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These 5 Eric Thomas Rules For Success Will Bring Out The Beast In You

Eric Thomas delivers unbelievable wisdom and great advice in this powerful interview with Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness Podcast. What is your biggest take away?

Eric Thomas Rules For Success:

Eric Thomas’ 5 Rules For Success Motivational Speech:

1. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. USE THEM WISELY!
2. Rise early and beat them to the spot!
3. If you say you’re going to do it: DO IT!
4. Model the success.
5. You can always be better!

Transcript, Best Parts – Eric Thomas Speech:

1. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. USE THEM WISELY!

You should be grinding for grinding’s sake. You should grind because that’s what you do. You’re passionate about what you do. So you’re waking up every day with this concept of

“I have 24 hours and they’re mine. These 24 hours belong to me and whatever I do in these 24 hours will determine where I’ll be tomorrow and the next day.”

And I think that’s what people need to focus on. Like, get off of this “I wanna make 6 figures”… “I wanna drive this car”… “I wanna live in this house”

I think what people should be focusing on is: I have 24 hours. Like, Oprah only has 24, Bill Gates only has 24, Warren Buffett only has 24 hours and in that 24 hour period, I can either break my life or make my life.

And I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals. I just think that goals for people is too high on the priority list. And I think what should be on the priority list is going to bed so you can wake up the next day and you can grind it out.

I’m just a dude that believes that you reap what you sow. So if you’re grinding on Monday, grinding on Tuesday, grinding on Wednesday, if you’re grinding 6-7 days a week, for a span of 5 or 6 years, something’s gotta come out of that.

But if you’re only grinding… you know on Monday you’re fired up… Wednesday, you’re back to sleeping in… Thursday you got the funk of the world…

I think if we would spend more time on: “What’s my goal”

Meaning: What do I need to accomplish in this day… to live this lifestyle? and you go after it then I think more people would be successful.

eric thomas rules for success

2. Rise early and beat them to the spot!

So I go to bed consistently early. I wake up early. Now, this is why I wake up. Now if you’re listening to me and you’re an entrepreneur you have to hear this.

There are people who graduated Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude… I didn’t. There are people who were born into wealth. There are people who were born into a certain network. I wasn’t.

But here’s the trick:

Even though I don’t have what they have,
I can outwork you.

So if I am getting up at 3 in the morning and as sweet as you are: networks, parents, wealth, opportunities and you’re getting up at 8 I’ve got a 5-hour jumpstart.

I don’t care who you are if we’re traveling to the same city and I get up 5 hrs before you: I’m going to get there before you get there.

So my trick is, I get up at 3 in the morning because I didn’t know who my biological father was. It took me 12 years to get a degree. So what I’m trying to explain to people is my ritual is: I’m gonna beat you to the spot. I’m gonna beat you to the spot! That’s what it’s all about.


3. If you say you’re going to do it: DO IT!

Innovation is rewarded, execution is worshipped.

Your money changes when you execute. I realized I didn’t have the right concept of success.

Now I understand success is accomplishing what you say you’re going to accomplish. It’s getting done what you said you’re gonna get done.

And let’s be honest: If you were to sit back and do a percentage on what you said you were going to do, in a time span, how would you grade yourself?

If you say 70%, you’re a C. If you say 80%, you’re a B. 90%, you’re an A. 100% (You’re top of the class) So if you can execute every single time…

So as I begin to look at my life if I say I’m going to work out 21 days in a row and nobody knows about it… Nobody knows I’m going to work out for 21 days, I can kinda sneak away with I’ll do 30, I cheat here, cheat there.

But when I call somebody and say: “Hey! I’m going to work out for 21 days and I need you to hold me accountable.”, a part of my working out has absolutely nothing to do with working out. It has absolutely nothing to do with my health. It has absolutely nothing to do with me caring about my body.

It has everything to do with “I told you I was going to do it. and I don’t want you to call me and ask me did I do it and I’d have to tell you I didn’t do it.”

So I realize that every man is where he is because when he says he’s going to do something, not only does he do it, but he does it in a certain timeframe and with a certain quality.

I always think about if I don’t execute how is that going to hurt my family?

So I’m going to say I guarantee you this year could be the best you year of your life if you execute more. I’m not saying you’re not executing.

But I’m telling you if you to execute 100% of the time you probably had another comma to your income, another zero to your income. Just by executing, executing within a timeframe, you said you’re going to do it, and executing with excellence.

Just do those three things and I guarantee you’re going to go to a whole ‘another level.


4. Model the successful one.

I gotta believe that millionaires do certain things. I gotta believe they have a certain habit. I gotta believe they sleep so many hours. I gotta believe they know their craft. I gotta believe they’re passionate.

So when I take my goal instead of looking at my goal and asking how much money can I make I gotta ask myself what from 8 to 9 what should I be doing, from 9 to 10 what should I be doing, from 10 to 10:15 what should I be doing, that’s why I wake up every morning at 3 because for me it’s ok.

Monday do this. Tuesday do this. Wednesday do that. And if do those things, I’m guaranteed to be successful.


