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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore This Dark Method of Motivation

When you get home from wield, what’s the first thing you just wanted to do?

Is it to start employing?

Is it is currently working on a new side-hustle?

Or is it mastering a brand new musical instrument?

I’d actually gamble money that you do NOT want to do a single one of those things.

In information, it’s very likely you just wanted to do the opposite instead- and that’s to slip into your home clothes, hop into a cozy chair, and dive into a stimulating picture on Netflix or browse social media.

That’s what a normal person is intended to do after a hard day’s work, after all.

Unfortunately, it’s obvious that neither of those things will improve their own lives in any thought.

self talk

Luckily, it’s possible to decline this lazy garb so you don’t get stuck in a drench of mediocrity for the rest of your life.

And all it takes is a bit of an “attitude adjustment” to make it happen.


Your motivation needs some “chutzpah” to get you going

Once a person finishes an enterprise, the natural inclination is to relax.

But the problem is that merely because the body wants to take it easy doesn’t mean the job is done- and that’s a feeling we can all relate to.

Unfortunately, this is a never-ending problem that requires the claim program to counter it.

Otherwise, each day you’ll do the same old thing.

And that’s to give in to the lazy and child-like response system the human body has.

And if you just let your organization dictate all your wars, well, it’s just going to seek out junk food all day long and encourage Netflix orgies.

It’s clear that this is a quick way to a sad and depressing living.

So let’s nip this issue in the bud.

” There is a lack of limited access to what you can reach, except the limits you place on your own concluding .”- Brian Tracy

Thinking of Goals

Motivation nowadays paucities any “edge” to it

Humans are cabled to sink into routine and consolation.

It’s the room for us to keep vigor if we are to be able to employ it towards useful things (like elude tigers ).

But we don’t live like our ancestors anymore, and it’s obvious we don’t need characters like this in modern installs.

Yet despite our shortage of need for this characteristic … it’s not going anywhere.

We forever remain with the tendency to seek the line of least resistance, of instant gratification, and of maximum solace.

Even if it means we have to sacrifice ALL our future success, happiness, and fulfillment because of it.

Dark Motivation

How to add sharpness to your favorite reason tactics

The only way out of our lazy smog is by infusing some energy into our motivation methods.

It’s got to be something that actually represents us stop and think about what we want to do at any given moment.

That way we don’t only default to laziness- instead, our mentality actually does some cost/help analysis about whether it’s actually a good theory to binge Netflix for a few hours after work.

I’ve taken some of the most popular motivation tactics out there and gave them some border so they act FAR more effectively at getting you to take action on your goals.

I recommend you give them a shot if your first wish when you get home from work is to kick back and relax the wink you enter the door.

Living in Dream

Dark Methods of Motivation

1. Exchange SMART purposes for SMARTS goals

While SMART goals are good for clarity and direction, they lack when it comes to motivation.

But if you contribute an extra “S” at the end, you’ve went “stakes” added to the mix.

All of a sudden, your new Smarts aim will drive you to take action as quickly as possible.

Here are a few ideas to get you going with this, you can use these as springboards to create your own variances pretty easily :

  • If you succeed at your goal, you get to eat at a neat restaurant. If you fail, then you’ve got to eat a whole raw grapefruit (I hate grapefruits so supplant this with whatever works for you).
  • If you attained your goal, you get to take a weekend trip somewhere nice. If you miscarry, you’ve got to volunteer as a roadside litter picker-upper.
  • If you replaced at your goal, you get to watch a movie you’ve been aroused for. If you fail, you’ve got to watch a boring documentary on a topic you have no interest in.

You get the idea. Just pick something on both sides of the motivation spectrum and you’ll be good to go with your SMARTS goals.

Get Going with Goals

2. Remember your “big why” and your “dark why” as well

People like to talk about the major reason that’s motivating them to take additional measures :

  • “For my family.”
  • “To leave a legacy.”
  • “To got something amazing.”

And that’s all well and good. But people have a “dark” side to them as well, and professing this back doesn’t exist is basically denying we are beings with negative passions as well.

And that’s a big mistake.

There’s a lot of superpower in negative emotions because they can create action.

Taking Action

This action can sometimes be undesirable, but it can also be directed towards goals you want to accomplish.

Jealousy can drive you to improve your physique.

Anger can push you to increase income from a side-hustle.

And even gluttony can drive you to exercise more (sometimes when I know I’m about to eat bad, I’ll exercise beforehand to “even it out”).

It’s all about noting productive stores for negative excitements.

So instead of denying an ordinary, human part of us instead, find a way to use it to create good in your life and make it even better.

” Put your center, judgment, ability, and soul, even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success .”- Swami Sivananda


3. Associate with those who are successful but don’t ignore those you do NOT want to be like

Think of a person in their own lives who you do NOT want to be like.

It could be an incompetent parent.

An undue or lazy boss.

Or an unethical commander of some kind.

So long as this person brings out a sense of shame and disgust, you’ve met a good mark.

Got your being?


  • Next time you find your parenting to be lacking …
  • or your after-duty practices to be lazy …
  • or your managerial mode to be disgraceful …

think of this person.

Child & Mother

Think of how upsetting their actions are and how you are “toeing the line” of being just like them.

Once you do this, you’ll instantaneously find your actions reforming so you don’t become like them.

This is actually a pretty powerful motivational technique because it creates both spirit AND activity in you.

And a compounding like this is sure to get you moving so you achieve your goals much more effectively.

Remember that when it comes to motivation, the goal is NOT to feel good or induced- it’s to take action on your goals.

That’s the ONLY goal.

