7 Insanely Motivating Instagram Pages That Will Take You To A Higher Level

Did you know that Instagram now has 1,000,000 people using the site each month? Not only that, but Instagram user spends roughly 32 minutes per day on the platform.

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With stories, Instagram Live, DM’s, posts, and new features in the works, it’s easy to get caught in the vortex that is Instagram without realizing it.

While social media can rob you of a lot of your time, you can use it as a tool for self-growth as well.

There’s a big difference between following reality TV stars all day and following people who can help you achieve success.

By following inspirational accounts, you can connect with like-minded people, get inspired, and learn new ideas.


Top 7 Motivating Instagram Pages You Must Follow

Here are our seven favorite Instagram pages you must follow for your own self-improvement.

1. Tom Bilyeu | Motivating Instagram Pages

Tom Bilyeu is an ultra-successful entrepreneur who co-founded both Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory.

At his latest venture, Impact Theory, he interviews the most successful people in the world to share their advice with the world.

Some of these people include individuals on this list as well as John Assaraf, Mel Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and more.

Tom is a huge proponent of learning and constantly working on himself to achieve success in business and life.

His account will share insights from his own life, both success and failures, to help you take action.

Between his Instagram and his show, he can literally change your life.

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2. Jay Shetty | Motivating Instagram Pages

Jay Shetty is a former monk turned millennial entrepreneur who’s changing the world.

His videos have been viewed over five billion times and have worked with the biggest brands in the world.

His Instagram is great because it shares feel-good and inspirational content.

While he won’t get into tactical advice for your business, it’s about how to create abundant life.

He shares success habits, inspiring quotes, and so much more from his epic life story.

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3. David Goggins | Motivating Instagram Pages

David Goggins is arguably the toughest man on the planet.

He routinely does things no other human could imagine.

From competing in ultra-marathons to running 100 miles in a day (without training), he defies what is possible for most.

His account is a no fluff, tough love account to get you moving.

David is super motivating and will help you believe in yourself and take action.

His Instagram account is filled with amazing workout videos, inspiring messages, and the cold hard truth to success.

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4. Gary Vee | Motivating Instagram Pages

Gary Vee is found on every social media channel and his Instagram is straight fire.

He provides tons of inspiring videos, interviews, and messages to get you hustling.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone thinking about starting, Gary will help get you there.

His advice isn’t for the lazy or the people who want something for nothing.

He provides real-world advice on entrepreneurship, hustle, and crushing life. Gary Vee is there to motivate his millions of fans all day with stories, going live, and so much else.

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5. Lewis Howes | Motivating Instagram Pages

Lewis Howes is a best-selling author and top 100 Podcaster of his show, School of Greatness.

He has a very inspirational Instagram account to help keep you motivated throughout the day.

Lewis shares all types of content so it’s a refreshing feed as it rarely has the same message.

He shares clips from his interviews, motivational quotes, and personal messages to overcome struggles in business or life.

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6. The Rock | Motivating Instagram Pages

The Rock is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram and for good reason.

His life is so insane it’s inspiring in itself.

Then, add in his epic workouts and even more epic cheat meals, you feel like you’re living life right alongside him.

The Rock also provides great motivational 60-second clips to give you a shot of instant inspiration to get your feet moving.

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7. Ed Mylett | Motivating Instagram Pages

The last account is the world-class “400 million dollar man” Ed Mylett.

He’s an ultra-successful entrepreneur who shares endless wisdom and self-help advice for a massive audience.

I like to think of Ed as part Tony Robbins for his motivation and part The Rock because of his impressive physique. His message reaches millions of fans and his humbleness is the best part.

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