47 Facebook Ad Examples That You Can Swipe for Your Business

Launching a Facebook ad campaign is easy.

Launching a Facebook ad campaign that ROIs, however, is another story.

We’ve all been there… developing your offer, crafting your creative, writing your copy, setting up your targeting, choosing your budget, and hoping for the best.

Facebook Ads Marketing

It can be intimidating to put your hard-earned money into an ad without knowing if it will actually be worth it.

Luckily, you’re not alone.

According to Statista, over 6 million brands are currently advertising on Facebook, each trying to craft that perfect ad that speaks directly to their audience, in hopes of turning a stranger into a customer.

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Earlier this year I taught an Elite Workshop on launching a brand-building social media strategy in which I highlighted the importance of analyzing your competitors.

One of the exercises that we worked through was diving into the “Info & Ads” section on our competitors’ Facebook pages.

You know, the handy dandy tab on Facebook pages that allows you to see all of the active ads a brand has published on their account.

To my surprise, many of the entrepreneurs that attended weren’t even aware that this was a feature available to them.

Ever since Facebook rolled out the “Info & Ads” section, shortly after their first big data scandal with Cambridge Analytica, I’ve been using this feature as a way to analyze how big brands are crafting ads on the platform.

After all, they’re the ones who have the money to try and fail at scale, so why not use them as a guide to what types of creative, copy, and offers to seem to be working best.


47 Facebook Ad Examples That You Can Swipe for Your Business

Let’s take a look at how 47 of the biggest brands on Facebook are using the platform to attract new audiences and expand their customer base.

Facebook Ad Example #1 | Allbirds

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad for Allbirds grabs your attention with an animated character on top of a static image.

They prove their value with a customer testimonial and ensure you’ll agree by offering a risk-free trial.

They never mention the word “comfort” and instead rely on the imagery and descriptions to allude to the fact that these shoes are, in fact, comfy!


Facebook Ad Example #2 | Best Buy

What Makes This Ad Great: The video ad for Best Buy relies on quick, stop-motion style cuts to grab your attention while showing off the unique capabilities of the product at the same time.

The best part is that the ad talks about what YOU can do with the product instead of just what the product can do.


Facebook Ad Example #3 | Brandless

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad features quick cuts between products to capture your attention as you’re scrolling through the newsfeed.

In addition, the ad features a customer testimonial focused on the cost-benefit of these products and ends with the main feature of the company: offering 300+ everyday essentials for $3 each.


Facebook Ad Example #4 | Glossier

What Makes This Ad Great: Glossier uses a great example of social proof, featuring a Tweet as a customer testimonial in this eye-catching video ad.

The use of Twitter in Facebook’s Newsfeed is disruptive and piques interest in a unique way. Simple, yet super effective.


Facebook Ad Example #5 | Root Insurance

What Makes This Ad Great: Root uses color and interesting imagery to capture attention with this ad.

This strange-looking, brightly-colored car grabs the user’s attention, and the copy highlight’s the main benefit for the user in 3 different places.


Facebook Ad Example #6 | Dollar Shave Club

What Makes This Ad Great: The video ad starts off as a meme, and quickly moves into highlighting the features of the product in addition to customer testimonials.

The quick cuts of this video ad grab the user’s attention and the checklist within the copy makes it easy for the user to understand the benefits without having to read every word.


Facebook Ad Example #7 | Hulu

What Makes This Ad Great: Hulu is already so well known that they don’t even highlight any of the features of the product other than the price.

Using quick animations and color changes, this video ad grabs user attention and highlights what Hulu believes to be an undeniable offer to attract new subscribers.

They also add in the element of scarcity by highlighting that this offer is only available for a limited time.


Facebook Ad Example #8 | Purple Mattress

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad shows an unrealistic and over-the-top scenario to show the main selling point of the product that users are able to understand within seconds.

Nobody is actually going to be building card towers in bed, but within 3 seconds it is clear that with this bed you won’t disrupt your partner, no matter what.

The copy makes no mention of the feature highlighted in the video and instead focuses on their risk-free trial period.


