, burials, graduation from college, subjects rallying off to campaign, stadium sporting incidents, a darkness on the cities, prayer, a dreamy dinner, fathers rocking their infants to sleep and college student studying with music as a background … music is and was [ever] part of the fabric of everyday life.”- Daniel Levitin

Sometimes when you’re on the long superhighway to success “you’re starting” losing motive for your goals.

Eventually, many of us come to a crossroads of is progress or turning back, and sometimes all it takes is an immediate motivational act to get our vigor back.

You could make a vision board, refine your core value, modernize your barrel register, create a to-do index, and so on.

I’m all for each of those as ways to get your swagger back and keep it, but at the same term, sometimes daily motivation calls for brand-new comings extremely.

Commuter Listening to Music

Especially approaches that are easily accessible at any moment and don’t require huge financing of occasion, money, or other aids you may or may not have.

An intentional apply of music could be the new coming that you take to help you get through those dates when you are interested in giving up.

Time for you to have your “Eye of the Tiger” and make a resurgence.

And “Protect’ Yo Neck” and others to save the day like Luke Cage.

Then “Cheers” to everybody that knows your mention and is ever glad to see you.

Let’s create our own theme music and intentionally experience the health benefits and swagger of music.


Your Theme Music

Here’s how to form your personal soundtrack so you can have something to cause you anytime you need it, no matter where you’re at.

staying motivated

Begin with a playlist of about five anthems.

Pick anthems that will conjure your exertion stage and remind you of your purpose, important goals, and/or your core values.

Then create a name for your playlist and a name for yourself.

You can freshen your personal soundtrack as your priorities and objectives change.

And for us underdog music enthusiasts previously inconvenienced by the five hymn limit, you can create an additional playlist called “The B-Side” for all other songs.

Here’s an example (You’ll get to see mine!):

Playlist Name: The Voice of the Underdog!

Your Name: The O.G. aka The Original Gregory aka Mr. Reset Button

Five Songs Playlist 😛 TAGEND

1: “The People” by Common.- I do what I do for the people aka the Underdogs!

2: “The Point of It All” by Anthony Hamilton- … because a healthful love life is part of a healthy life.

3: “Reach” by Robyn Hood- I’m gonna keep reaching and hustling hard-handed.

4: “Sky’s The Limit” by Biggie Smalls- I symbolize, the entitle says it all, right ?!

5: “Hate It or Love It” by The Game, 50 Cent- Hate it or adore it Underdogs will be on top!

Bonus Track: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott-Heron- All of the turnarounds won’t be broadcasted, but it will happen. Retain pushing!

Playlist Playful Description 😛 TAGEND

I do it for “The People” and the people I enjoy, that’s “The Point of It All.” Now is the time I “Reach” even higher because “The Sky’s The Limit.” “Hate It or Desire It” Underdogs are gonna be on top. “The Revolution Will Not Be Broadcasted, ” but there will be music playing and I will make it happen!

” Music can change countries around the world because it can change parties .”- Bono


Press Play Daily

Well, what ya waiting for!?


Music facilitates creativity so turn on some of your favorite music right now and start brainstorming the songs that have meaning to you, will cause you, and cause your daily hustle.

When you’re done creating your personal soundtrack, you’ll have a mobile motivation that is only a press of the play button away.

What will be your theme music?

Certainly, what will it be?

Because each of us underdogs motivations themes music so we can get and abide by being encouraged to get from Front Street to Swaggerback Boulevard.

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