And whether the resources of that motivation oblige you to feel positive or gives you anxiety…does it really matter?

Arises are the name of the game in life.

And with these “dark” tactics, I’d expect your own life to have more motivation and success because of it.



The Counterintuitive Motivation Hack That You Are Missing

Humans are always looking forward to that spark to get us moving when we’re stuck. We know what we need to do but we are fighting ourselves to actually do it. Plus, it’s an easy out not to follow through on our commitments to ourselves,” I’m just not motivated .”


We may check Instagram for some workout videos, Youtube for motivational pronunciations, or read an article much like this to get us traveling.

It may work rarely, but in the majority of cases, you’ll simply be staring at your screen instead and pushing it off for another day.

The problem with relying on motivation to get moving is this feeling is fleeting and incompatible.

It’s great when we feel aligned with our goals, and we can harness it, but if we don’t have it, it’s not very useful to wait until that feeling returns as it can be quite a while.


Solving Motivation Problem

There are two parts to solving this motive problem :

1. Addressing what is getting in accordance with the rules

When we’re feeling lethargic or unmotivated, there’s usually something else happening in our lives that influences the practice we think about achieving our goals.

It may be that we’re feeling emphasized, overwhelmed, or uneasy, and we’re spending a lot of time trying to put out fervors and allowing other tasks to take priority.

Motivation techniques

The practice of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork is essential to be in a better mindset to deal with these challenges more effectively.

This mindset allows us to save our vigor and are still in a calculated, tranquilize cognitive state.

A lack of motivation is likely to be disguised as a deeper-rooted psychological pain such as shame, guilt, temper, or displeasure.

When we are feeling emotionally heavy and headaches, it makes every area of our life more difficult.

Let’s examine these feelings that we have about ourselves and the world and their tales.

We will be able to identify what’s true or merely manufacturing.

The more truth and clarity “were having”, the lighter and clearer we feel, and this is the energy of reason and drive.

Being too focused on the outcome takes away from our intention to give to the process.

We tend to get too far ahead of ourselves and attach ourselves to the result, and when we don’t see the feedback we want, our motive declines.

A more useful approach is to follow the day-by-day strategies required to obtain the end goal.

This approach allows us to give more proximity and awareness to what we can influence daily, establishing it more manageable and more straightforward.

Success is not a linear journey; there are ups and downs, but we will get there faster and easier if we stick to the process.

” I hate every minute of training. But I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as an endorse .”- Muhammad Ali

To recap, here is what impacts our motivating :

  • Problems and challenges show up in our lives that are taking away our time, vitality, and drive.
  • A heavy emotional state and the fib we tell ourselves about it, which continues us deposited.
  • Focused too much on the outcome instead of the process required to achieve it.

The second area to solving this motivational question is not needing motivation at all but reining a much more powerful strategy instead.


2. Creating force

The more action we take, the more impetus “were having”, the more momentum we have, the more motivated we are.

It does require us to overcome the initial fight of extending ourselves and breaking out of our solace zone. Still, the more frequently we do it, the easier this process becomes.

Fear of Snakes

The positive feedback loop-the-loops power is that positive action leads to positive results, which leads to positive feelings( motivating ).

The snowball accomplishes constructs and picks up rapidity, and once it starts, it’s hard to slow down.

What can transgress the momentum and gave us back is currently considering the wrong things.

The human psyche is the cable for negativity, so we tend to focus, and vitality on something that we recognize isn’t going well.

We can lose sight of the small prevails and victories along the way.

Momentum shows itself by journaling and self-reflective-based employment.

This process forms stronger associations with the amendments and gradations we are taking, even if it hasn’t shown itself in a tangible arise hitherto.

Systematically generating momentum takes us back to separating ourselves from the outcome, and instead focusing on the process.

” Motivated people always find the best way. Unmotivated parties will ever find a way not to .”- Ed Latimore

Striving for perfection or the” all or nothing” attitude is one of the most ineffective ways to create momentum.

What often happens is that once we “mess up,” we tell ourselves we will start over next week or another arbitrary date.

This hertz of being consistently inconsistent continues again and again.

We need to understand that we will screw up from time to time, things will happen beyond our see, and we have to pick up where we left off.

ever-lasting motivation

This perspective will ultimately build achieving our goals faster, easier, and more delightful.

We can create more reason and momentum in “people’s lives” through these practical strategies.

Still, it’s also important to understand that the continued practice of commitment to our goals and hunger required us to take instance over how we may currently feel at the moment.


How to Develop a Positive Money Mindset

How to Develop a Positive “Money Mindset”


When it comes to achieving your personal and business goals, the fund tends to be a great focus on measuring success.

The fund mindset is essentially your stance on cash, so developing a positive mindset about money is crucial for overall success and well-being.

Towards Success

When it comes to achieving your personal and business goals, money tends to be a great focus on measuring success.

The coin mindset is virtually your outlook to cash, so developing a positive mindset about money is crucial for overall success and well-being.

To create a positive mindset around funds, you want to rid your memory of all restriction faiths preventing you from taking action, then start looking at the world through an opportunistic lens to amply achieve abundance in your life.

If you want to discover a positive mindset about money, here are a few actionable steps to getting there.

Get on the fast track to success Learn how to implement SMART goals today!


What is a Positive Money Mindset?

If changing your mindset about money is a priority, first you will want to understand what even is a money mindset. A fund mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances.

Your mindset around money drives your financial decisions every day.

This can have a huge impact on your ability to achieve your goals.

It is vital for success to focus on having a positive money mindset.