5. You can always be better.

Greatness is about making things better Greatness is about getting better.

You know when we were kids Granny used to say:

“Good, better, best, never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best.”

So for me greatness is about… Nobody knows what I’m capable of. But I know what I’m capable of. Getting better every single day. Never settling.

Never saying “I got a Ph.D., so I’m finished.”… “I got a few videos that went viral, I’m doing good.”… “I wrote 3 books.”

Eric, you know at the end of the day when you lay your head down to sleep, you KNOW when you’ve given your best. You KNOW when you’ve gotten better. And greatness is challenging the today you and the FUTURE you saying you can get better.

I got average skill, but I got the phenomenal will.

I had to really ask myself what do I want to do with the rest of my life. All of us are born with a gift but you gotta hone it.

It’s just not.. You’re not gonna become great. Greatness is upon you. I realized that my gift wasn’t going to create itself. My gift wasn’t going to nurture itself. My gift wasn’t going to perfect itself, that was something that I had to do.



And let me say this to my entrepreneurs: I have a ritual where even with my closest friends… I have boundaries.

So just because it’s my company, it doesn’t mean I can take calls all day. I have boundaries. So you can’t call me at a certain time. Why? I’m working. So if I’m on the phone all day… and I’m saying this to entrepreneurs… you gotta find the gaps.

And one of the gaps for entrepreneurs is that they feel like because they own their day they can spend it like they want to. You can not spend it like you want to.

So if you are working for IBM or working for Ford, whoever you’re working for you couldn’t be on the phone all day at a major corporation talking on the phone.

So why do you allow yourself to talk on the phone
when it’s your business? You should probably… You should make sure there are no phone calls going on.

One of my rituals is when I get started there are no interruptions.

When I get started, I don’t care if it’s my wife, my children, they know that for a certain timeframe I’m going all in. And I can’t go all in answering the phone. And I can’t go all in watching tv. And I can’t go all in with the distractions.

Some entrepreneurs ask why am I not blowing up. You’re not in abstraction. You don’t have that moment of your day… I don’t care if it’s 2 hours, 4 hours where you shut the entire world out.

No Twitter. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Instagram!

So just for 2 hours, I’m going in. And once I come out, then we can do Instagram. And I’ll be honest your content probably will be stronger if you have that time of isolation,
of solitude, where you give yourself a chance to think. You give yourself a chance to go in. And when you go in you go 120%.

What was your favorite Eric Thomas Quote?

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Comfort Vs Courage: It’s Easier To Stay In Bed Than Face Your Goals.

On paper, your goals seem like a must. You want that successful business, you want to inspire others, you want to get on stage and wow the audience or you might even want to write a New York Times Best Selling Book.

Most of us do none of this. We set our goals like the ones mentioned and then consistently fall short.

Then there are the outliers who do achieve these audacious goals.

An example of an outlier I learned last week was a lady named Michaela Alexis. Like me, she’s crippled with a fear of public speaking. What inspired me was that recently she spoke in front of thousands of people.

The last time she tried this, she failed badly and forgot what she was going to say. The speech she gave was mostly a wash of F ups and an overwhelming sense of fear.

As Michaela faced the stage again, with Gary Vaynerchuk speaking after her, she was crippled by her fear. Despite her fear she went out on the stage and gave her talk to thousands of people.

She even filmed how nervous she was before the event. You can tell that as easy as she made it look, the behind-the-scenes showed the truth: she was scared out of her mind and full of fear.

On the day of her talk, she nearly stayed in bed and didn’t achieve her primary goal of becoming great at public speaking.


The choice is ours.

“We can either stay in bed where it’s comfortable, warm and there are no critics to judge us, or we can face the world and push beyond our limits”

Each of us has this same choice and most of us make the wrong one or we tell ourselves “I’ll start tomorrow.”

Tomorrow never comes. We keep dreaming about our goals but we rarely try to execute them. Now I’m not saying we always hide from these big scary goals, but what I’ve experienced is we don’t execute on our goals enough.

Doing something like public speaking once a year or twice a year won’t crank up the dial enough on your results.

Michaela has shown that the fastest way to achieve our big goals is to be relentless. She’s done that by going on stage several times in a short period.


Most of all, it takes courage.

“You stay in your warm bed and never execute because you lack courage”

We’re not born with courage though. We develop it.

Courage is a muscle that must be exercised every week. Doing the reps any less than a weekly commitment will see your vision, and ultimately your goals, become too far into the distance. To stay on the right track, you’ve got to gain leverage on yourself.

What I’ve learned is that courage is really nothing more than doing the small tasks that form part of your goals. In other words, courage is taking action without being attached to the result.

The moment you focus too hard on the result you’re trying to achieve, you get lost in your own thoughts. Gaining leverage on yourself and having courage starts with scheduling tasks in your calendar. Once something is locked in your calendar, you gain leverage over yourself.

None of us want to let others down and by putting things in your calendar, you make time for being courageous. The good news is you can always retreat to your bed if on the day of taking action you can’t proceed.

