Gianluca Fiorelli on Why Anchor Texts Still Matter for Google

A new episode of cognitiveSEO Talks – On Search and Traffic, brings a new topic and a highly experienced professional: Gianluca Fiorelli. SEO Strategist and International SEO Consultant at, Gianluca is working in the web marketing field since 2003. That’s about 15 years which means a lot in the digital marketing field.

In the current cognitiveSEO Talk, Gianluca Fiorelli speaks openly about SEO audits, link and content building, how CTR works and top things any digital marketer seeking high ranks should start doing.

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Gianluca’s road to the SEO world was not a smooth one, but it was definitely a successful one. He worked in the TV field for almost 11 years and was the Head of Programming of a Movie Channel. A professional twist brought him where he is today: a respected SEO consultant and Web Strategist, specialized in Inbound Marketing and International SEO.

You don’t have to go crazy and reinvent the wheel by creating new content and doing a huge campaign for having a bigger link profile or struggle to get 1 million visitors in five weeks.

Gianluca Fiorelli

International SEO senior consultant  @gfiorelli1 /

Most often, you’ll hear people addressing Gianluca as an expert in Search, Content and Social Media Marketing; yet, he likes to simply define himself as a Digital Marketer.

His main specialties are: SEO/SEM, Branding and identity, eMarketing expertise, Internet Domains’ legislation, Audiovisual copyright market, audiovisual production, Internet design and usability. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the talk just as much as we did and you’ll have a lot to learn from it.

 You should look for what keywords you are ranking from position 11 to position 20 and optimize those pages to push them on the first page.

Gianluca Fiorelli

International SEO senior consultant  @gfiorelli1 /


 Tackled Topics:

  • Gianluca’s experience in web marketing strategy
  • What does semantic SEO mean
  • The connection of search entities and the probability score
  • How Google is considering a link inside the content
  • Is great content all we need to get higher rankings?
  • The biggest ranking signal Gianluca is focusing on when he performs content optimization
  • The “miracles” of CTR
  • Everything that is viral is ranking on the first page?
  • On-page optimization tips
  • 3 actions everyone should focus on website optimization: review the architecture of a website, use schema, re-optimize content for keywords ranking on the second page
  • The biggest mistake and the greatest achievement of Gianluca’s career


  Top 10 Marketing Nuggets:

  1. Link building is not only for brand positioning, increasing referral traffic, improving your page rank, but also for having lots of other opportunities to create relationships with big brands/websites. 5:28
  2. In the Penguin live Era, Google is still giving a lot of importance to the anchor texts. 8:49
  3. A link is good if it is contextual. That is the best way to spot toxic links, as well. 12:23
  4. Great content is that type of content that answers efficiently to query intent. 13:29 
  5. Google is not focusing on one single factor in ranking. We are putting a lot of emphasis on content and searching terms, but officially there are other 197 ranking factors. 16:38
  6. Traffic is not a ranking factor. 21:27
  7. Improving the CTR will give that page a boost in rankings, but it is, usually, temporary. We shouldn’t think of traffic as a ranking factor, but rather how much the use of signals is a way for Google to discover and test something. 28:40
  8. CTR is used in testing new pages that appear in Google’s index. 30:35
  9. Google is a superpower but doesn’t have the computing power to create different kinds of algorithms or different countries. 35:13
  10. Use structured data, but don’t take advantage and over-use it, and follow what Google recommends. 47:15


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