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5 Ways to Find Everyday Motivation in the Least Likely Places

When you’re down in the dumps, the natural thing you want to do is find the motivation to recharge and restart. But unlike computers or phones, parties don’t work that way…or do they?

Be Confident

Think of it this access, parties are natural sources of motivation, and we may not even become aware of it.

Recall the last time you went to the accumulate, chitchatted with the glad counter daughter, and the helpful guy in the queue, you came out smiling and feeling good, didn’t you?

That’s because those people charged you with their positive energy.

Negative People

The problem is, just like them, there are people with negative energies who exhaust you of your motive.

After you treated with them, you feel listless, depressed, or just simply low.

In such a scenario, I would advise you to go to that convenience store again, but that’s exactly not practical.


Here are 5 unlikely places to get your dose of motive:

1. Wind from Within

Where else would you find motivation swiftly but yourself?

You are the ultimate source of brainchild. Don’t believe me?

Try these tactics.

Think about the reason why you’re feeling down, and receiving treatment as a challenge.

Consider it as video games, and you need to beat your rivalry with any strategy that you can think of and come out on top.

Feel that boost of energy?

Next, dive in and consider why you feel like such an outage.

Is it the career choice?

The face-off incident with your ex at the role mustering?

The boss who is always blaming you?

Take these issues one by one and devise plans to tackle them.

Change your business if there is a requirement, or give this one your 200 percent.

Avoid your ex or talk it out with them.

Face your boss by telling them how disappointed you are with their behavior, or keep on taking the criticism.

The place is, not to overthink but to resolve what’s bugging you and attracting you down.

Perhaps this feeling of failure, which is dragging you down roots from your dread of it.

Base Jumping

To make it right and regain your reason, you’ll have to face your dread manager on.

There is no way around it so might as well deal with it like a “challenge”.

There’s that word again, you know what to do now.

2. Tune in to Ted Talks

Ted Talk

What if you still can’t find motivation from within, and still feel down?

Ted Talks are the best sources of inspiration.

  • Real people.
  • Real experience.
  • Real talk.

You can’t get any closer to real motivation than a Ted Talks.

From career to personal, emotional, educational, etc. each Ted Talk takes you on an outing of the speaker, action you to face their reality, and be brought to an end with a solution, that is likely to be yours too.

One of my favorites is by Adam Grant, “Are you a giver or a taker? ”.

It should certainly be returned my thoughts about what my life is all about and what I would like to change.

One of the lines which impressed me and turned “people’s lives” around was: “If you’re a matcher, you try to keep an even balance of giving and take: quid pro quo — I’ll do something for you if you do something for me.

And that seems like a safe route to live your life.

But is it the most effective and productive path to live your life? ”

That’s precisely one Ted Talk. There are tons out there.

The point is not what you watch but what you garner from its own experience, prudence, and lessons delivered.

3. Soul Searching Speeches

Steve Job

While Ted Talks are about your average Joe, whom you can relate to and may even bump into in your everyday routine, speeches from successful people are another thing entirely.

We are talking about golden nuggets from dynamite, successful industrialists who have changed the world.

They’re revolutionizing the mode we live and breathe.

And you know what else they are?

They’re powerhouses that have the immense capability of giving you the much-needed motivation spark to come out of your lowest low-pitched.

When famous people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama get invited to deliver commemorating communications, they share with you their world.

They tell us about expanding smart-alecky decisions to solve complex problems.

They share with us their quandaries, and how to come out of them without harming yourself.

But most importantly, they tell us about their fears, challenges, and disappointments which they’ve successfully overcome.

One of the most famous communications, and my own personal favorite, is Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University.

Jobs, who has revolutionized home computing, mobile devices, and luxury labeling of technology, tells us if we live each day as if it were the last, then there is nothing to fear.

After all, dread is the reason why we don’t do a lot of things that would boost our motivation.

4. Tap Into Teaching


People say that teaching is a princely profession but none tell me something about the motivational aspect of it.

Even if you’re down, good-for-nothing brightens your mood up instant like a student searching up to you.

You feel thousands of feet tall.

You don’t have to be a full-period coach to feel motivated.

Help someone at the workplace and learn them a skill.

Teach your boys about what you know.

And if you’re single, teach the neighbor’s kids.

When you school someone, you are actually learning and discovering yourself.

It gives you a new perspective and actions you to look at troubles from the student’s point of view.

And, you might discover the reason for feeling demotivated or stressors that are gathering you down.

When you are able to identify the problem, you’ll be able to find the solution.

5. Interest in Interviews

What do Humans of New York, Larry King Live, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon have in common?

You predicted it…interviews.

Funny or serious, interrogations are meant to bring out the inner being of the interviewee, but I bet you didn’t know they also raising the humane side of the interviewer.

Podcast Interview

Interviews force you to wear the interviewee’s shoes, envision like them, and better understand their dilemmas.

What better readings to learn and get motivation from real-life people who’ve been there and said and done?

Of course, it doesn’t mean you start grabbing any Tom, Dick, or Harry to interview.

Find a slant, attempt permission, and have a purpose for your interviews.

Maybe you want to find out where people go to find inspiration or motivate others.

Or, ask beings what the hell does when they hit bottom, or at the heyday of their career.

You’ll be surprised at the relevant principles, humbling events, and feelings these individuals will share.

Let their rebuttals be your motivating.

Source: addicted2success.com

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