What I’ve found though is that you won’t. Once it’s locked in, there’s a very good chance you’re going to execute. Having things in your diary helps to activate your auto-pilot mode. The moment you can use autopilot mode when you require courage is when your circumstances start to change.


Rising up to the challenge.

After moments of courage, the progress you see towards your goals will make it all worth it. Seeing Michaela Alexis witness this firsthand, and sharing it on LinkedIn after her speech last week, made that very idea sink in.

The difference between staying in bed – your metaphorical comfort zone – and crushing your goals is rising up to the challenge in front of you. It’s looking the audience in the eye and telling them you got this. You were born to do this!

All of us get to face these challenges and many of us opt-out. Rising up is about finding the hidden courage within yourself to take action when logically it doesn’t make sense.

It’s about using the nerves you’re feeling towards your advantage. It’s about taking your adversities and turning them into weapons of mass destruction.


Final Thought.

Seeing Michaela Alexis look physically sick, nervous, fearful and like she was about to die taught me so much. It’s not often that we get to lift the cover on someone like her who has so much influence, to see what actual courage looks like. The behind the scenes look at all the people you admire will show several similarities to Michaela.

Everything looks easy on video and what you don’t see is the courage that success takes. Each of us is burdened with our own flavor of challenges and overcoming them using courage is how we rise up, get what we want, and cross off those goals that give meaning to our lives.

Purpose, vision, entrepreneurship, personal development and anything else you can think of means nothing unless you have the courage to execute.

You can hide in the comfort of your bed or get out there and dance in front of dragons while the tree’s around you burn bright, and your mind is silenced from all the overthinking.

The choice is yours.

Will you choose courage or comfort?

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How To Turn Self-Doubt Into Unbreakable Certainty To Achieve Better Results In Your Life

A new career. New relationships. Moving to a new city. Life can take turns without giving us enough time to prepare.

Little do we know that our primal brain is not well-built for change. It treats uncertainty as a potential threat.

Uncertainty can feel like fear. It is like stumbling upon a tiger in the jungle. This is why you want to run away from uncertainty.

But guess what?

You too can break through the veil of uncertainty and eliminate self-doubt. Here is how:


1. Change Your Focus To Eliminate Self-Doubt

If you are more focused on negative possibilities than positive outcomes, don’t be surprised if you have self-doubt. Negative thoughts create negative self-talk: “I am not enough”, “I failed in the past, I will never succeed, It could go wrong”.


Thoughts translate into actions: “I will never succeed” translates into inaction and apathy. Because when you don’t think you can succeed, why would you even try?

What is the catch here?

Your focus. You need to stop finding the reasons you will fail. Stop feeding your self-doubt.

Focus on why you can succeed and you’ll attract the resources you need to make it a reality.


2. Create A Vision That Pulls You

You have to think of the future. But this isn’t the same as daydreaming. You need to create a specific pathway to your dreams in your mind.

But why?

As the legendary military strategist and the author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, said, “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” You have to win the battle first in your mind.

Feel how it would feel to achieve your goals. Imagine in rich detail. The more detailed and real, the better. The vision has to excite you and pull you toward it.

Because when your goals don’t matter to you, you have to push hard every moment. But when the vision pulls you, you enjoy the process.

How To Turn Self-Doubt Into Unbreakable Certainty To Achieve Better Results In Your Life


3. Make Real Decisions

A real decision is one that is followed by action. When you make a real decision, you exercise your power as the creator of your life. You take back the power from your doubts.

Celebrating Success

A great way to make real decisions is to burn your boats. Cut off all other options that hinder your progress. For example, if your goal is to build a seven-figure business, you may enroll in a business coaching program and stop working for low-paying clients.


4. Work Hard, But Work Smart Too

Nothing works unless you do. Work hard but also work smart. How to work smart? Seek constant feedback from the experts in your field.

Making Notes by a Working Woman

A great way to speed up your journey is modeling. Model the people who are already successful in your field. Find how they reached that level. What resources did they use? What kind of habits did they form? Model their strategy.


5. Create Rituals To Have A Solid Foundation

Vision and strategy are for the future. But in the end, everything comes down to the present. The present is where your power lies. It’s the only thing you can influence. So create rituals to harness its power.

Working from Home

Tony Robbins says that your rituals form the standards at which you operate in life. Find what rituals are necessary to get you to your goals. Create rituals that keep you in a peak state throughout the day.

Some rituals work for everyone. Exercise in the morning. Express gratitude. Express love and appreciation for those around you.


6. Emotional Commitment Is The Fuel – Find Your Why

Brendon Burchard calls it “raising necessity”, Oprah calls it “finding your calling”, and Tony Robbins calls it “finding your purpose”. Whatever you call it, if you want true fulfillment and not just material achievement, then you need to know why your goals matter to you.

Get Motivation

Tony Robbins asked himself a central question throughout his life: “What improves the quality of people’s lives?” And this is his ‘why’, his reason to be a life coach.

When you have found your ‘why’ working hard is no longer a burden, it feels right. It feels true to who you are. You are no longer negotiating your integrity and values just to survive and belong.

