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Follow This 2-Step Process to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Nothing Is Going Right

Staying motivated is one of the most difficult skills to have. There are some days where you just don’t want to be positive nor do anything to change your state of mind.

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Let’s face it…

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The Dialogue in Your Mind

The dialogue in your mind is the battleground where your motivation lives and dies every day.

In every moment, your words are either lifting you or sabotaging your success.

Regrettably, most people are losing this battle within themselves.

They are using their most powerful asset — their mental energy — to beat themselves up, gambling victimization plays, or stop themselves from sharing their passion.

The amount of epoch and vigor that is squandered on self-doubt and self-sabotage is lane higher than the amount of time and force it takes to take action and share your gifts with the world, and yet still we continue to talk ourselves out of it.

In Searching the Soul


You can see when a person is full of self-doubt.

It demonstrates across the contortion of their eyebrows, pursed together in a kitty of concern.

It screams of insecurity in the way they slump their shoulders forward, enveloping their nature from possible sting whenever they are asked to speak about their theories.

Self-doubt haunts even the smartest, most conscious and most awake business private individuals and envisioned leaders in countries around the world.

Unless you know how to free yourself from the prison inside your head, you will never fulfill the deepest hopes of your being or induce the impact you want to create on the planet.

Apart from Yourself

Seminars & Books on Motivation

There are a lot of books and seminars on motivation.

While you’re reading them or attending them, you’re filled with the state of euphoria which takes you out of your structures of self-doubt and danger.

In this territory, you feel no anxiety or worry.

Nonetheless, what happens when the book is done and the seminar is over?

You go right back into your old-fashioned decorations of self-defeating self-talk.

If you’re looking for others to promote you up when you aren’t motivated, then you’re on an endless curve.

Harmonizing to a clause I speak in Psychology Today, “when you can form yourself wholly, you stop would be interested in others to ratify your self-esteem.”

Making yourself whole and being natural to yourself with the words and epitomes you play in your judgment is a deserving seek. You will find that your motivation soars.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”Steve Jobs

Reading Books

2-Step Process

When you catch yourself beating yourself up or playing out a nightmare over and over in your thought, follow this simple 2-step process to talk to yourself back into a country of positive reason:


Step 1. The Mystery Behind Forgiveness

When you catch yourself in this self-sabotaging loop, don’t beat yourself up even more.

Many parties are trapped in this net.

They try to force themselves to stop envisaging the self-defeating expects, which simply realize the dread and feeling more powerful.

Reboot Your Life

It’s essential to stop and be kind to yourself about where you are in your relationship with yourself.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful violence known to humankind.

It’s up there along with terms like adore and religion regarding how the influence of forgiveness can change even the darkest recollects into a portal of light.

The practice of forgiving yourself can be as simple or as complex as you need to make it.

The key is that your reputation the ritual of forgiveness as a sacred rehearse whenever your self-doubt or danger comes up.

You may find there is some part of you that does not want to receive forgiveness.

Perhaps you have past distressing knowledge of putting yourself out there exclusively to not get the reaction you missed, or perhaps you wasted your entire life struggling without getting makes.

The frustration described above is an even greater opportunity for self-healing.

As the philosopher and poet, Rumi said, “The gale is the place where the light registers you.”


Tornado over sea

See this wounded part of yourself as an aspect of your identity, your middle, your soul, or your mas that is calling out to be seen and recognized at this moment.

Go deeper into the practice of forgiveness.

Write on a piece of paper what spirit is coming up for you — fear, dwell, judging, loneliness — whatever you’re feeling.

Then say out loud, “Even though I am feeling [put refer of emotion here], I still choose to share my authentic talents with the world.”

Releasing these excitements will give more superpower to the intention of your honest self-expression — to reach more people, share your products and services at the highest level of your aptitudes with the people whom you are meant to serve.


Step 2. Reframing Can Make You Invincible

Your self-talk has the most significant impact on your motivation (or paucity of reason) than even the smartest psychological tactics or most cutting-edge self-help habits.

It’s imperative that you get your inner world managed so you can acquire the impact you want to stimulate with your life.

According to another essay in Psychology Today, how “you’re talking to” yourself can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so it is imperative you become aware of this right now to prevent the disastrous effects on your motivation.

In the field of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), there is a tool announced “reframing” where you threw an idea in another chassis just like you were to reframe a photo or a paint.

When you can see your words in another frame, it converts the gist you have about the image in the frame.

Play this reframing play with yourself. Once you have forgiven yourself, it’s time to replace the negative self-talk with something that is positive and uplifting.

You can play a game where you say, “If I were me, what would I say to motivate myself? ”

Gym Motivation Picture Quote

Now, of course, this is an absurd question.

You are yourself.

The mode the question is worded is akin to Zen Buddhism problems which play a game on the mind to twist it until it liberates, creating freedom and space inside the brain.

When you can turn your attention to another state, you will find there is the freedom to see things in a whole new way.

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”– Sam Levenson

Imagine you are giving yourself advice on being motivated.

Haven’t you noticed how easy it is to always advise other people on what to think, say and do when it comes to their motivation?

Well, that’s what you’re doing here with this simple mind game.

Give yourself advice as though you are the one receiving your words of motivational gumption.

What would you say to yourself at this moment?

When you can reframe your perspective of who is talking and who is receiving, you will find that your words of negative self-talk no longer have influence over you.

negative self talk

By practicing this 2-step cycle of forgiveness and reframing, you will see that you can stop damaging self-talk from destroying your ability to implement.

Your desires to move forward in your life and career start by sharing your knacks and genius with the world.

All enormous rulers have discovered that it’s not the elimination of self-doubt, but the fearlessness to number irrespective of what self-limiting thoughts are present.

The action is what accomplishes your goals.

With this 2-step round, you will find you have more motivation to move forward with your intention because you’re no longer utilizing all your mental vigor on self-doubt, self-defeat, and self-sabotage.

When your thought is free of this negative self-talk, you will discover the unlimited power inside of you to achieve all your dreams and hunger in life.

How do you motivate yourself? Share your tactics below!

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