Embrace The Suck.

I suck at spreadsheets.

I suction at maths because multitudes do my honcho in.

I suck at listening gathers because I just crave action.

You will suck at your first blog affix.

You will suck at your first startup, and the one after that, and so on.

You will suck at giving your first speech.

We all suck 24/7.

None of us is 100% motivated all the time.

None of us get anything right the first time- unless it’s a fluke.

We all have hallucinations of our downfalls.

We all privately want to be perfect- even me.


It’s time to embrace the suction.

A lot about life F* cking suctions hard.

My # EmbraceTheSuck story (thanks to Sina Fak for the idea) was flunking at high school and removing out.

After a break-dance, I went back and finished high school, and the only subjects I excelled at were music and English.

Even though the principal “ve told me” I’d always has become a no-good, punk a $$, drop by the wayside, I proved him wrong.

Devoid of Motivation

I expanded my knowledge in English to become a blogger and that’s why I’m writing these terms to you right now.

I failed in the short term, but continuing at the academy, eventually preceded me to right now.

I could have done nothing and become a slacker.

I could have listened to my principal and agreed with him.

I am aware of the fact that I was destined to do something large-hearted and I believe the movement I’m making right now is part of my crazy goal to change the world.

All of us can succeed where reference is hug the suck and persevere.

We can listen to our commentators or we can removing the middle finger at them and keep going

Making it through the suck drew me smarter, more courageous and it helped me build a newfound resilience.

How do we adopt the suck?

  1. Be quite prepared to miscarry.
  2. Look like a geek.
  3. Be willing to start at the bottom
  4. Persevere
  5. Challenge the critics

When everything suctions, get back up.

Have two seconds proceed even if there’s no reason too.

Back yourself and believe you can push through the suck.

Motivation in Busy World

Hugged the suck is a call to action.

It’s about being prepared to eat sh* t because the upside performs it worth it.

It’s about doing what so many are not prepared to do because you believe in yourself.

It’s about taking action and implementing instead of has become a daydreamer and being stuck in the foreplay of themes, illusions, goals that never happen.

Starting at the bottom and sucking harder is how you get to the top.

Once you arrive at the top, make sure you cure other people who are cuddling the suck.

Everlasting Motivation

Let’s all commit to doing more occasions that suck and being okay with it.

Let’s challenge each other to be courageous.

If I can go from being a high school dropout to starting something of myself, then why the heck can’t you?

Embrace the suck because that’s what the people you idolize and anyone you’ve ever looked up to did.

Embracing the suction is part of life.

“Hello, catastrophe. Come at me! ”

One period you’ll look back on all the sucky times and be proud.

That’s the cherry-red on top of the cake right there.

That is all the motivation you need to embrace the suck.

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Source: addicted2success.com

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