Facebook Ad Example #9 | Intercom

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad highlights a customer testimonial that quickly slides into the frame as a way to quickly capture attention.

The copy paints the picture of what their ideal customer has already done, and wraps up by offering to be the tool to bring your efforts altogether.

Next, the copy highlights a feature of the platform that is reinforced by the image of the egg with a chat bubble.

Finally, the ad copy ends by highlighting their trial period and hinting that the trial is only available today.

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Facebook Ad Example #10 | Fuego Box

What Makes This Ad Great: Instead of highlighting the product, this ad focuses on what the product can transform.

In this case, hot sauce is the product, but the delicious-looking burger is what draws the user in.

The ad copy has nothing to do with the product but instead highlights the quirky and fun nature of the brand.

Finally, the call to action (CTA) at the end explains exactly what the product is, and invites the user to the site to shop.


Facebook Ad Example #11 | The North Face

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad features a collage of images to create a compelling video that captures attention with quick cuts and inviting colors.

As you watch, you can see the different uses for the product as well as the different variations.

Another important feature of this ad is eye contact.

The people within the ad are looking directly at the user, ushering in a feeling of connection that is an invisible, but powerful force.


Facebook Ad Example #12 | Hootsuite

What Makes This Ad Great: EMOJI! This ad is perfect for the brand considering the popularity of emoji on social media.

The kicker is the fact that the emoji is insinuating that this offer is a secret, provoking feelings of exclusivity and an elevation of status for the user.

The copy then reveals the secret and confronts the user with a rhetorical question.


Facebook Ad Example #13 | Whole Foods Market

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is a great example of using the carousel ad format in a unique and captivating way.

By making the photos feel like they are connected invites the user to engage with the ad by clicking the arrow to the right.

On top of that, Whole Foods is using the pumpkin trend during the fall season to capitalize on what people are interested in at the time that they are seeing the ad.


Facebook Ad Example#14 | Airbnb

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad quickly asks a question and immediately offers you a tool to help you answer.

Extra money is very desirable for most people, and Airbnb makes sure to highlight that within the copy by showing the user their best-case earning potential with the platform.

Finally, this ad speaks directly to the users within a specific location, utilizing personalization to make the ad resonate more with the target audience.


Facebook Ad Example #15 | Lyft

What Makes This Ad Great: Everyone likes free money, and this ad showcases exactly how Lyft can give it to you.

This ad assumes the user already knows what the platform does, but uses the photo to provide some additional context.

Finally, the CTA leads users directly to the download button, with specific instructions of how to claim their free money.


Facebook Ad Example #16 | Yeti

What Makes This Ad Great: Quick cuts capture the user’s attention, while also highlighting the many ways the Yeti brand fits seamlessly into the active lifestyle of the target audience.

With no mention of features, the ad copy taps into the ethos of who the product is made for, allowing the user to feel elevated by the brand.


Facebook Ad Example #17 | BURST

What Makes This Ad Great: Notice how this ad does not come from the brand itself?

Instead, Burst partnered with an influencer to showcase the product and paid the influencer to publish the ad using the influencer’s ad account.

The video itself is extremely captivating as well by using 2 objects that are never used together to showcase the product’s effectiveness.

Finally, the ad rounds out with a coupon code and a nod to the fact that people are ‘raving’ about this product.


Facebook Ad Example #18 | Warby Parker

What Makes This Ad Great: Here we see another ad that features a quiz.

Notice, too, how the quiz is available through Facebook Messenger, making the process very easy for the user.

The ad starts by posing a question and offering a solution for the user if the answer is yes.

The photo then highlights the diversity in the product line while avoiding distracting the user’s attention away from anything but the glasses.


Facebook Ad Example #19 | Bonobos

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad hits directly on a pain point that the product solves.

Nobody likes laundry day, so this ad works to ensure that this product will make it less of a hassle.

The use of a quote also helps to put words in the user’s mouth, making it easier for them to see how this product will make their life better.