While money can be a traumatic topic for many, if you modify your mindset about money, you tend to make better selections about how to overcome challenges.

Positive mindset

The 4 Steps to Develop a Positive Money Mindset

Money and mindset go side and hand, so understanding it and focusing on ways to view it positively, is crucial for lifelong success.

But, here’s the secret: When you prepare your relationship with money, you will transform so many other areas of your life.

Here are four paces that will help you develop a positive fund mindset.


Forgive your Financial Mistakes

If you have never missed a credit card payment or proposal, you might as well be a financial leader.

However, for the vast majority of it is important to forgive your financial mistakes.

The goal is to shift your focus away from shame and make room for better practices and a more positive attitude towards coin in the future.

To forgive your fiscal missteps, first, accept what happened, apologize to yourself, then focus on moving forward.

If you start to develop a negative mindset towards money merely remember, your financial mistakes are not you.

You are independent of your fiscal corrects in the past.


Placed Financial Objective

Once you have forgiven past financial misconceptions, determining fiscal destinations can be a great next step to money mindset comprehension.

When setting objectives, figure out what matters most to you, and set every single thing on the table.

You will want to dive into what goals are within reach, what will take a bit of a meter, and which ones will need to be a part of your long-term strategy.

Once you have identified these financial purposes, apply a SMART goal strategy to make sure the goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

My SMART Goals Template will help you clarify your goals, focus your efforts, and use your time and natural resources productively.


Optimize Your Budget for Happiness

Achieving money mindset familiarity is no easy stunt.

But optimizing your budget to include things that draw you happy will make it so much easier.

If a gym membership or going out to dinner stimulates your happiness, project your budget accordingly to include these things.

If you do not feel expropriated, budgeting will feel a little like a chore.

When budgeting, a good rule of thumb is 50% of your earnings should go towards needs like housing, food, gas, and remedies, 30% to miss like vacations, and finally learning how to play an instrument and 20% should be saved.

If you’re carrying obligation, the 20% may be directed to paying that off first.


Inform Yourself about Money

Finally, if you want to have a positive mindset around funds, inform yourself about funds. Surround yourself with people who live by those evaluates, read books promoting positive mindsets, and make sure your social media feeds do not promote negativity around funds and spending.


Speak Notebooks

Your feelings about funds immediately affect your financial actuality.

While your parents and other outside effects have ingrained numerous money beliefs into your intelligence, the good thing is your thoughts around money can change.

The key is to constantly feed your judgment with new and positive content that will teach you how to think of money in a whole new way.

Money mindset notebooks help positive money spend dress and budgeting which are imperative to your money mindset training.


Increase Inspiration from Quotes

Surrounding yourself with motivating and instructive paraphrases will help you go in the right money mindset.

Search for quotes that prepare you to feel good about yourself and spending and either save the lives of your phone or computer or publish them out to keep around the house.


Follow Successful People

Keep up to date with successful parties.

Whether this is on social media, through a blog, or trusted word outlets, following successful people will stimulate you to greatness.

These men do not all need to be public figures either.

Challenge yourself to only seek advice from those who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

These people could be family members, coworkers, mentors, or fiscal influencers.

Whatever the specimen, it’s much easier to follow in the paces of someone who’s already successful and mimics a positive coin mindset.


Located Objectives for a Financially Successful Future

Now that you know how to develop a positive” money mindset”, start implementing this tips-off for a most successful future.

Setting aims now can define you up for financial success in the future.

To ensure you set and achieve all your goals effectively, get my SMART aims template.

Download my cheat sheet now and you will be on the fast track to success.

download a free SMART Goal Setting Template by Brian Tracy


Why I’m “Reinventing Black Friday” – a letter from Brian Tracy


Dear Friend,

The holiday season is upon us, and I hope you’re staying healthy, joyous, and active during some fairly unprecedented times.

If you’ve been taking this time to focus on your future, specified aims, and develop an action plan, then you’re in great influence!

When the world returns to normal- and it will return to normal – you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Now, if you’ve been struggling to stay focused, or aren’t sure where to start, then NOW is the time to start.

It may be a challenge- it may seem hopeless, but the world has always been determined by those who don’t falter when the times get tough.

And there’s never been a better chance to show the world what you’re made of.

As we move towards Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season here in the United Government, we likewise approach another major event … the famous (or notorious) “Black Friday and Holiday Shopping Season.”

Black Friday Sales

But this is a year unlike any other … and that got me thinking?

How could I- and my crew- make a major impact this year?

How could we turn Black Friday into something rightfully special?

How could we use the tools and programs we raise to change someone’s life this year?

You see- I was browsing the internet earlier this month and I had an epiphany.

(Maybe you’ve seen the same things I have ).

Black Friday isn’t about you- and it doesn’t seem like the big labels are listening.

Black Friday has become all about large-hearted container stores cleansing out their repositories, and preserving costs so low-spirited that people can’t HELP but buy another toaster, or $200 lightbulb- even if they don’t need them, and know they’re merely going to gather dust in their closet in a few months.

In fact, Business Insider says the two of the top “big deals” last year were on socks and a blender.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

So this year, I’m going to reinvent Black Friday, and I’m inviting you to say “ENOUGH” to these large-hearted container storages, and join me as we vary video games with Black Friday forever.

Black Friday Shopping

This time, I’ll be doing something special, and this is my promise to you:

I’ll let you create your own Black Friday!

Tell me what you want to achieve, and I’ll create a custom experience with major discounts on the training and implements you need to take a major step forward in your life.

No flub- just the good stuff.

If you pop over to some of the other marketings you’ll see this year, you’ll ensure large-scale savings, but will you see anything you actually miss … or most importantly, actually need?

