Bloggin With The Big Boys: How You Can Do It Too!

You can find blogging everywhere in today’s world.

It seems that everywhere you go you see another blog.

Success in writing a blog is predicated on careful planning and design.

Review this article and read a few more, and you will be well on your way to creating a blog that people will want to read.

Engaging Content

Frequently update your blog’s content.

This will help you to increase traffic, as well as maintain the current visitors you have.

Without a relatively steady supply of interesting, relevant content, readers will have few reasons to come back.

It’s a good idea to make at least one post each day.

Social Features on the Blog


You should allow guest posts to help increase blog traffic.

This can help you foster a good relationship with another blogger, and that could be helpful.

Don’t underestimate the importance of making connections with other bloggers.

If you ever need a favor in the future, that relationship could be the means of obtaining it!


Don’t Overdo Ads

TIP! A common mistake on sites is to overload viewers with Adsense ads, plug-ins, and keywords. If you do, search engines will flag you and will not list you in their results.

Respond to feedback.

Read your reader feedback and respond to it in a neutral, positive manner, and don’t let it get to you emotionally.

Whatever you are discussing, there will always be someone disputing or offering criticism.

Those that are constructive can be used to improve your blog.

Negative criticism need not make you feel like a failure.

Just take it for what it is, post a polite response, and then move on.

You will appear to be the mature one, and that will only grow the number of readers of your blog.


Lists do have a place in a well-written blog.

For instance, when writing about cooking, include lists of ingredients or the kitchen tools needed to create a memorable dish.

If you write about rebuilding the engine of your 1967 Volkswagen, include a list of the parts needed.

Using lists puts the information in a concise form, out front and center, where it is easily viewed by your reader.

Use Lists in Blog



Make the appropriate social network links available, so readers can follow your blog.

Linking your site to popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others, will make a big difference in the success of your blog.

These outlets will allow you to communicate better with your followers and get more people to come to your site.

Social Media Icons


Blog Commenting

TIP! Commenting on other blogs can get your own blog noticed. If you’re using Google Reader, you can have a separate folder to use for keeping track of the blogs that you should be following.

Allow readers to post and respond to comments.

This will help you bond with your readers.

This is usually one of any blog’s most popular and active features.

When it is understood that you are actively responding to all comments that are left for you, your readers will often return to see how you responded to their individual comments.

Blog Comment


As was discussed earlier, bloggers are omnipresent now.

Blogs are made for lots of reasons, but they all want to spread a message to a particular audience.

Put the advice of this article to work for you and build your own highly interesting and successful blog that will suit your purposes and reach the people you want to speak with.

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