So take back your power from your doubts. With relentless focus and an emotionally fueled commitment toward your vision, you can face the proverbial tiger and create unbreakable certainty in life.

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Avoidance and Approach Goals

2 Things You Need to Know: How to Hack Motivation With Avoidance and Approach Goals

Motivation is a sneaky beast. It can hide in plain sight, and it can express itself when we least expect it. Motivation (and its frequent companion inspiration) can often elude us for days, weeks, or years, only to jump out in an instant with such force that we drop everything in order to capture it before we lose the moment.

Oftentimes, these random “attacks of motivation” happen with little warning, when we are least prepared to take advantage of them. For instance, how many of you have had a moment of clarity or have felt motivated to act on some idea while in the shower?

How many of you have perhaps had a similar feeling when going for a run or driving to work? Motivation can come at any time and in any way. Unfortunately, the very randomness keeps us from being able to act effectively to get more done. So what do we do to take hold of our lives and guide our own sources of motivation?

To get more done in less time, we need to understand the power of two types of motivation. Once we explore each of these types of motivation, we must learn to set goals around both to create positive feedback loops. This will make it easier for us to develop stronger motivational habits and take control of what motivates us.


Types of Motivations

While there are many ways to define motivation, today I will focus on two types: avoidance and approach motivation. The way we will define both types of motivation provides an in-depth look into how we see the world, and ultimately how successful we will be in it.


1. What is avoidance motivation?

Avoidance motivation is part of what makes us human, and it is integral to our survival. This type of motivation helps us avoid negative experiences across psychological, physical, and social boundaries. It’s what told us to run away from saber-toothed tigers or to not dive into shark-infested waters looking for food.


Clearly, avoidance is a good way of staying safe in a world of unknowns. Unsure about what your boss thinks about your last project? It’s best not to ask to avoid disappointment or emotional trauma. Considering whether to apply for a job in another country? Best to avoid it in case you like the culture.

Unfortunately, avoidance motivation often has negative consequences. It makes us more likely to avoid tasks that we know rationally will be positive experiences for us. It makes us avoid going for that big promotion we aren’t necessarily qualified for. It makes us not get on that airplane to travel to that new country and experience that new culture.

“Press forward. Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you.” — George Whitefield


2. What is approach motivation?

Approach motivation is any type of motivation that drives action and forward progress towards a certain outcome or activity. It’s what pushes the nerdy high school kid to talk to their crush in the hallway. It’s what drives the explorer to see what the view looks like from the top of the tallest mountain.

It’s the itch the traveler gets when they go too long without taking a trip. It’s what inspired humans to explore outer space. Rather than avoiding certain activities, approach motivation drives individuals to explore and become more productive in their day-to-day existence.

When we consider approach motivation, the most often cited examples relate to feelings of opportunity, fulfillment, and exploration. When you see an opportunity to achieve some goal that falls along Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, you are more likely to take action.

When you see the opportunity to grow your pool of resources, that may motivate you to take action (strengthening your ability to provide food and shelter to yourself and your family). Similarly, you may see the opportunity to gain recognition or acclaim through appearing on television or writing a blog post.

This feeds your ability to achieve self-fulfillment, belonging and perhaps even self-actualization.

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” — Sam Levenson

So how do we take this information and action? How do we make it useful on a day-to-day basis?

The best way to leverage the lessons of approach and avoidance motivation is to set goals that align with each type of motivation.

Take the following approach to help guide you on the path to taking control of what motivates you:

First, understand the difference between avoidance and approach goals. Most people will find that they tend to avoid activities that are unpleasant to them, all the while approaching those activities that are most enjoyable or fulfilling.

Let’s think of approach goals as positive (i.e. finishing a project ahead of schedule, finding a new job) and avoidance goals as negative (i.e. avoiding drinking too much, avoiding talking in public).

Avoidance goals are goals for reducing, avoiding or eliminating undesired outcomes. While these goals are powerful, they are often harder to accomplish. You may want to cut down the number of sweets you eat each day, the number of cigarettes you smoke, the total time you spend watching Netflix.

These types of goals work, sometimes, but they are much more likely to stick if you spin them to an approach goal with a positive spin.

Approach goals aim to guide someone to reach or maintain the desired outcome. People are more likely to commit to completing tasks and taking part in activities that are positioned in a positive light. Approach goals become more potent motivational goals because they focus on action and activity around what can be done to reach a goal.

If you want to get better at setting and following through on your personal and career goals, make a point of creating both approaches and avoiding goals and be aware of the subtle differences between both.

Do you have any approach or avoidance goals that have been particularly challenging to reach? Would love to hear about them!


Struggling With Procrastination and Self-Doubt? Here’s How to Overcome Both

Procrastination and self-doubt are two of the biggest killers of dreams and goals. I’ve been there more than once in my life regarding some important goal I set for myself to achieve. Only when it comes time to take physical action on my plans in the real world and expose myself to rejection or failure, I start experiencing paralyzing self-doubt and fear.


This turns into procrastination in the form of distractions that only create a false illusion I’m achieving my goals. In reality, I’m accomplishing nothing.