I promise to only depict your big-hearted savings on my life-changing platforms, catered specifically to your unique aims.

So click here to shop today, and let’s reinvent Black Friday together.

Let’s Reinvent Black Friday Together Save up to 85% on my biggest sale of the year!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the spates I’m putting together with my unit.

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Black Friday Discounts

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Wealth building and financial security are two of the biggest challenges people are facing today.

That’s why this training kit harbors such a special home in my mettle.

Use these skills to earn more, and continue more of the money you acquire.

The gap in your life will be astonishing.

Debt Breaking, Millionaire Making Toolkit- 78% off:

Another Black Friday Exclusive Bundle!

Learn critical fiscal success strategies to help prepare 2021 your best year ever.

INCLUDES my Wealth Building Made Simple program (plus Success Mastery Academy, Miracle of Self Discipline, and others !)


Excited? These are just some of the dozens of training and programs you’ll have access to when you improve your own Black Friday.

To your success,

Brain Tracy Letter

Brian Tracy



How to Use the 3 Sins of Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

Has your hard work ever been overlooked?

Maybe you’ve been working overtime for weeks, and when promotion time came along, a less experienced co-worker (who rarely, if ever, bides past clock out time) is applauded for his great work and is reinforced with a higher, better compensating position.

Or maybe a new website you’ve been working on for weeks isn’t getting the traffic you think it deserves.

And other, lower-quality websites seem to be as favorable as ever (despite being “uglier” or having worse material on it ).

Whatever it is, it’s a horrendous feeling knowing you’ve worked hard on something merely to see others “take” all the credit.

And if you’re like most ordinary parties, you’ll probably feel furious … resentful … or even prideful … for responding to these unjust situations.

Well, while you can’t always stop this from happening, there IS a path to use this situation to create powerful motivation to bounce back from it.

And perhaps even let you get what you deserve after all. Life is unfair but it’s more unfair when you don’t be dealt with well

It’s ordinary to feel upset or spiteful whenever you see people superseded when you’ve been struggling( with little to show for it ).

Most of the time, beings be brought to an end shedding their hands up in exasperation and giving up in response.

“What’s the detail if it’s just gonna end up like this? ” they might think.

Unfortunately, that’s the wrong way to go about things.

Transform temper, jealousy, and pride into motivational gasoline Rather than letting negativity snap you down, what if you instead used it to drive positive change in your life?

That might sound a little strange.

But at the end of the day, particular negative excitements drive to act.

Of track, these are usually unhelpful wars.

But there’s no reason you can’t channel this force into something that improves your life instead of hurts it.

Here’s how to use 3 supposedly “bad” spirits in a way to propel you forward into motivational and productive success.

1. Unleash Your Anger

Anger is the antidote to fear and nervousness.

Whereas unease will cause you to shrink away from challenges and opportunities, fury will stir you metaphorically create your fists and blast your enemy to bits.


For those of you who have fallen victim through understanding when you know doing something will improve your life, find something to get angry at … and tell em’ have it!

If you crave advertising but are afraid of rejection, imagine a lazy co-worker going it (and gloating about it ), and use that as gasoline to go take it for yourself.

If you’re afraid to promote your website, but receive other “lesser” websites gaining traction, think to yourself “Hey, that’s MY traffic! ” and then “fight” for your website to take the spotlight.

In the right doses, rage is your friend.

Learn to control it and it can become a strong weapon.

43 Walt Disney Quotes

” A person should set his points as early as he can and devote all his energy and flair to got to get. With enough attempt, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end , no matter what the results of the, he are aware of the fact he has been alive .”- Walt Disney


2. Get Green With Envy


When you experience a person or persons with a better paying chore than you, how does that manufacture you feel?

Or what about seeing someone with a nicer mas than you, what about then? No need to think about it much – you (and I) will both feel jealousy.

We want what they have. And WE miss it NOW.

The problem is this feeling usually exactly gets compartmentalized because we don’t like this feeling.

It obligates us to feel insufficient and unpleasant.

And most people are experts at running away from these feelings.

But that’d be a waste of your envy!

A much better reaction would be to look at the person you’re jealous of, study their methods of success, and adapt it to your life- but better. Nobody is successful overnight.

So see if there’s a path to improve on that person’s method so you can do even better than they have.


3. Be a Stubborn and Prideful Person

If you paucity a certain “stick-to-it” capability that hurts your self-discipline, then pride may be what you need.

I’m sure you’ve to construe those people who refuse to give up on something because they’re simply very damned tenacious.


Most beings panorama this as a bad thing, but is it, truly?

What if you could convert that stubbornness to a more productive outcome?

Well, here’s what drives that stubbornness … pride.

A person is stubborn because it would hurt their dignity to give up otherwise. It’s like admitting they aren’t who they say they are if they call it quits.

And I think that’s nearly a superpower if applied to important goals.

To make this work, you need to find something you’re prideful or tenacious about.

For lesson, maybe your family is known for its stubborn lanes.

Well, that’d be perfect!

Next meter you’re working on a point, and feel that urge to give up settling in, just say, “I’m a Johnson, and we don’t give up! ” and then push through till that feeling dissipates.

Or perhaps you’re prideful about doing great in college or taking care of your family or being a great worker … all of these things can be used to drive you through tough times.

Just remind yourself that the thing you’re prideful about means you ARE capable of doing great things.

And that you won’t give in to feelings of laziness simply because they happen to you.

Jeff Bezos quotes

” If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your leader against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve .”- Jeff Bezos

I like to believe in the idea that everything is to your advantage. Good things are helpful.

