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Earlier this year, we introduced you to a solution called accessiBe* that makes websites accessible with just a snippet of code.

We are proud users of accessiBe at Convince & Convert.

The interface allows every visitor to a website with accessiBe installed to adjust website design, UI, and accessibility to their specific needs.

I’m a big an of the solution. To give you an idea of what websites with accessiBe look like and how they help users with disabilities, I put together this list of examples of websites that are made accessible with accessiBe.

*To provide complete transparency: we are accessiBe customers, and accessiBe is a client of Convince & Convert as well.

Here are 20 awesome examples of accessible websites.

Section 1: Hospitality & Travel

1. Hilton

Seizure Safe Profile

The Hilton Columbus at Easton is a favored hotel among business and leisure travelers, locals, and groups alike.

To accommodate all of their online visitors, the use of accessiBe within their website allows visitors to choose the right accessibility profile for their own preferences.

With the Seizure Safe Profile feature, flashes are eliminated and screen color is reduced.

The profile enables epileptic and seizure users to swiftly browse through the website by reducing the risk of seizures that are caused by flashing or blinking animations and risky color combinations.


2. Condor Hotel

Visually Impaired Profile

Condor Visually Impaired Website Profile

In addition to more features that accessiBe provides, the Visually Impaired Profile function enhances visuals on the client websites to adapt to the majority of visual impairments, including tunnel vision, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Here, when Condor’s guests browse through their website to find a boutique stay in Brooklyn, they can easily do so as the program quickly adjusts the orientations.

3. SnackNation

Cognitive Disability Profile

Snacknation Accessible Website Example

SnackNation is a snack delivery service for those who want to send snack boxes to their teams, friends, and even your own home.

For some visitors, especially those with cognitive disabilities, such as Autism, Dyslexia, and CVA, browsing through all the snack options without accessiBe enabled could pose a challenge.

However, the Cognitive Disability Profile assists viewers with reading and focusing.

This profile provides assistive features that focus on the essential elements of the website, such as boxing out the heading and menu bar options.


4. Lonely Planet

ADHD Friendly Profile

The ADHD Friendly Profile helps visitors focus on specific sections of the website while eliminating distractions.

This profile was specially designed to help people with ADHD and Neurodevelopmental disorders browse, read, and focus on the website easily, and is an excellent way to keep users focused on achieving conversion goals.



Readable Font for Visually Impaired

As we all know, good typography helps a potential customer feel more secure about your product listing, business, and even advertisements online.

AccessiBe’s content adjustments allow individuals to use the “Readable Font” feature.

The website quickly adjusts to a simple typeface while keeping the same layout and design elements of the brand.


Section 2: Automotive & Financial and Legal Services

6. DealerON

Highlight Titles for Visually Impaired

DealerON accessible Website Example

7. Yokohama

Highlight Links for Visually Impaired

Yokohama Accessible Website Example

If you need help focusing on certain aspects of a website but don’t necessarily need additional functions that accessiBe’s ‘Profile’ adjustments provide, you can use some of the simpler adjustment options such as Highlight Titles and Highlight Links.

As shown on DealerON and Yokohama’s home pages, this feature boxes the main titles and links on the websites so that visitors can quickly determine where they are and where they should go.

8. StepStone

Text Magnifier for Visually Impaired

Accessible Website Example by Stepstone

Sometimes text can appear small and difficult to read.

Being able to magnify or zoom into text makes it easier and more comfortable to read.

Especially for those who have vision impairments, accessiBe’s Text Magnifier adjustment enables users to move their cursor over the content and automatically enlarge the text.

9. Miami State Attorney

Align Center for Visually Impaired

Align Center for Visually Impaired

As shown on the Miami State Attorney’s website, accessiBe’s center alignment tool seamlessly centers all text.

This function works perfectly for sections of websites where there’s a large portion of text on the screen.

Center-aligned text is easier to read for the visually impaired.

In addition, visitors also have the option to left and right align text as well.


10. The Florida Bar

Dark Contrast for Visually Impaired

Dark Contrast for Visually Impaired

Many programs and apps on our mobile devices now have a “dark mode.”

