Action Plan for Instant Motivation

A 10 Step Action Plan for Instant Motivation

If you need immediate help, try these ten tips over the next ten days and then observe how your life varies. Write down the changes in a personal notebook. Continue with what works and abandon what doesn’t.



A 10 Step Action Plan for Instant Motivation

Here are my 10 gratuities for an instant reason:

1. Your self-motivation program starts the night before

Get up in morning

Try to get to bed early. If you are tired or sleepy throughout the day (even if it’s from worries) remember that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth more than an hour of sleep after midnight.

So rearrange your plan to go to bed earlier.

2. Plan the next day the darkness before

In your personal reason notebook, write down what you plan to do tomorrow. With all the activities, make sure it is framed in a positive way.

Writing at night

For example: Instead of “prepare a monthly report” write down “prepare monthly report–knock my boss’s socks off.” You get the idea.

At the end of your schedule write down “something enormous happens that I don’t know about.”

3. Reflect and visualize the things on your roster prior to bed

Write a Journal

It’s okay to feel this way–just set any fears or guilt about feeling this way out of your mind by refusing to give such recollects intensity.

Keep concentrating on how great your register feels. Your self-motivation program is knocking in already.

4. Write down what has been causing you to lose motivation at the end of your daily plan

Night Sleep

Go onward and write them down, it doesn’t matter how large-hearted or complex they seem to be.

Now it’s time for some well-needed sleep.

Precisely before falling asleep, tell yourself that you are going to gain brand-new penetration into the list of issues or difficulties you merely wrote down.

“A well-expended daytime creates happy sleep.”- Leonardo da Vinci

5. Fall asleep to some music that concentrates on the higher music octaves

Gurumaa Singing

This will open up the higher centers of your intellect and prepare your subconscious mind for problem-solving.


6. You should are currently in bunked the following morning for a few minutes

Read over your daily plan and is again, imagine how good it will feel when things croak your space.

how the worst day of your life is the best day

Now get up and get ready for the working day feeling very self-motivated.


7. Eat something for breakfast that has a decent amount of protein in it

If you are a coffee drinker, think about giving it up. Feeling apprehensive or shaky is certainly is in conflict with your self-motivation.

Roasted Chicken

Here’s a good gratuity: Don’t commit it up cold turkey, that’s too hard.

Instead, make every other cup you drink a beaker of decaf.

Pretty soon you won’t be able to taste( or feel) the difference.

You will cut your caffeine intake in half immediately.

After about a month of this, you can start drinking decaf exclusively.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you’ll find that you will now simply miss 1-2 cups per daytime and the detox process was painless.

Eventually, you won’t even crave the decaf and you can substitute fruit juice or water.


8. Listen to uplifting music on the way to work

You should have music to start your date that realizes you feel good.

This is designed to open your energy centers and help you to think clearly.

Commuter Listening to Music

If you go to lunch later in your automobile, performance some more of this type of music.

Do not listen to the news or any talk depicts on the way to work–the problems of the world are not yours to solve.

Managing your epoch and being self-motivated is.

“Happiness dwells more in accessibilities of pleasure that occur every day than in great patches of good fortune that happen but seldom.”- Benjamin Franklin


9. Now you’re on the job and ready to face the day

Suddenly your phone sounds and a huge problem comes up that is unexpected and nowhere on your daily plan. What to do?

Take an hour to jot down the problem in your personal notebook and do whatever it is you did the darkness before: i.e. “my best customer didn’t get their shipment on time–and I knocked my boss’s socks off by solving the problem.”

Take a minute to feel how good it feels to have solved the problem.

Now proceed to deal with the problem you can do it because you’re self-motivated!

to do list

As you go through your day and play-act each item on your daily plan, check off all the items as they are finished.


10. At the end of your epoch, do the steps outlined in steps 1-5 again but add something to it

As you do your plan for the next day, add one more step.

Feel how great it feels to have ticked off the elements in your daily plan and tell yourself, “I’m the best and most qualified person on earth who could have accomplished this.” Now get busy planning your next day.

Something else to consider, if your environment is cluttered and unorganized, you are going to find it difficult to follow this plan.

If this is your situation, you need to spend the time it takes to clean your residence, agency, or other workplaces.

Which step in of the 10 -step plan for instant motivation reverberated most with you and why? Share your thoughts with us below!


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