But if you’re inventive and open-minded enough … so are the bad things. When you start to think like this, you begin to see that everything can help you.

And when that happens, you might even start hoping you have a bad period … only to use it as motivating fuel.


Celebrating Success

You Can’t Create Success Without Tapping Into Your Sources of Motivation

As managers, we want to grow a business, move forward in a profession, have better relations, and cause freedom and margin to invest our time to make whatever we want.


The Art of Intentionality

Sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned no matter what you do.

You start each day with the best of intentions and expect to achieve success.

However, this isn’t a Hallmark movie.

There are lots of situations in your life that happen outside of your command.

These sudden instants derail your positive intentions.

As managers, we want to grow a business, move forward in a profession, have better relations, and cause freedom and margin to invest our time to make whatever we want.

You have spirit, hope, and aspirations of accomplishing more than any previous year at the start of any new year.

You may have even started your time with resolutions, purposes, and a plan to dominate.

Even with the best strategies, something will knock you off course.

You will undoubtedly experience a test of your resolve.


Choosing Success

When you experience devastating resentment, you have a choice to realize it.

You can decide that whatever you’re dealing with is too hard to face and throw in the towel.

Or, you can take a different course and decide to get through the difficult ordeals and learn the living standards exercises you’re being offered.

Every experience in being generates learning minutes if you’re willing to listen.

After you cater to your weaves and regroup, you’ll have to stand up and get back to work.

If you have gone through hard times, you know that getting refocused and committed to your goals is easier said than done.

Exercise to stay motivated

During any recuperation span after knowledge of what may seem like a win, you’ll need to tap into your sources of motivation.

You will need to be inspired and recollect why you started this wander to create success.

Without having motivation, your feelings, passions, and absurd panics will feed into self-limiting faiths that will derail your progress.

A little expression will convince you that there’s no way to recover.

Life will often bring situations that feel extremely hard to handle.


These situations can potentially hurt your motivation and determination to accomplish your goals.

It’s important to understand that reason is always there if you know how to tap into it.

” Change equals self-improvement. Push yourself to regions you haven’t been before .”- Pat Summitt


Consistent Motivation

If you’re going to create success and accomplish your goals, you’ll need to know how to get motivated.

What I’m talking about isn’t the raw-raw kind of motivation that becomes you feel good, and then you disintegrate.

I’m talking about tapping into the coal that pushes your success study.

This kind of motivation is more than feelings — it’s the inspiration and a determination to make it through circumstances that are trying to hold you back.

You need reason sources so that you can find motivation whenever you need it.

We live in an age where sources of motivation are all around us in various scaffolds and mediums.

J.K. Rowling

Leaders are able to obtain motivation through inspirational and informative podcasts, blogs, videos, volumes, and other beings.

The internet and social media create a bubble that helps success-seekers instantaneously receive motive through content that’s free, available, and practical.

You can find your favorite account, inspirational repeat, successions of journals, loudspeaker videos, and more so that you leverage these sources of motivation to get focused and re-inspired.

Self-awareness is essential in this circumstance because it helps you know what motivates you.

Your sources of motivation are going to be different than the next person.

It may be music or watching a Joel Brown video.

It may be books or listening to a podcast.

To create continuous motivation, you’ll need to know what motivation informants are practical for you and how to access them.

When you suffer a setback or instants of resentment, instant access motivating.

Motivation can also manifest through people. Friends, own family members, or other inspiring success-seekers can help you take forward.

You can meet conceive groups or other social clubs.


Your best source of motive is your main WHY and where you’re going.

It can be developing a business, starting a dream profession, or building extraordinary rapport.

You should know that success isn’t a finish line.

The travel to becoming the best version of yourself never discontinues.

Reaching success and creating a wonderful life should be your best source of motive.

Let it fuel you to keep moving forward despite setbacks.

” Nurture your imagination with enormous expects, for you will never go any greater than you think .”- Benjamin Disraeli


Stay Motivated

Sources of Motivation

Once you’ve created your primary sources of motivation and know where to find them, commit to keeping consistent motivation as an integrated part of your success number.

Create space and area in your schedule every day to get re-inspired.

You can think of this as a personal growth epoch with an emphasis on personal — you taking care of yourself.

This is a time to get your mind, form, and flavor right.

Building the garb of biding motivated forms high performance that helps you get more be done in order to a focused style.

It’s how you become nobility at whatever it is you do because you use a strategy others won’t.

It takes a lot to become the best version of yourself.

It takes immense forte to grow and put in the project.

Need Support

You will need support.

You can’t do this without the proper motivation.

External circumstances and your feelings will overwhelm you without reason.

This can be a year full of accomplished purposes and dreams fulfilled.

Use your sources of motivation to got to get.


Strong Mindset

6 Lessons From Some of the Greats to Keep Your Mindset Strong

When the outside world seems to be spinning out of control, we can maintain a sense of inner serenity and continue our mindsets strong by remembering some of these important lessons.

Personal Progress

Anyone who is a long-time student of personal progress is perhaps learned some pretty amazing lessons from some of the large.

In the era of skepticism, these exercises are especially important and we can turn to this wisdom to push us through.

One of the biggest lessons to remember to keep your mindset strong is that we control our reality, which can feel like an inhuman joke when times are really tough.

When the outside world seems to be spinning out of control, we can maintain a sense of inner serenity and continue our mindsets strong by remembering some of these important lessons.

1. “Nothing in life has any meaning except the gist we grant it.”- Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins reminds us that whatever is happening in our outside macrocosms, we have the power to give meaning to it.