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Facebook Ad Example #20 | Harry’s

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad hooks you in with the photo, which insinuates that these razors will produce a soft, smooth, and comfortable shave.

The copy dives into the customer pain point of high-priced razors and explains exactly how this product can be the solution.

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Facebook Ad Example #21 | SEMrush

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is targeted directly to users who already use the platform and dives into new features that have become available.

Instead of trying to acquire new customers, this ad focuses on the revenue expansion of their current members.


Facebook Ad Example #22 | Better Mortgage

What Makes This Ad Great: This simple video uses a dynamic customer testimonial that puts emphasis on the 5 stars.

Notice, too, how the testimonial highlights the pain point that the product solved.

In addition, the copy establishes credibility by mentioning the size of their current membership base, making the user more comfortable with the product.


Facebook Ad Example #23 | ZipRecruiter

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad gets right to the point and qualifies the user immediately by posing an extremely simple question.

ZipRecruiter knows that the hiring process can be complicated, so they highlight the fact that they are an all-in-one solution, with the added bonus that it’s free.


Facebook Ad Example #24 | quip

What Makes This Ad Great: At first glance, this ad doesn’t look like much.

But at a closer look at the photo, the ad showcases the fact that this product is better than others due to its smaller size.

The copy alludes to the fact that the product can be the guide for the customer, which is a super important quality for attracting and converting an audience.


Facebook Ad Example #25 | Infusionsoft

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad uses the popular “meme” format to highlight the pain point that this product solves.

The video also features a relatable person who makes eye contact with the user and reinforces how this product will help them.


Facebook Ad Example #26 | StubHub

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad is simple yet effective.

If you dive into StubHub’s other ads, you’ll notice that every game each week is the “game of the week” in their respective cities.

This ad taps into the elevation of status by “highlighting” this specific game, while also ensuring that the tickets bought on the platform will not be fake.


Facebook Ad Example #27 | Grubhub

What Makes This Ad Great: The goal of this ad is not to get users to download an app or sign up for a service, but instead join in on the conversation.

This is a great example of using a polarizing topic to drive curiosity that results in clicks back to a website.


Facebook Ad Example #28 | DoorDash

What Makes This Ad Great: Before any mention of the product, this ad features exactly what the people want… FOOD!

By showcasing what potential foods a user could buy, the ad focuses on the positive outcome that downloading the app can solve.

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Facebook Ad Example #29 | UglyDrinks

What Makes This Ad Great: This is another video ad that hooks the user in with quick cuts and bright colors while highlighting what makes the product different from competitors.

In addition, the copy features a customer testimonial that highlights all of the features that make the product great.


Facebook Ad Example #30 | Bombas

What Makes This Ad Great: This video ad captures attention with quick cuts (a quality that keeps popping up in this list) and highlights the many designs and scenarios that the product makes sense for.

Within the copy, the user has presented a coupon and in the CTA the philanthropic nature of the brand is touched on.


Facebook Ad Example #31 | Snap Kitchen

What Makes This Ad Great: Again with the quick cuts and bright colors.

I’m beginning to think this is the most common and potentially most effective format…

This ad immediately focuses on the pain points that the product solves, provides a coupon, and highlights the lowest cost option to attract as many people as possible to the site.


Facebook Ad Example #32 | Chomps

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad does a lot to highlight the features of the product, but also makes sure to include a heavy-hitting customer testimonial to tie it all together.

Even the coupon code highlights the quality of the product.

Now that’s just plain smart.


Facebook Ad Example #33 | mahabis

What Makes This Ad Great: What’s this? You guessed it!

Another video ad with quick cuts to capture the user’s attention, a coupon code, and a customer testimonial.

The ad also uses the element of scarcity to encourage immediate action.


Facebook Ad Example #34 | Nespresso

What Makes This Ad Great: Now this is just genius. I don’t think I even need to describe what makes this ad so great.


Facebook Ad Example #35 | AllModern

What Makes This Ad Great: That’s a lot of words to read in an ad, but the graphical nature of the words makes this feel right at home on Facebook.