Have you ever been there? If left unchecked and unresolved in your life, this cycle of procrastination and self-doubt will soon become a habitual downward spiral where you can go for months without having produced any substantial results towards the goals.

Eventually, you’ll just give up on the entire goal altogether, leaving the hopes and dreams you had associated with that goal to be delayed even longer.


3 Tips to Overcome Self-doubt & Procrastination

Here are my 3 best tips for overcoming this goal-killing self-perpetuating cycle of self-doubt and procrastination:

1. Winning The Mind/Body Game

If you’ve studied personal development for even a few minutes, you should already know that anything and everything we ever want to achieve or experience in life first starts in the mind.

However, there’s also another component to the process that is just as important to develop control over, and that is the body.

Our minds can conjure up an unlimited number of ideas, solutions, and businesses with ease, but if the body isn’t activated effectively to carry out these ideas and bring them into physical reality, then nothing is accomplished and the ideas remain as only a figment of imagination, not benefiting anyone.

how to beat procrastination

To overcome self-doubt and procrastination in your life, it’s first important to realize that you must become 100% acutely aware of these two components of yourself and how they operate. There is also a third component to who you are – the consciousness of you, some call it your Higher Self, which is in control of both mind and body.

We as humans have the ability, at any time that we choose, to use our conscious intention and a higher level of personal awareness to guide our thinking patterns and our physical actions in a very focused and productive way. If done this way, we can create certain desired outcomes and achieve our goals.

Without this level of self-awareness, you’ll be almost totally powerless to overcome the negative forces of self-doubt and procrastination once they start gaining momentum in your life. Know that you have the awesome creative ability to observe, evaluate, and correct your own thinking patterns and personal habits from this higher perspective.

“You have to change your thinking if you desire to have a future different from your present.” – Germany Kent


2. Developing Brutal Honesty

When we find ourselves caught in a negative cycle of procrastination and self-doubt, one critical action you should take right away is to become brutally honest with yourself about the situation.

When I do this, I get out a notebook and start writing out all the things (thoughts, actions, behaviors) that I know I should be doing in order to achieve my goals, and then I write out all the things that I’m actually doing so that I can see the stark contrast between the two.


This makes it plainly obvious to me why my goals aren’t being reached, and what I can do to immediately change that trajectory.

Then, I like to contemplate and visualize the pain I would experience by not seeing my goals accomplished, and compare that to the minimal amount of “pain” I may experience from taking appropriate action and staying true to my goals.

At this point, it becomes clearly obvious which is the greater of the two pains – which is not achieving my goals and living with regret.


3. Third-Party Accountability

Once you’ve started getting an understanding of your mind/body connection, and developed brutal honesty with yourself, the best way to tie it all together is to establish a third-party accountability structure with a trustworthy person.

accountability partner

For this role, a professional accountability coach is by far the best investment anyone could make into their future.

Similar to a life coach, an accountability coach is specifically focused on helping you stay 100% accountable (or as close to 100% as possible) to the daily actions, behaviors, and habits that are necessary for you to make your goals a reality.

Not only that, but a good accountability coach will also impart a heavy dose of motivation, inspiration, and positive energy with every interaction you have with them. They’ll help you believe in yourself even when you don’t.

They’ll be a trusted partner who walks with you step-by-step through the journey of creating your dreams and goals.

“Choose to focus your time, energy, and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self.” – Karen Salmansohn

The top-performers of every industry all rely on having specific types of coaches, consultants and mentors to help them follow through on their goals and achieve excellence in their results. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t even be in those top positions of their field.

How much has procrastination and self-doubt affected you?  Leave a comment and let me know!


3 Easy Steps To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a bad habit, that can be very hard to break. We have all been guilty of it from time to time, but sometimes we let it take over, if you’re ready to make a change and become more productive in your life then please read on for 3 steps to overcome procrastination.

Sad Woman

I find it interesting that nobody will let any physical thing stop them from going somewhere or doing something, but people allow mental things to stop them all of the time.

For example, I could walk in front of you right now, blocking your path and preventing you from walking past me, and I bet that the first thing you try and do is to push past me or at least express vocally express your annoyance.

Every person would of course. Isn’t it strange then how we let the mental things get the best of us, we let them block our paths to progress. We let procrastination along with all of our other bad mental habits get the best of us, without a fight.

How come we choose to fight physical problems that are stopping us, but we don’t fight mental problems that are stopping us? These mental problems can be much worse than physical problems because they are preventing us from achieving goals and the things that we want to do, and instead of fighting them, we just give in without a whimper.


3 Easy Steps To Overcome Procrastination


3 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

One: Treat It

One of the first important steps to take if you want to stop procrastinating is to start treating this mental problem the same way you would treat a physical problem, which would be to fight back or treat the issue instead of looking the other way.

If you had some form of injury would you just ignore it, or seek help from someone who knew how to cure it? In what ways can you combat your mental state? what resources or mentors could you utilize to improve your mindset?