When things seem out of control, we can easily give up our supremacy and end up on a downward spiral.

We let fear take over and forget that we can give meaning to anything.

If you are feeling down or granting the outside world to control you right now, remember that you have the power to choose a new thought and a new action.

2. “What you concentrate on expands. When you focus on the goodness in the soul, you create more of it.”- Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t make a secret about how much she evaluates gratitude.

She has done countless proves about the dominance of gratitude on both her television prove and now on her OWN network.

Living in a constant territory of gratitude is also difficult; supposedly “bad” things happen and it’s easy to question why and forget to look for the good.

Maintaining gratitude even in times of trial increases our mental strength and resilience.

A few ways to incorporate gratitude into their own lives?

Start a grateful publication.

A simpler method – first thing in the morning and privilege before you go to bed at night, bring to mind something that you are grateful for.

Make it a garb. Even in the most difficult of ages, stopping to be grateful can have a profound effect.

3. “There is no problem outside of you that is superior to the power within.”- Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

Author and renowned speaker Bob Proctor, often tells his own fib at his seminars and meetings- he was 26 and separate with exclusively two months of high school education when his first mentor initiated him to the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill’s The Law Of Success

In the last 50+ years, “he’s never” stopped studying that notebook and has gone on to become one of the most successful talkers in the world and a great leader in the personal development industry.

His story is a great reminder not only that if you believe it, you can achieve it but likewise to never stop studying.

4. “Feed your suspicion a suck-it sandwich.”- Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero

The hilariously insightful generator Jen Sincero( You Are a Badass ), reminds us that has already been the power to choose religion or suspicion.

Giving in to your anxieties is always an option.

On occasions of change, we can crawl back under our cover-ups and decide not to face the day or we can look fear privilege in the eye and choose to move forward and not give it stop us in our seeks.

Life is a choice.

Choose affection and faith over fear.

5. “Your mistrusts establish mountains. Your acts move them.”- Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins

Author Mel Robbins educates us to take immediate action.

Much like fright, doubts creep up when you least are looking forward to, especially in times of uncertainty.

In her brilliant book, The 5 Second Rule, she reminds us that the moment you have an instinct to act, count backward from five to one and act on your goal.

If you allow yourself the time to sit and think about it, you may never be taken any steps.

If your instincts tell you the time is right, whether that is speaking up at a gratify or starting a new business, five, four, three, two, one, go and take action now.

Don’t wait.

6. “You can think independent of circumstances and watch your life begin to change.”- Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, empowers us to conclude beyond our situations.

He teaches that you can pick up the tremors around you or you can deliver the vibrations and bring your own energy into the room.

See yourself on the other side of your circumstances where you are right now.

Allow yourself the power to be who you want to be and know that where you are in your life right now is not where you will be.

You can get through anything, you just have to remember to believe in yourself and the capability within you.

You have the authority to do or be anything you want.

Remember these important readings especially when times are tough. The power is always within.


Ritual Strength

The Bare Truth of What It Literally Means to Do Whatever It Takes

We mounted our goals and say that we will do whatever it takes to achieve them. However, do we tread the talk? Are we imprisoned enough to chase our dreams?


Humans are always looking for ways to become better versions of themselves and flourish to the next level.

With a ton of self-help works, we are determined to get ourselves together and lead that road that is less traveled.

Pay Price for Success

We are hungry for success.

We mounted our goals and say that we will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

However, do we tread the talk? Are we imprisoned enough to chase our dreams?

The Fear Factor series comes to mind whenever I listen to myself say I will do whatever it takes to get where I want to be.

Money Count

I always pose this question.

If it represented feeding on raw bowels would I do it?

As gross as that clangs, it simply symbolizes not taking no for an answer and overcoming any barrier no matter what.

It symbolizes burning with the flame from within that you want success so badly to withstand any bear, anguish, and ache as you stay on course to what’s at the finish line.

” Don’t do the very best, do whatever it takes .”

Convince Yourself to Sacrify

The naked truth is that if you are not ready to do whatever it takes, then you have not convicted yourself enough.

You scarcity self-belief and are afraid to take risks.

Well, you may have the belief but when it comes to execution, you miscarry terribly.

Reasons behind Fail to Do Whatever It Takes

What establishes most people who are hungry for success, fail to do whatever it takes?

  1. Compromise
  2. Lack of a strong mindset
  3. Failure to believe in oneself
  4. Fear to fail

What precisely should you do to fasten your belt and literally do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals?


Strong Commitment

I recently read a story of a young Nigerian girl who was spotted doing her homework under the security brightness of an ATM lobby in her place.

Does that clang to you like doing whatever it takes?

This girl did not care about the cold or the creeping insects by the night.

She was determined to do her homework.

Doing Homework

The lack of influence or igniting at home was not an excuse enough for her to fail.

She immediately devised a plan of how she’d overcome her challenge and get her homework done!

She braved the funny stare of strangers legislating by and took specific actions.

She was determined to DO WHATEVER IT TOOK to pursue her goal of completing her homework.

Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Do Uncomfortable

As cliche, as it may sound, being comfortable with the uncomfortable, is the first step in doing whatever it takes.

Going against all peculiars and coming out a champ.

Doing the unimaginable; the uncomfortable.

What most people are not willing to do.

Being ready to face any challenge and overcome it.

Being hungry for success.

To keep moving no matter what.

“If you can’t fly then extended, if you can’t run then saunter if you can’t walk, creep but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”- Martin Luther King

Be Confident

If doing whatever it takes means waking up at 3 am, do it.

If it necessitates cutting down carbohydrates and sugar intake, do it.

