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High Quality Link Placements


Our Pricing is Simple, Affordable & All Done-For-You.

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No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

Let Us Make Your Site More Visibility

Our Solution: A talented SEO and writing team to handle your website link placements, leaving you free to focus on running and growing your business.

We take great pride in the exceptional quality of the links we construct and the impact they have on our clients’ websites.

We have a rigorous internal quality control process in place to ensure that every link we provide is of the highest caliber. Our process is thorough, and we make sure to cover all the details.

When you partner with us, you can trust that we will deliver links that search engines will love. All you have to do is let us know your target keywords, and we will handle the rest, including competitor anchor text analysis.

Learn the specific guidelines we adhere to when building your links below.

Rigorous Quality Control

I understand the frustration of dealing with content publishing services that lack quality control. Many companies simply sell posts from guest post networks without any standards.

We prioritize quality control by manually reviewing each publisher through our internal 23 point process. This ensures that every link placement provided will positively impact your website’s visibility. We focus on factors such as internal and external links, images, unique content, and technical checks to set us apart from other link placement services.

Best Practices Applied

We have made our content publishing service simple for our clients, all you need to do is give us the URL and target keyword, ensuring that every placement provided will positively impact your website’s authority.

This means that you don’t have to worry about reviewing site quality, link placement, metrics, anchor text, content length, or any other details. We take care of it ALL for you.

Relevant Placement

Relevance is key! We will only place links on sites that are relevant.

Trusted Websites

All link placements are published on sites that Google trusts
and that receive a minimum of 500 organic visitors per month.

Informative Content

We provide niche-relevant, professionally-written content
with at least 1000 words that includes internal and external
links to improve your website’s placement relevancy.

No “Write For Us” Sites

We don’t place links on sites that have “write for us” pages
because these sites pose a risk and are heavily farmed.

No “Author Bios”

We don’t include author bios or any other labels that suggest
that the placement is a guest post or sponsored content.

New Link Placement

We ensure that your site doesn’t have any existing link placement
on the publishing sites we use for your domain visibility.

Rigorous Quality Review

All our placements go through our strict 23 point quality review process
to ensure that you receive effective placements.

No Blacklisted Sites

We have access to an internal blacklist database that includes known PBNs,
guest post networks, and other publicly advertised links.
We DON’T publish on these websites.

Free Anchor Text Analysis

We’re dedicated to delivering results, so we handle anchor text selection
to avoid mistakes. Provide your target keyword, and we’ll take care
of the rest for you.



How It Works?

Submit Your Order

Click here to choose your plan based on the number of links desired
and submit your order. Provide target URLs and keywords, then we’ll handle the rest.

We Review Your Order

We review your order to ensure accuracy. We check URLs and keywords
to avoid any mistakes before starting the process.

Negotiate Link Placement

Then we find relevant sites in your industry to negotiate link placements.
We make sure that each site meets our strict guidelines and is not blacklisted.

Create & Publish Content

After negotiating the link placement, we create the agreed content,
which is at least 1000 words, and includes internal and external links
to improve your website’s integration.

Delivery & Reporting

Once the content and your link placement is live, we will send you
a report showing the live URL, Keyword, Domain Authority of the site.



Questions? No problem.

You can message us before ordering. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and share examples so you can see the sorts of links we’ll be building for you.


Frequently Asked Question:

How does the link placements service work?

We provide a fully hands-off link placement service. Select your plan, provide target URLs/keywords, and we take care of the rest, including quality control and content creation. Just relax and wait for the report.

Can I see the sites before we order?

No. We take measures to protect the integrity of our service, so you only see sites after placing an order. This is for the protection of our customers and publishers.

Are these links safe?

Buying Links to manipulate the Search Engine ranking is against Google guidelines. We are against these practices and we adhere to Google guidelines. The service that we offer is intended to increase your website’s authority and visibility via publishing content on relevant publishers’ sites.

Our service is not meant for manipulating the Search Engines. We ensure the content we create and publish meet high standards through our 23 point quality control review and specifications that prevent links from being placed on sites with “write for us” pages. Our content aims to offer value to readers and make them discover your business in a contextual manner.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Most orders are delivered in under 21 days, but some may take up to 28 days. Large orders may take up to 42 days, but links will be consistently delivered throughout that time.

Are the links dofollow?

Yes!  All the links we build are dofollow.

Additionally they will not have any rel=”ugc” or rel=”sponsored” markup since they are not sponsored nor UGC content.

What kind of reporting do you offer?

We will send an email with the live URLs and anchor texts we used, once your order is ready.

What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee that each link we deliver:

  1. Is on a site that Google trusts with at least 500 organic visitors per month
  2. Is created with 1,000 words of high-quality content that includes images, internal links, and external links
  3. Is not on sites with “write for us” pages
  4. Has gone through our 23-step quality control review
  5. Is not on our internal blacklist of known PBNs, guest post networks, and other publicly advertised link sales.