Next time you find yourself procrastinating be conscious of it and decide to fight back and not let it bully you, the same way you would not let a person physically bully you.


Two: No Poisionous Words

The second step to overcoming procrastination is to remove poisonous words such as “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’m too tired” from your vocabulary and your thinking process. Do it now, rest later! at least then you will be able to relax knowing you have done what was necessary.


You must build up a strong association against procrastination, you have to start being proactive instead of reactive. What is one little task you can do right now, that will only take you a few minutes, but that you have been putting off, maybe a phone call or a simple task around the house?

Go and do it now! this will begin the process of rewiring your brain.

Every time you find yourself about to put something off in your mind, stop yourself and replace it with “I will do it now” every time you do this you are strengthening your ‘mind muscle’ it will become stronger with use, and soon taking action will happen automatically. You just have to be strong enough initially to get started.


3 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. the circumstances to do something will never be perfect


Three: Schedule

Finally, another great step to beat procrastination is to write everything down that you need to get done today, this week, this month, and this year. Continually add to it as you think of tasks, people who procrastinate tend to do so until they forget what they are putting off entirely.

Every morning you wake up you should have your journal next to you so you can see what needs to be done, and you can mentally plan out how you will go about achieving those goals. This will prime your brain and make it much easier to accomplish. Make a start today and don’t stop!


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Consciously Create Your Life – Jack Delosa

Start living your life on purpose. On your own terms. Start living your life consciously.

Consciously Create Your Life – Jack Delosa on YouTube:

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Consciously Create Your Life – Jack Delosa – Transcript

We live in a world where most people are in the hypnosis of disempowerment.

They’re living unconsciously. They’re drifting through life.

They don’t understand that they are the ones creating their life, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

So when I say it’s important to consciously create your life, I mean it’s really important that each individual wake up to the fact that everything that happens in your life is your responsibility.

And I’ve to head my brother die as a result of drug use, I’ve had parents separate, I’ve head relationships end, I’ve had, you know, commercial near-death experiences, in business I’ve been through an incredibly challenging period… So I don’t say that from a position of privilege or a position of somebody that’s coming from an easy background.

What I say is when you take responsibility for who you are, when you take responsibility for who you’re becoming, when you take responsibility for the life and the business that you want to create… the impact that you want to make, the contribution that you want to have, and you map out who do I want to become, what do I want to do, then you start consciously creating who you are, rather than unconsciously sleepwalking through life.

When the voice inside your head is louder than the voices outside of your head, that’s where you begin to master your life.

It’s really important you don’t buy into all the cultural paradigms and messages that we bombarded with each and every day. Get really centered in yourself create who you are create who you want to become and live your life unwaveringly in line with that.


You’ve got to be willing to dream. You’ve got to be willing to have big visions.

You’ve got to be willing to not be influenced by other people’s rules and other people’s limitations and other people’s expectations.

Typically, entrepreneurs and anyone walking a non-traditional path are very independent thinkers, we’re less susceptible to public opinion, we’re less susceptible to the status quo.

So, I think no.1 is: Have big visions.

No.2 would be to Be an independent thinker. Meaning thinking for yourself. It’s not saying you don’t learn from others and be guided by others and engage your mentors, because you need to do that, absolutely. But you need to be the captain of your own ship.

And then, no.3 is Resilience. You absolutely need to have think skin. You absolutely need to be determined.
One friend of mine, a guy called Peter Davison, he was the seed funder in PayPal, he was the first investor into PayPal. He came in, he invested in PayPal at $500,000, they went on to exit to eBay 1.5 billion.

I remember I asked Peter one day what the no.1 characteristic of an entrepreneur? And he said: ‘Delusion’.

You need to have an unwavering knowing that you will create what you want to create.

That’s not to say you won’t change. That’s not to say you won’t evolve. That’s not to say that you won’t be flexible, but you need to be delusional in your belief around your ability to make it happen even when all the evidence is against you.

Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, either way, you are right. – Henry Ford

It’s so true.

I think people hugely underestimate and under appreciate what human beings are capable of when you have absolute conviction.

So it’s so important that as you go on this journey you place equal if not more emphasis on your own personal journey, your own personal growth, your own personal fulfillment, as you do at the attainment of your goals.

I think that for any entrepreneur, or any individual pursuing a non-traditional path, there are so many setbacks along the way, there are so many reasons to give up, there are so many challenges and the game is won and lost between your head… And I think that in order to sustain and have longevity particularly on a non-traditional path, you need to be incredibly determined and often you need to have a pretty high threshold for pain.

jack delosa consciously create your life
Speaker is Jack Delosa, Entrepreneur, Author and founder of The Entourage
Film by Etienne Rouleau

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You Can’t Be 100% Motivated And On Fire All The Time So Stop Trying To Be.

Right now, I’m not feeling that motivated. In fact, I haven’t felt very inspired or motivated all week. Given that motivating and inspiring others is my passion and it’s what I do every day, you’d think my career was over. You’d think maybe I have no more positivity left in me.

Even the most inspirational people in the world have times when nothing happens.