If it is taking the public commuter, learning continuously for six months, and deferring present delight for future helps, DO IT!


Research has it that if you do whatever it takes to realize your dream come true routinely for the next 90 eras, your results will soar, you will live your dream, and will have a life of abundance.

What’s holding you back?

Start right away, get up and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to oblige your dream a reality.



Developing Your Leadership Potential – 8 Methods in Which Writing Can Help Motivate Others

However, not many consider writing a viable boulevard for leadership, whether through blogging or through writing job briefs, motivational meanings for coworkers, or other forms of written content.

Writing Sweet Spots

If you’d like to learn how to develop your potential in order to be allowed to have the confidence to go after the goals you have to create, sign on for the free 90 -Day Master Class hosted by the founder of Addicted2Success. com, Joel Brown.

When all is said and done, “we’re all” novelists in one way or another. From high-school papers, college articles, to social media posts, meanings, and online forum monologues, everyone has had experience with writing at some spot.

However, not many consider writing a viable boulevard for leadership, whether through blogging or through writing job briefs, motivational meanings for coworkers, or other forms of written content.

In fact, writing can be utilized very efficiently to do simply that- motivate others to become their better ego.

Let’s make a case for writing then, and how you can use the medium to convey meaningful texts, thoughts, and feelings to those around you.

Whether work-related or otherwise, you’ll rapidly discover that the writer hidden within you has much more to say than you’ve initially held yourself recognition for.

8 Methods in Which Writing Can Help Developing Leadership Potential

1. Take Advantage of The Medium

Writing, in itself, is a very specific medium, a medium as old-fashioned as duration itself. This builds it accessible, sharable and so easy to pick up and rehearse on a daily basis.

Advantage of Mediums

However, it can also seem daunting to those who don’t write often, as a space sheet can frighten even a seasoned blogger or novelist.

Writing doesn’t require technical skills akin to video editing, 3D modeling, blueprint sciences, or software-related insight.

All “you’ve been” need is a simple text editor, a warm cup of your favorite liquid, and several minutes of your time to put your thoughts on the proverbial paper.

2. Discover your Sweet-Spot

Writing methods

While some captains prefer staying to reality such as true floors and practical samples learned around us, others like to communicate spiritual, synopsis, and soul-searching messages to their readers.

This means that both approaches (and compoundings thereof) are more than viable for your own leadership writing.

Don’t be afraid to insert personal penetration, anecdotes, experiences, and stances into your writing.

Developing a sweet-spot for your motivational content is all about trial and error, as well as setting for a speed and mode that clothing your personality and writing practices.

3. Brainstorm & Mind-Map Ideas

Mind Mapping

A great course to establish your “area of focus” when it comes to leadership-centric writing is to brainstorm ideas whenever you have a few minutes to do so.

Grab a piece of paper, are writing about contemplates that came to see your attention, and then branch off into their referred verbs, nouns, terms, and keywords worth exploring.

You don’t have to be of rich vocabulary and deep thought to take advantage of writing- all “you’ve been” need is some patience for your own paroles to surface.

Write down potential entitles, topics, and feelings worth exploring further in order to keep them in your mind for whenever you sit down in front of a computer- by then, your digested anticipates will be ready to jot down.

” Either write something importance say or do something worth writing .”- Benjamin Franklin

4. Don’t Be a Copycat


What drives most leads and motivational columnists into writing is an example of someone else doing so and moving them in the process.

Having a role model and a personality to look up to for inspiration is a highly welcome selection for any writer- nonetheless, it’s important not to fall into the pit of mimicking their form and conceived bringing.

Developing your own “I” is what will construct your leadership capacity soar with readers and ensure that they remember every statement you are writing about.

Write in your own voice, in your own style, and don’t be afraid to be different from trendsetters or favorite online bloggers- the right mob will flock around your writing sooner than you expect.

5. Leadership through Self-Reflection


Who are you? The older we get, the more difficult and complex the question becomes.

Rulers that inspire confidence and inspire reform within their partisans often lead by example– be it positive or negative.

Whether it’s personal trauma, adoring recalls of eras past, or day-to-day happenings which leave a mark on you- these events all serve to shape who you are as a person and a captain.

As such, self-reflection, meditation, and introspective contemplation should become a part of your leader’s writing ideation process just as much as the actual process of putting messages into a digital form.

6. Relay Meaning through Quotation

Writing & Editing

While it may seem cliche to rely on repeats in 2020, wonts die hard, and leads should make good use of relevant and stimulating paraphrases as much as possible.

The quote can come from unexpected situates- be it a popular celebrity, a well-respected member of your community, or a friend or own family members whose texts remained with you.

In writing, paraphrases can be used to break up the boredom of subheadings and paragraphs to a great effect, representing the contents easier to scan and glean useful information from.

Mark and attribute your mentions with respect for their original inventors and your readership base will take your writing that much more seriously for it.

“Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”- Larry L. King

7. Make your Writing Accessible


The term “word dump” shouldn’t be frowned upon or taken as a disparaging face for uncertain writing.

The first drafts of your leadership-driven content will undoubtedly benefit from rewrites, revising, proofreading, and subsequent formatting before meeting the readers’ sees.

Don’t be afraid to simply write, akin to a sparkler dancer free of any incredulity or rules, and then discern the gist of your content in post-production.

It is essential then to treat your leader writing as a freeform activity before attempting to narrow your material down to its core meaning and messaging.

8. Inspire Conversation & Sharing


Lastly, the best way for you to develop leadership abilities further is to continually nudge others toward doing so themselves.

