Introducing Alliioop: The Customer Marketing Platform (to Build an Awesome Customer Base)

Shopify, Facebook, FedEx and the likes have made it easier than ever to birth ecommerce brands. And that’s exactly what’s been happening. Three people in a garage can launch, look and execute like a 100+ person company of old. I’m not saying it’s easy, there’s way more to it than that, but the triangulation of tech, logistics and online-all-the-time buyers have certainly paved the way for the ecommerce boom.

Customer Journey

Keep your customers from cheating on you

And, just as the number of ecommerce companies has exploded, so too has the consumer’s opportunity and willingness to switch brands.

Consumers are inundated with Facebook and Instagram ads and don’t bat an eye at the notion of switching from one shop to another, or to Amazon.

And it won’t stop–unless you can establish your brand and value to make them loyal.


Repeat customers are your #1 asset for growth

One thing that hasn’t changed since the brick-and-mortar days, is the fact that customer loyalty and lifetime value are critical to company growth and long-term survival.

And that has never been more true. While store location could practically drive loyalty before–now location doesn’t mean diddly.

It’s how you interact with your customers and build a relationship with your brand that matters most.

power of repeat purchases for ecommerceA graph illustrating the power of repeat purchases for your company growth


Build a brand your customers love

Getting customers to your site is one thing, but converting them into loyal, repeat customers is an entirely different challenge.

That’s exactly why we created Alliioop. A customer marketing platform that makes it easy to engage each customer precisely the way they want and expect–and build a relationship that lasts forever.


Blanket emails won’t work

Alliioop is far from just another email marketing tool like Mailchimp. The biggest difference is Alliioop was built on a customer analytics platform.

That means we can deliver deeper customer insights and more granular segmentation than ever before, so you can deliver messages that are more on target and stay personalized as you scale.


Building a kickass customer base

Clearly, building a large, loyal customer base takes time and effort–and both art and science. It requires that you understand what makes customers tick, and not.

It’s not always about sending discounts and special offers, though those do work. Delivering well-timed content, advice, product recommendations, as well as those special offers is what adds value, builds appreciation and drives loyalty.

We combined the key features in Alliioop to make it easy to catch people at the right time, with the right message.


Getting results with Alliioop

We’re thrilled with the results our customers are getting with Alliioop. They’ve seen immediate insights on how to engage their customers with highly targeted Facebook and email campaigns to increase conversions and sales.

Getting started and getting results is easy with our Shopify and Facebook integrations. Plus our pre-built reports, segments, and campaigns come to life right after you turn it on, with these key capabilities:

  • Reporting: We’ve pre-built a suite of reports that will show you everything from high-level conversion metrics, to campaign performance, LTV and the details of every customer path. You get insights that will highlight what you should do next to increase conversions.
  • Segmentation: Sending highly targeted messages requires powerful segmentation. You can segment on anything and the segments are dynamic–meaning people are added and removed from segments in real-time–not stale, static lists.
  • Facebook: Keeping your Facebook Custom Audiences fresh and on target is cumbersome. We automatically add and remove people from your Facebook Custom Audiences based on their behavior. This keeps your audiences fresh and your ads more on target–and effective.
  • Email campaigns: Create and automatically send great emails that can be connected to your segments for highly targeted, timely delivery. Build flows that map to customer profiles and behaviors to get more clicks and purchases.
  • Automation: Driving all these engagements requires serious automation. Alliioop monitors all your customer behavior and triggers the engagements automatically. So as you build more granular targeting over time, we manage all the delivery so you can scale.

Alliioop is the first Customer Marketing Platform built from the customer data perspective and specifically for ecommerce.

The power, simplicity, and automation are combined in a platform that will scale your business and be as critical to your growth as your ecommerce platform is to your operations.

If you’d like to see how Alliioop can grow your ecommerce company, request a personal demo here


About the Author: Brian Kelly is the CEO of Space Pencil. Space Pencil is the creator of Alliioop, Sherlock and Kissmetrics.


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