APL 15-19, 2019/ Hanoi, Vietnam
3-Day Master Class


Discounted Price until February 28

Price goes up to normal of $2,745 after!

  • 5 Master Sessions in Digital Marketing
  • Session PowerPoints (excludes workshops)
  • WiFi access
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  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Private Facebook Group

4-Day Master Class
(3-Day Master Class 
1-Day VIP Workshop)

Discounted Price until February 28

Price goes up to normal of $3.245 after!
  • 5 Master Sessions in Digital Marketing
  • Session PowerPoints (excludes workshops)
  • WiFi access
  • Breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks
    • 3 months of free Virtual Coaching (1 group session per month)
  • 3 months free access to the Digital Marketing Academy
  • Video Recordings of all courses
  • Private Networking Session
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Private Facebook Group

Why should you and your team

join the DMMC Asia 2019 Event?

  • Learn a lot of interesting trends and best practices from the Master Classes that you can take back to your marketing team to strategize and implement.
  • Extract actionable takeaways and ideas from the sessions that you can take back and implement in your client accounts or your own business.
  • Experience lots of ah-ha moments and feel relieved because everything will finally click into place when it comes to SEO and Analytics.
  • Opportunity to networking with the speakers and attendees. Meet some very interesting people, make a new friend or two, and take away knowledge that you did not have before.
  • You will also love our hearty breakfast, delicious lunches and fun networking activities (we can’t tell you more)
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Topics covered in this event

  • Understanding customer lifetime value
  • Search Experience Optimization (SEO) strategy
  • Converting Social Media into sales
  • Understating and using your digital data to grow your business
  • Content optimization to drive traffic and engagement
  • Experiential, hands-on skills training
  • Email marketing to create campaigns and monitor the key insights from the metrics
  • Video marketing tactics to generate high engagement for your content
  • Ability to network with your peers and collaborate on ideas and opportunities 

WHO are Digital Marketing Master Class for?

Perfect for founders and executives wanting to now "What's Next?"
Perfect for agencies and consultants looking for tools and strategies to serve their clients and grow their practice
Perfect for Amazon sellers and eCommerce marketers
Perfect for traffic managers, media buyers, and demand generation professionals
Perfect for digital publishers, content and search marketers, social/community managers, and email marketers
Perfect for anyone interested in chat, bots, Messenger, all forms of inbounding selling
Perfect for analysts, optimizers, and anyone on the lookout for the latest tips, tricks, and hacks

Clients experience with us


What our clients said about us

I had the pleasure of using Zoonie’s services in the production of corporate videos for my organization . This experience was pure bliss !

Zoonie is an outstanding communicator who has guided me in the preparation throughout the video shoot and then during the editing, the hard work she has undertaken with extraordinary patience.
Zoonie knew how to put me at ease from the first minute of filming and put the necessary time to allow us to have all the elements we needed to create the videos that were necessary for our organization to achieve the goals we had set ourselves .

Zoonie is effective and very passionate in her quest to give the necessary visual communications tools to women allowing them to mount solid web platforms and enjoy all the many opportunities offered by the web. Thus, it helped me shine in my own way to do my job and support my clients.
Caroline Thélémaque
CEO of Le Club des Gazelles
Zoonie is a champion in the art of being authentic , eloquent , persuasive and applies her talents beautifully in her work in video marketing and coaching.

As a speaker, I can even benefit from her video coaching services to help me create great video tools to promote my events and my web site to increase visibility as well as the credibility of my company Passion 2 Success .

Since video is now a vital web marketing tool , I highly recommend her services and workshops in video marketing to familiarize yourself with this tool as it can help you connect more easily with your customers and hence increase your sales and revenues . I can even say that all entrepreneurs and self-employed who wish to succeed in business cannot ignore the power of video.

With all my gratitude Zoonie!
Simone Hoa Aubrey
CEO Passion2Success Corp.
Author, speaker, trainer and business coach
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