People who aim to inspire confidence, activity, and initiative within their follower base are bound to build a reputation as reader-centric leads without a shadow of indecision or self-interest.

Use simple techniques such as calls to action, questions led at the reader, and social media buttons in your poles to emphasize sharing, discussion, and social leadership development.

Most importantly- be there for your readers and engage with their comments, meanings, and questions on your website, blog, social media sheet, or any other avenue you decide to publish your writing through.


Conclusion – (9. Authenticity Carries the Day)

At the end of the day, what becomes leadership through writing unique lies in its raw quality and capability to unite like sentiment people under the umbrella of an inspiring judgment put into statements.

Don’t think that you don’t have anything new to add or say to the world- it “never been” easier to become your own leader firstly and communicate those same passions and meanings to others around the globe.

Be authentic to your persona and put your heart into the notes you put to paper- the rest is history.

Are you a writer? If so, share your narratives with us below! We’d love to check them out& even potentially feature them on Addicted2Success!



3 Unusual Methods For Instant Motivation

How many times have you looked at endless task listings, dozens of unread emails, and mountains of paperwork … and felt deliver dread at the thought of working on them? And even looked at the clock and hoped it was near the end of the day, just so you could call it quits?


I’ve been there, so I know exactly what it’s like to want to disappear and claim like handiwork doesn’t exist. Of track, simply because you don’t feel like doing the drive, doesn’t mean it’s going away.

Regrettably, the majority of members of the usual motivational tactics out there never worked out for me, so I had to come up with some counterintuitive methods to rev up my motivating and actually get some handiwork done.

So if you’re in the same boat as me and struggle to get motivated sometimes, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your Brain Is Attuned To The Wrong Thing

The big problem here is that you’re too focused on the inappropriate thing- and that’s the fact that you’ve got a lot of work to time.

So naturally, when all your attention is focused on something you “don’t” feel like doing, your mental fight is going to rise and take over.


And what does that lead to? A severe specimen of procrastination. And no matter what type of work you need to do (even if it’s related to a big goal you’ve always had ), this question can rear its horrid psyche and take you out of your game.

When it comes to motivation, beings are generally told to use methods like SMART destinations or envisaging themselves attaining.

Well, those things might work for some people. But in my own experience, they miscarry HARD when it comes to creating the jiffy motivation you need– especially when your mood and power are in low-pitched supply.

And why is that? Because they don’t redirect our focus and spirits onto productively forcing things.

“The only difference between ordinary and astonishing is that little extra.”- Jimmy Johnson

Rather than employing the favorite motivation tactics pictured online, I advocate trying something that most people haven’t really done before.

Basically, we’re going to change your focus onto tactics that (while a bit odd or unnerving) will urge you to act on your goals in the NOW- so let’s take a look.


Three Unusual Methods For Instant Motivation

1. Have a punishment organization

Even if parties don’t like it, a person is twice as likely to work in order to avoid punishment, rather than working towards a reinforcement instead.

This is something Daniel Kahneman (a well-established expert on motivation and columnist of” Thinking, Fast and Slow) was found in his numerous psychology experiments.

In Meditation

So rather than focusing solely on getting a treat for good behavior, it’d make sense to find a way to create significances for not doing your work instead.

Here are a few ideas to work with 😛 TAGEND

If you don’t go to the gym after production, then you have to eat something nasty (e.g. something bitterness, like grapefruit)

If you don’t start or work on your new business, then you have to donate to donation (bonus details for the kindness you “don’t” aid)

If you don’t get out of bunked on time, then you have to take a cold shower

Anyway, the point is to draw the “good” option to seem like a walk in the park compared to the cost of not doing it. You can even compound this with honors for additional motivational punch.

2. Use Peer Pressure

We never certainly flourish out of peer pressure. So if everyone around you is pushing you to do something (whether good OR bad), “you’re ever” FAR most likely to do it.

Try getting your friends and family to” peer distress” you into working on your goals. For example, formerly you get home from design, the first thing you’ll want to do is kick back and loosen.


But if your family starts to ” gang up” on you, and eggs you on to get some practice in, then it’d probably be hard to refuse them.

In fact, you’d probably find it hard to ” not ” go to the gym if that were the case. So see if you can foster a productive culture around your close ones.

That way, you’ll never let your laziness or mood dominate your wars, and you’ll be able to stay on point with your goals.

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You “ve got to be” strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.”- Leah LaBelle

3. Turn Your Fears Into Trash-Talking Rivals

This is kind of an interesting one. It’s similar to the previous tip, but with an even sharper edge to it.

If you’ve ever been on a boasts squad, and were the receiver of scrap talk before, you know how infuriating it can be to have somebody do this to you.

But the important thing is that whenever it happens, that feeling instantly changes into a desire to obliterate your foe.

And trust me when I say this is a power you should not ignore.


A trick I came up to use this is whenever I’d be nervous to send an email proposal to a patron (or if I needed to open their email and speak their possibly negative response) is I’d imagine a person saying things to me like,” I bet you won’t transmit it,” or” You’re too scared to open it, aren’t you, scaredy-cat ?”

Then I’d get annoyed and eventually get it done. And it always worked.

It’s odd, I know. But when exercised well, it wreaks amazingly. And it does especially well when you’re avoiding a task due to anxiety.

It’s probably because it doesn’t mask your anxiousness, it redirects it and focuses instead.

I know these motivation methods are a bit strange. But when you’ve tried everything else, and you’re still struggling to overcome procrastination, it’s time you look outside of the box if you want to become successful in your life-time.

So give these methods a shot and see if your motivation rises because of it.