I recently watched Gary Vaynerchuk give advice to a young teenager. The teenager said:

“Gary, my girlfriend broke up with me and a relative just died. The last two weeks are hell.”

Gary took a few deep breaths and you just knew he was going to say something epic – and he did.

He said to the boy “Two weeks of lows doesn’t define the rest of your life.”


We’re all entitled to be down for a bit.

What I learned from Gary is that we are all going to have times during our life where nothing sticks.

In the last few weeks, I’ve missed several great career opportunities, had a lot of rejection, seen a slump in shares/likes on some social media platforms and had some personal challenges.

All of this is normal.


What’s not normal is what you see online.

That’s the real point here. What is normal has been overshadowed by all the self-help, success talk that happens online 24/7. We’re being bombarded by it and we think we have to be motivated 100% of the time.

If we have a day when we’re not inspired, we think something is wrong. In my case, given my profession, it’s even harder. There’s this stigma that I have to be some perfect human being to do what I do. That’s BS.

It’s normal for anyone you admire and even your heroes to have low points or long periods of nothing – that’s the actual norm.

The highlight reel you see online of the people you follow is what’s not normal. No one lives life like how we see people living online.

The cameras are only with these people of influence some of the time. What you didn’t see was them taking a dump or having an argument with their partner.

All you saw was a highly edited success reel of what they wanted you to see so they could send you to a landing page, put up a payment wall and monetize you. That’s what being motivated 100% of the time told them to do.

You can’t blame them entirely.

What the internet really needs is more of the truth. That is, more people talking about what goes wrong, more people documenting what’s really happening.

In simple terms, the internet needs less perceived perfection and success, and more of what’s real like disappointment, f*ck ups and challenges.


Not being motivated is where it all happens.

The opposite of what we’re led to believe is true. It’s during the moments of zero inspiration, bugger all motivation and low points that we discover who we are. It’s in our weakest moments that our strength, resilience and courage are built.

What I’ve learned during my recent low moments is that if I can handle this sh*t, then I can handle anything.

“Motivation comes from eating crap for dinner every day of the week and still persisting with your goals”

I’m writing these words today and not really feeling like it. It’s the art of doing even through the tough times that allows me to have a 60-second highlight reel on social media that makes me look like a freaking god that goes viral all over the internet hourly.

My success highlight reel looks very impressive and it sounds fantastic during one of the speeches I give. In job interviews, it really helps. When I pitch for business, it gives me credibility.

Our success highlight reels look freaking phenomenal but it’s 0.99% of the actual story.

If humans are motivated by storytelling, then let’s start telling the real story.

We’re not f*cking motivated 100% of the time so let’s stop pretending we are. Cheers to the moments when we feel like dirt and keep going.


Then everything changes.

What do I mean? This week I have no motivation but I already sense that next week is shaping up to be a big one. I find out about a number of life-changing opportunities.

Knowing I could get through a tough week and be cool to keep inspiring gives me hope. That hope translates into strength.

Next week could be a disaster and these so-called life-changing opportunities could all amount to a mound of dust and broken dreams. But because I survived the tough times I know I can excel during times when I plateau, go backward or even experience massive growth.

“It only takes one moment for everything to change and before you know it you’re 100 steps ahead of where you thought you’d be”


Quit the game.

The game of endless success. The rat race that is showing how perfect you are.

Show up with your best self. If that best self is 1% motivated or 100% motivated it doesn’t matter. The fact you showed up and got through the quicksand of life is all that counts.

Sometimes that struggle will look like winning an Oscar and other times that struggle will look like pissing your pants.

Take a step back and see the bigger picture.

No one (including me) needs to or is, motivated 100% of the time.

You don’t need to be either.


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Motivation with personal development

How To See What You’re Truly Capable of Becoming And Then Becoming It

I have an opportunity right now to do something that will propel my life and career to a whole new level. It will take me from behind the keyboard and into the spotlight of critics, people with a lot of power, people I admire and the masses.

It’s a dangerous crossroads in a lot of ways. There’s a lot that could go wrong. Normally I am full of belief, but in the last few days, I’ve had my doubts.

Maybe I shouldn’t aim so high so quickly. Maybe I will get distracted from what I really love doing. Maybe I don’t have the skills just yet.

What you’re hearing here is the thoughts of a stock standard, off the shelf, pink brain that was designed hundreds of years ago for a different purpose.

None of these thoughts are valid unless I accept they are.

Seeing what you are capable of becoming requires a few key steps. Then becoming it is the hardest part.

Here’s how to see what you can become and then actually become it:


Believe first.

“This is not gospel talk. I didn’t pull this one out of the pages of a hymn book. Until you can see what you are able to become, no one else can see it”

There’s an element of visualization required here. Ask yourself the question “What if there were no barriers and I could achieve anything?”

I want you to assume this is the case. To see what you are able to become you must see it first without barriers, negative thinking, and outside opinions.

Once you can see what you can become, you then have to start believing. That requires you to see a positive outcome and have the courage to dare to do something phenomenal.

