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5 Life Changing Lessons From 2021 to Make 2022 Your Biggest Yet

Whether 2021 was your best yet or a living ordeal, it’s imperative we take the lessons from 2018 into the new time so that we can become the best versions of ourselves in 2022.

Before you go all-in for 2019, I think it’s important to assess what went well and what didn’t from the previous year.

An immense garb I picked up a few years back, is to keep an ongoing record on my phone, for whenever I feel like life coached me a great lesson.

At the end of December, I ultimately searched back on those records and acquired these five strong lessons.

Learn from my mistakes in order to be allowed to realize 2019 is the first year that will change your life.

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Task From 2021 That Could Change Everything


1. Quit Helping About What Other People Think | Lessons From 2021

Let me “ve asked you”, do you cause other people’s opinions to prescribe what the hell are you do in your life?

If you’re like most people, the answer is a sounding yes.

But if your entire happiness or well-being is dependent on others, you’re going to end up in a neck-penetrating, heap of misery.

In 2022, You. Do. You.

Live “people’s lives” that is true to yourself this year, who cares what anyone considers. Life is too short to cause the opinions of others to contain you back.

It could be a choice you will repent forever.

So lace up your boots, get ready to march into 2022 like you own the place.. This is YOUR YEAR.

5 Lessons from 2018 That Will Change Your Life When you need someone‘s approval you become their prisoner. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

2. Focus on the Future | Lessons From 2021

You have to have the mind that your future is brighter than your past.

Retire looking backward and focus on the future.

Looking back on past regrets raises up remorse, pity, and just counter-productive negativity.

You can’t change the past but you can create the future.

If you want to change anything, start tomorrow.

Don’t let your past hold you back two seconds longer.

5 Life Changing Lessons From 2018 to Make 2019 Your Biggest Yet don‘t look back you‘re not going that way. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL new year resolution goals mission objective best version self improvement development

3. Check The Stories You’re Telling Yourself | Lessons From 2021

If you require life to change, you have to change.

And you can’t change if you don’t sit down and evaluate your own tales and impressions.

Here’s what I imply … how much of your past tales are nursing you back?

Whether it’s in fitness, business, income, or rapports?

Dig deep, figure it out so you can move forward.

Don’t limit your future potential by listening to past, negative sentiment.

Everyone has them, plunge what no longer acts you so you can create the future you deserve.

5 Lessons from 2018 That Will Change Your Life 2018 2019 the stories you tell yourself become your destiny. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL Michael Macri quote quotes author fearless soul big time motivation fearless motivation edition chief publishing officer

4. Have an Attitude of Blissful Dissatisfaction | Lessons From 2021

When listening to a podcast with world-class entrepreneurs, Tom Bilyeu and Ed Mylett, I first listened to the concept of “blissful dissatisfaction.”

Which means focusing on gratitude and acknowledgment in their own lives but always demanding more.

The key is percentages, as “they’re saying”, to keep it at an 80/20 divide.

Focus a majority of your time in 2019 with a positive stance towards yourself but the other 20% should be focused on self-improvement.


5. Celebrate All The Wins (Extremely the Little Ones) | Tasks From 2021

Just by touring this location.. you’ve proven, you’re one of the passionate few who is motivated to create a better life for yourself. And most likely you have some audacious goals for 2022.

One thing I’ve found in 2021 is that you need to celebrate your winnings, even the small ones.


Because every time you celebrate an earn, your brain liberates the positive, feel-good hormone dopamine.

Your brain loves dopamine, so you are basically qualifying your psyche to hunt more achievements.

Celebrate the winnings in all areas.

Whether it’s staying to your diet, touching the gym, reading a volume, or strategy your daytime.

No positive goal is too small to celebrate!

5 Life Changing Lessons From 2018 to Make 2019 Your Biggest Yet 365 days = 365 chances @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

I’m self-confident these five assignments can help you in 2019 and speed up your success.

Don’t give 2022 end up like 2021.

You can DO more, BE more, and procreate more this year than you could ever begin to imagine.

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