Comfort Vs Courage: It’s Easier To Stay In Bed Than Face Your Goals.

On paper, your goals seem like a must. You wanted to go successful business, you want to induce others, “you’re trying to” get on the stagecoach and wow the gathering or you might even want to write a New York Times Best Selling Book.


Most of us do none of this.

We prepare our aims like the ones mentioned and then consistently fall short.

Then there are the outliers who do achieving the above-mentioned impudent goals.

An example of an outlier I learned last week was a maid listed Michaela Alexis.

Like me, she’s paralyzed with the anxiety of public speaking.

What provoked me was that recently she spoke in front of thousands of people.

Pick upThe last-place hour she tried this, she failed naughtily and forgot what she was going to say.

The pronunciation she granted was mainly a soap of F ups and a tremendous ability of fear.

As Michaela faced the stage again, with Gary Vaynerchuk speaking after her, she was crippled by her nervousness.

Despite her dread, she went out on the stage and generated her talk to thousands of people.

She even filmed how excitable she was before the affair.

You can tell that as simple as she made it appears, and behind the scenes presented the truth: she was scared out of her imagination and full of fear.

On the day of her talk, she practically stayed in the plot and didn’t achieve her most important goal of growing great at public speaking.

The choice is ours.

“We can either stay in couch where it’s cozy, heated and there are no pundits to adjudicate us, or we can face the world and push beyond our restraints”

stay in bedEach of us has this same alternative and most of us draw the inaccurate one or we tell ourselves” I’ll start tomorrow .”

Tomorrow never comes. We deter dreaming about our goals but we rarely try to execute on them.

Now I’m not saying we ever obstruct from these big-hearted scary goals, but what I’ve suffered is we don’t execute on our goals enough.

Doing something like public speaking once a year or twice a year won’t crank up the phone “‘ve had enough of” your results.

Michaela has shown that the fastest road to achieving our large-hearted aims is to be relentless.

She’s done that by going on stagecoach several times in a short period.


Most of all, it takes courage.

” You stay in your warm bottom and never execute because you shortfall fortitude”

We’re not born with firmnes though. We develop it.

Courage is a musclethat must be exercised every week.

Doing the reps somewhat lower than a weekly commitment will see your perception, and ultimately your goals, become too far into the length.

To stay on the right trail, you’ve got to gain leverage on yourself.

What I’ve learned is that courage is really nothing more than doing the smaller tasks that form part of your goals.

In other commands, daring is taking action without being attached to the result.

The moment you center extremely hard on research results you’re trying to achieve, you get lost in your own thinkings.


Gaining leverage on yourself and having spirit begins with scheduling tasks in your calendar.

Formerly something is locked in your schedule, you gain leverage on yourself.

None of us want to let others down and by putting thoughts in your calendar, you make time for being indomitable.

The good news is you can always withdraw to your bottom if on the day of taking any steps you can’t proceed.

What I’ve encountered though is that you won’t.

Once it’s locked in, there’s a very good chance you’re going to execute.

Having things in your diary helps to activate your auto-pilot procedure.

The minute you can use autopilot procedure when you require daring is when your events start to change.


Rising up to the challenge.

After moments of gallantry, the progress you see towards your goals will make it all worth noting.

Determining Michaela Alexis witness this firsthand, and sharing it on LinkedIn after her lecture last week, established that extremely theory sink in.

The discrepancies between staying in berthed – your metaphorical ease area- and vanquishing your goals is rising up to the challenge in front of you.

It’s looking the audience in the eye and telling them you got this.

You were born to do this!

In Lowliness

All of us get to face these challenges and many of us opt-out.

Rising up is about procuring the obscured heroism within yourself to take action when logically it doesn’t make sense.

It’s about employing the nerves you’re feeling to your advantage.

It’s about taking your sorrows and turning them into weapons of mass destruction.


Final Thought.

Seeing Michaela Alexis appear physically sick, uneasy, dreaded and like she was about to die learnt me so much.

It’s not often that we get to lift the cover on someone like her who has so much affect, to realize what actual fearlessnes looks a lot like.

The ‘behind to the scenes’ look at all the people you revere will show various affinities to Michaela.

Frightened Everything glances easy on video and what you don’t see is the spirit that success makes.

Each of us is burdened with our own flavor of the difficulties and solve these problems exploiting gallantry is how we rise up, get what we want, and cross off those goals that give meaning to our lives.

Purpose, see, entrepreneurship, personal increase, and anything else you can be considered mean nothing unless you have the spirit to execute.

You can conceal in the convenience of your bed or get out there and move in front of dragons while the tree’s around you ignite radiant, and your memory is silenced from all the overthinking.

The choice is yours.

Will you have selected daring or solace?

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