5 Ways to Remain Undefeated In Life and Cherish Each Moment Successfully

Life is an amalgamation of the universe and existence.

It often replicates “Pandora’s box”. When we talk about existence, it relates to one’s identity.

When we talk about survival, stories of struggles, success, success, and overcomes come into the panorama.

Survival defines the continuation of existence.

live a happier life

The concept of existence establishes us curious about,” who am I “?

Whereas, instincts of survival conjure inquiries about” how to know who I am “?

This passage from Who to How comprises several haltings and pulpits to make life interesting and beautiful.

Let’s Have a Look at the Encircles

Have you ever seen a bird building its den?

It appears beautiful hitherto simple, right?

Stop and think about the efforts they have gave behind the construction industry.

They obtain protrudes, branches, recital, grass, leaves, clay, and many other things.

They prove to be skilled architects of a sort.

This is one of their demands to survive.

Need Support

When the eggs hatched, the baby birds come into existence and struggle to survive in the external environment.

They adapt and “ve been trying to” fly.

They fall and get scared but never give up because they know this is vital for their survival.

Then an epoch comes when they fly higher and soar in the sky.

Why doesn’t their existence seem complicated to us?

Why don’t they have any emotional and mental breakdowns?

Human beings have advanced and are privileged to experience emotions.


What Makes Life Interesting and Brings Meaning to Your Existence?

There are 3 things that wreak means to your world: Desire, Determination, and Struggle.


Human beings have desire to achieve things.

5 Tips To Sow The Seed Of Desire Within Yourself

Sometimes wants become the cause of one’s misery, but hopes can also be the force that lets you certify your true potential.

Having hopes is important.

It motivates us to forge ahead towards win.

It contributes us a reason to work and strive for more.

But desire should not dominate you, and you should not depend on it to be happy.

Your firmness and posture establish your approach towards its fulfillment.

Many times we don’t get the desired answers.

Sometimes it is better than what the hell is imagined, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

A wise person neither gets swayed away with the victory nor disheartened with failure.



If the desire is the force, then decide is the velocity.

Their product dedicates us the power to become courageous and fight like an invincible intent.

The determination offers a direction and decorates your style to success.

Hence, ascertained, every time you get a setback in life.

When life sheds breaking balls, apply the technique of self-motivation and wisdom.



When we do not achieve a prepared objective, we believe is ourselves collapse.

When life doesn’t seem easy, when things turn out to be contrary or opposite of our anticipations, we define the situation as tough and full of struggles.

The real content in life is not with the situation but with ourselves.

If you succeed to win over the lowest state of your brain, your penchants, you win half of the combat.

We triumph the other half with mettle, hope, and a never-give-up attitude.

Winning is important, but never get defeated is something even more important.

If you remain undefeated no matter what, that’s a success.


Here are 5 Practices to Remain Undefeated:

1. Build a Habit of Reading and Self-Motivation

In the moment of hallucination and disbelieve, works prove to be a navigating power and a loyal attendant, capable of empowering and motivating you.

When we are stuck in a situation and not able to figure anything out, reading an article, blog, book or periodical has been proven to be a savior.

reading a book

A habit of reading helps you to learn and develop.

It’s like self-help capsules.

You keep yourself motivated.

Whenever doubt comes, “you’re trying” the writings of ancient wisdom, derive its meaning according to you and keep yourself in a high life state.


2. Thinking and Introspection

Thinking is an art, and introspection is the tool to perform this art. When we spend time with the inner self, we envisage many things.

When we dwell in the dialogue with ourselves, we find answers to many questions, and our imagination becomes more explicit.

Self Improvement

We know ourselves. We don’t get affected by people’s disapproval or applause. We routinely focus on our thoughts and keep moving forward along the choose path, and that is the key to achieve your goal.


3. Seek Inspiration from a Mentor

A mentor is someone who navigates you throughout and enables you to achieve success in their/own life.

Open Conversation

A mentor is a source of inspiration. A mentor can be anyone; an educator, a friend, your parents, grandparents, or even some celebrity.

When you get down and somber, look at your mentor and the numerous stalemates of your life open automatically.


4. Connect Yourself to Spirituality

Spirituality is the way of living one’s life unaffected by worldly affairs.

When we open the gate to immortality, we leave behind our footprints.

It will not only navigate others but also paves their route to a peaceful life.

Practicing Yoga brings you closer to spirituality and musing and facilitates mental health issues.


Hence, Yoga and reflection have the quality of a lotus flower.

No matter what condition you are going through, you will bloom.

It pacifies your psyche, relaxes your person, and be enhanced your concentration.

Your stress grades reduce and you achieve the hormonal poise your form and sentiment “ve been looking for”.

This match boosts your confidence and your ideology system.

It is a capsule for the overall development of your temperament and inculcating this garb in our daily routine takes us to a higher level of success.


5. Be Brave and Never Get Defeated

Courage is a virtue that enables us to shape our dreams is true.

To retain fighting the battle of life, you must have courage.

It helps you to overcome your fear.

When you win over your phobias, you increase your potential.

You never get overcome, and that is an epic success one can report.

In the weakest of your moments, when life seems unfair and ruthless, calm down, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and talk to yourself.

Pay gratitude for whatever you have. You will find the meaning of your reality and that ethos to subsist will never let you get demolished.

You will triumph.


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