The ad highlights the complexities of life and how AllModern can help simplify.


Facebook Ad Example #36 | Wayfair

What Makes This Ad Great: (This is actually an IG Stories Ad, but it’s too cool not to include) This video ad uses a popular format, the boomerang, which users are familiar with seeing on social media platforms.

By blending in, this ad feels less like a promotion and more like content, while highlighting a unique product in Wayfair’s inventory.


Facebook Ad Example #37 | Salesforce

What Makes This Ad Great: Holidays are a stressful time for retailers and Salesforce knows that.

They also know that their product is not something that a user will choose to purchase directly from a Facebook ad.

So, they utilize content that helps their target audience to get through the hardest quarter of the year.


Facebook Ad Example #38 | Shutterfly

What Makes This Ad Great: Did somebody say “lead magnet?”

This ad offers up something free to entice users onto the website.

Shutterfly is the ultimate lead magnet machine and they don’t shy away from that fact with the majority of their Facebook ads.


Facebook Ad Example #39 | Ollie

What Makes This Ad Great: Quick cuts, loud colors, cute puppies, and a coupon make this video ad unstoppable.

Pair that with an emoji checklist of product features and the dogs will be howlin’ at the moon.

Okay, I’m sorry. That was too cheesy.


Facebook Ad Example #40 | Ladder

What Makes This Ad Great: This is another ad that does a great job at tackling a customer pain point right from the start.

The ad is very relatable and it does an excellent job of scheduling the time to sign up for life insurance without interrupting the customer’s day.


Facebook Ad Example #41 | Social Media Examiner

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is a great example of turning a single photo into a video.

It does a great job of capturing attention with a variety of moving elements and follows that up with a massive discount to entice the user to visit the site and attend the conference.

Notice, too, that the ad uses the element of scarcity to nudge the user to act fast.

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Facebook Ad Example #42 | Slack

What Makes This Ad Great: K.I.S.S. I’m not talking about the band, but instead the acronym for “keep it simple, stupid.”

This ad captures attention with eye contact and bright colors and uses one line of copy that hits on a customer’s pain point.


Facebook Ad Example #43 | Spotify

What Makes This Ad Great: This ad is really smart. Instead of paying for everyone to see this ad, they are relying on those that do see it to spread it further.

Brands can’t tag specific users in ads, so why not have the users do it for them.

This ad is a fun way to keep costs low, but reach a lot of people.


Facebook Ad Example #44 | Upright

What Makes This Ad Great: At first glance, this ad almost looks like a normal user’s Facebook post, helping to capture attention by getting the user to ask, “wait, who is that?”

In addition, the video highlights what the product does, the bottom photo shows where to use it, and the photo on the right shows what the product looks like.

This ad accomplishes a lot in a small amount of space.


Facebook Ad Example #45 | Daily Harvest

What Makes This Ad Great: As Ezra Firestone mentions on The DigitalMarketer Podcast, customers today are interested in the story behind a product more than ever.

This ad does exactly this. Instead of focusing the copy on the features of the product, they focus on the story behind it.

Not only that, this ad features a testimonial from a reputable source, building trust amongst the target audience.


Facebook Ad Example #46 | Myro

What Makes This Ad Great: This is another example of an ad that uses a reputable source’s testimonial in the copy.

The photo includes eye contact, a glance at the product, and a simple tagline to help paint the picture of how this product will make the customer feel.


Facebook Ad Example #47 | DigitalMarketer

What Makes This Ad Great: Last, but not least comes, an ad from us here at DigitalMarketer.

The quick cut between the front of the template and what’s inside is what’s used to capture a user’s attention.

The copy then goes on to accomplish a few things.

First, a pain point is addressed and solved.

Next, the copy works to overcome objections.

Finally, the copy puts the user in a relatable scenario, enticing them to continue reading and eventually download the free resource.

(NOTE: Want to make creating your own amazing ads easier? Download the FREE Ultimate Facebook Ad Template Library so you can just copy and paste these 7 proven Facebook ad campaigns to create low-cost, high-converting ads on demand. Get it here.)

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