Believing first requires a degree of ignorance. In a way, I suppose you are ignoring logic. You are being somewhat irrational and not using common sense. You’re using belief to see a future version of yourself that achieves something meaningful to you, and to those who are inspired by your work.


Make it really big.

The next step is to dream really big. Our mind often constrains us and forces us to focus on what we’ve done in the past as the basis for what we can become in the future.

The stupid thing is that past results don’t necessarily predict the future. If that were true, we’d all bet on the stock market based on what has happened before and we’d be millionaires sipping mojitos off the bar of our luxury yachts.

Sea Surfer Girl

Making your dream really big is an art. Your imagination that has been mostly switched off since you were a child and the creativity that has been sucked out of you by society needs to be reignited for the dreaming element of your mind to be turned on again and lit on fire baby!

If you aim really high and think you can deliver a speech in front of 50,000 people and then you fall short and deliver an inspiring speech in front of 2000 people, have you really failed?

The obvious answer is no. At least you got out of your warm bed and took a chance. Maybe there were a lot of seats empty but you at least influenced one person in a positive way.

“Giving it a shot is half the game of life”


Disconnect from the result.

Being fixated on the result stops you from ever taking the first step. I’ve been so focused in the last week on whether I can deliver and whether I have the experience to do something audaciously big that I didn’t take action.

I was blindsided by fear even though I know far better than my own body.

Fearless Motivation

Fear has been the thing that nearly ruined my life and prevented me from typing these very words. In some ways, it’s because I can smell the perfume of fear and see it a mile away with my Superman’s eyes, that I’m able to see what’s really going on, not only in my life but the lives of others.

Never giving it a go is a far bigger failure than trying something and not succeeding. Not taking a chance and not risking it all for the person you’ve always wanted to become is something you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

Right up until the day of your death you’ll regret not knowing what could have happened if you saw what you were capable of, took a moon-shot opportunity and became that person.

“Regret is far worse than failure will ever be”


Be okay with not knowing a hell of a lot.

Part of the battle of seeing what you can become and then becoming it is that there is a lot you won’t know. The person I want to become in the coming weeks and months, and the opportunity I’m scared to say yes to has a lot to do with the core issue: I have no idea whether I can deliver on my promise.

I have no clue if I am this person that people think I am on the internet. Do I really inspire people? Or do I get inspired by other people and use that as fuel to pass it on?

We’ll never know the answers to these questions. We all have doubts and pieces to the puzzle of life that we can’t figure out.

In the end, there are only a few harsh truths:

  • –    You must say yes to big opportunities
  • –    You must not overthink every decision
  • –    You must not try to have all the answers
  • –    You must not continually play out every scenario in your head thus draining your energy

All you can do is have guts, belief in yourself, have the courage and become who you’re truly capable of becoming through relentless action.


Focus on Your Goals

7 Amazing Focus Quotes That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

In today’s busy world being and staying focused is harder than ever. With text, notifications, social media, and email it can be hard to stay focused on anything. Whether it’s a task at work, focusing on your daily schedule or your long-term goals.

Tony Robbins 5 Rules for Success

Those who are the most focused usually have the most energy and are greatly rewarded for their efforts. As Tony Robbins said, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”


Use these 7 focus quotes to take your energy and success to the next level.

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” — George Lucas

is the billionaire genius behind the epic Star Wars franchise. He focused constantly in his early days on his work on Star Wars.

He was determined it would be a hit and 40 years later the franchise is a cultural phenomenon. By staying focused on his work he was able to create an unbelievable reality and is loved by fans around the world.

7 Amazing Focus Quotes That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.” — LL Cool J

If you want to achieve your more difficult, long-term goals you need to have the discipline to stay the course. Oftentimes, when you set huge goals it might be hard to continue making progress.

Break big goals into smaller, more attainable goals so you can make progress toward your dreams.

“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.” — David DeNotaris

Your ability to focus on a goal will increase your chances of achieving it.

think and grow rich by napoleon hill

When it comes to achievement, in your business or personal life, you must stay persistent to make it happen.

“Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.” — Napoleon Hill

The majority of people spend time focusing on what could go wrong instead of what could go right.

Don’t waste your energy on all the bad situations but instead use 100% of your focus in creating a desirable outcome. Your future success depends on it.

7 Amazing Focus Quotes That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

Similar to the last quote, you need to focus on the future, not on the past. Everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and move on.

To create an epic future you can’t be looking in the rearview, dwelling on your mistakes.

Focus on building a new you. Each day is a new opportunity for something great to happen.

serena williams quotes

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” — Venus Williams

Big goals attract big people, like tennis superstar Venus Williams. If she spent her time focusing on how hard it would be to achieve as much as she has she would never be the success she has become today.

Once you get clear on your goals use a laser-like focus to work toward them.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee — Focus Quotes

Bruce Lee quotes

What separates good from great in life, business or sports is your ability to focus. The ones who are the most disciplined and focused will achieve more than someone who suffers from worry and doubt.

Once you make up your mind on something go after it with all your effort.

Use these focus quotes to take your life to the next level. Your ability to focus, in any area of life, will determine how successful you become.

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