Thanks to accessiBe, many brands can now have a similar feature on their websites.

Visitors can adjust colors based on their needs and reduce eye strain with the dark contrast feature.

This also accommodates those who have light sensitivity and cannot surf websites with bright backgrounds.


Section 3: Healthcare & Technology


11. Louisiana Department of Health

Monochrome for Visually Impaired

Monochrome for Visually Impaired

Similar to the dark contrast feature, accessiBe’s monochrome function works great to reduce bright colors on websites.

n addition, it’s a great solution for those who are experiencing color vision impairments.

As shown on the Louisiana Department of Health’s home page, the monochrome function turns the pages into clear shades of gray without hindering the content.


12. Dexcel

Monochrome for Visually Impaired

Dexcel Monochrome for Visually Impaired

In this example on the Dexcel website, accessiBe provides color adjustment to specific content areas on a website.

Whether it is text or a title, viewers who experience various degrees of color blindness may not be able to see your buttons or links because of the color.

This feature allows them to easily adjust the colors according to their vision needs.


13. Pacific Life

Read Mode for Visual, Motor & Cognitive Disabilities

from Pacific Life Read Mode Example

In this example, you can see how a viewer can adjust their screen orientation as well.

This section is specifically designed to help people with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, and motor impairments.

The read mode removes all graphics and moving images and keeps all text on the screen for viewers to focus solely on the information.

As a plus, this feature is also printer-friendly as it saves you some ink if you decide to utilize it for your physical needs.


14. Belkin

Highlight Hover Example

One of the main concepts behind AccessiBe’s orientation features is that it helps reduce distractions and noise by providing guiding elements.

On the Belkin website, you can see how the highlight hover function allows viewers to use their cursor to click on specific parts of the site.

This focuses directly on the content as the program highlights your desired section.


15. Mobileye

Hide Images for Visual, Motor & Cognitive Disabilities

Mobileye Hide Images for Visual Motor Cognitive Disabilities

Many websites contain moving images or animations that may be difficult for some visitors.

With accessiBe, visitors are given the option to hide images in order to reduce distractions.

With all the blank space left on the screen, the overall layout and dimensions of the website stay true to itself, so brands won’t need to worry about their content being reconstructed in an unusual way.


Section 4: Apparel & Retail


16. Allsaints

Useful Links for Visual, Motor, and Cognitive Disabilities

Useful Links for Visual Disabilities Example

For visitors that find navigating through a website challenging, the useful link accessibility feature allows visitors to quickly access a drop-down menu with all the links on a website.


17. DC Shoes

Font and Letter Adjustments for Visual, Motor, and Cognitive Disabilities

Although accesiBe’s profile features are pre-built, viewers can choose to adjust other elements to their needs.

For example, on DC’s home page, you can see how easy it is to adjust font sizing or letter spacing when necessary.

This customization allows people to find the perfect screen view for their particular disability and preferences.


18. Glasses USA

High Contrast for Visually Impaired

19. Kappa

Low Saturation for Visually Impaired

Low Saturation Visually Impaired Website Example

Individuals with vision impairments need to have the option to adjust the screen displays brightness in order to enhance readability and design.

The high contrast function works as a filter to make images and text easier to read and for color to be more prominent.

Those with limited or low vision can see content better with the use of high contrast, compared to a normal color scheme.

Low saturation works in a similar way to accommodate those who are sensitive to bright and bold visuals.

The homepage on GlassesUSA showcases the high contrast feature, where the colors on the shades are enhanced, and on the Kappa homepage, low saturation dims down visuals, as seen on the model’s shirt.


20. Taylor Guitars

Keyboard Navigation for Motor Impaired

Keyboard Navigation for Motor Impaired

When using the blind users’ function, the Taylor Guitar’s website becomes compatible with screen readers that are installed on the user’s computer or smartphone.

With the keyboard navigation function, it enables motor-impaired individuals to operate the website using their keyboards with shortcuts such as “M” for menus and “H” for headings.



Website accessibility is more important than ever.

In order to provide equal opportunities and experiences for people with disabilities, it is critical to make your website accessible for all.

That way, your relationships with your consumers grow far beyond a computer screen.

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